Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Female MP involved in paedo network at heart of government!

On 12 January 2014, Andrew Ash was quoted thus by The Sunday Express:
“She was extremely drunk and was laughing as she did it... I didn’t really know what was going on but the others around her were goading her on. I must have been about 13 years old at the time and felt humiliated...

It wasn’t just politicians, there were also a number of celebrities, including Jimmy Savile, who seemed to have a lot of good links to MPs and powerful businessmen. There was usually drugs like cocaine and speed available as well as bottles of champagne.”
The Express's James Fielding explains:
"A former female MP was involved in a paedophile network at the heart of government... She is alleged to have forced a boy in care to perform a 'vile' sex act at one of a series of drug-fuelled parties in Westminster in the Eighties where boys and girls as young as 13 were allegedly abused...

Andrew Ash, now 45, said he has given Scotland Yard the name of the former MP... He said he is speaking out now because he is frustrated by the lack of action after being interviewed for 70 hours by the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit."
Andrew also accuses a male MP of abusing him:
“I remember being filmed with this MP, who was abusing me in a garage of a very prominent building behind a Rolls-Royce.

Another politician turned up with a video camera but the man abusing me just smirked and joked, ‘OK, OK, I’ll vote any way you want’ as if he was being blackmailed. What I want to know is why they haven’t arrested him yet if they have this evidence. All I want is justice and for the truth to come out because these people have been protected for far too long...

(Police) interviews were usually carried out in blocks of three... On at least two occasions there were two other officers present that I didn’t recognise. They didn’t ask me a thing, they just scribbled notes.

I asked who they were but all I was told was that they were from ‘upstairs’. It was clear from the tone that they were intelligence officers. They had obviously been made aware of the high-profile names and the sensitive information I had given police.”
Andrew was also abused by a 'big-name' celebrity.
“This particular person was able to get youngsters into glitzy nightclubs in the West End. After one evening he invited me and a young girl back to his house where he made us have sex before joining in.”
That's what you've been voting for all this time. 

That's what some of you will carry on voting for, even if you read this, the original article or something similar in another newspaper.

Why would you do such a thing? Well, some of you are bought-and-paid-for. Your job, your sense of self-worth, your raison d'etre even, depend upon your allegiances. You don't know who you'd be without the tribal elders and the rest of the gang backing you up. And you're not about to find out.

The world will never change for the better because of you.

Others will be too drugged-up, dumbed-down or degenerated to care. In other words, the drugging-up and the dumbing-down set in train by the 'drug-fuelled' party animals of the time worked.

You who are not drugged-up, dumbed-down, degenerated or bought-and-paid-for, you who still have a conscience and a sense of right-and-wrong, what are you going to do? Will you still be voting LibLabCon when the time comes? If you do, just remember, you will be aiding-and-abetting the 'paedophile network at the heart of government' that, I'm sure, still exists.

And your conscience will not let you forget it.

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