Saturday, 25 January 2014

Immigrants! Vote in our elections! Keep UKIP out!

On 19 January 2014, Aaron Akinyemi reported thus in the International Business Times:

"Pro-EU campaigners are encouraging hundreds of thousands of European migrants in Britain to vote in the country's European elections, in a bid to defeat UKIP and Eurosceptic candidates. Up to 450,000 Poles, as well as Britain's sizeable diasporas of Italian, German, Spanish, Bulgarian and Romanian migrants, are being urged to vote in the May elections...
Migrants are being sent letters stating: 'This may be your last chance to vote in Britain' and 'Your future and that of your family, community and friends may depend on it.'
The Polish campaign, called 'Vote! You are at Home,' is being launched by a coalition of community groups headed by the Federation of Poles in Great Britain. Campaign coordinator Maciek Bator said letters would be sent to every European parliamentary candidate asking for their views on issues such as cutting migrants' benefits.
Plans are under way to deliver leaflets detailing candidates' attitudes towards Europe at polling booths on election day. Target seats are being drawn up in areas with a strong Polish presence, including Ealing in west London, Boston in Lincolnshire, Southampton and Bristol. Mass campaigns on social networking sites, among student groups and in churches are also planned...
Europhile former Labour MP Roger Casale is also launching an initiative to galvanise Britain's diverse European migrant communities ahead of the forthcoming elections. The New Europeans initiative aims to encourage migrants to register on the electoral roll...

Casale's campaign will be officially launched in the House of Commons at the end of January, at an event expected to be attended by shadow police minister Jack Dromey.
The number of EU migrants registered to vote in the UK more than tripled in the 10 years to 2011, reaching 1.2m." 
The party that Roger Casale and Jack Dromey represent in parliament organised the tripling cited above. 

It seems entirely likely that a future ability to gerrymander the British vote via mass immigration was a factor in the treacherous anti-British conspiracy.

Details of, and the prime movers behind, New Labour secret immigration policy are laid out here.

Here are some of the things that Mr Harriet Harman (Dromey) said back when he was a Trade Union leader:
"Our economy needs migrant labour, they are essential. It would be impracticable but also immoral to deport half a million people. Who would clean? Who would cook? The time has come for a debate around amnesty for those workers".
"We will act as the champion of migrant workers, they enrich our life. Migrant workers should be organised and not marginalised. We will confront the cancer of racism in the workplace. We will ensure action in parliament. We will combat racism in the community. The brain-dead boot boys of the BNP will never have a place in the T&G."
Dromey said something similar in a speech at the TUC conference on 15 September 2004:
"I love living in Herne Hill/Brixton, with its thriving Afro-Caribbean culture. Next door is Peckham with the largest African community in Britain. I know of no more decent and hard-working peoples. Give me the Peckham African community any day to the brain-dead BNP boot boys of Burnley…

Our task is not to fear migrant workers, BUT INSTEAD TO WELCOME THEM TO OUR SHORES".
This much is certain, Dromey, who is a second-generation Irish immigrant, despises the English people almost as much as his wife.

A little more barely known info on this fine pair of Brit-loathing traitors can be accessed here.

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