Saturday, 28 December 2013

Poor school achievement linked to immigration

On 28 December 2013, The Daily Mail told us this:
“Poor school achievement from white boys is linked to immigration from Eastern Europe according to Labour's shadow education secretary. Tristram Hunt, who is a former television historian, said that more must be done to train British youngsters for skilled jobs. He claimed that change was essential as more people from the EU continue to arrive to compete for jobs…

Hunt said that the previous Labour government got their immigration forecasts 'badly wrong'…

When asked if he thought that poor attainment in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and the Kent coast is because of high levels of EU migration there, Mr Hunt said: 'Exactly’.”
Poor school achievement isn’t just linked to eastern European immigration. It’s linked to all immigration. Quite obviously, when there are substantial numbers of children in the classroom who don't speak English as their first language, the teacher must spend more time with them getting them up to speed. As a consequence, less time will be afforded the indigenous children.

The rate of learning will also be held back by those who struggle with the language.

All this will have been known by the politicians before they began began importing the alien. It’s very difficult to make any kind of a case against the notion that they actually wanted us dumbed-down when you think about it.

So when Tristram Hunt comes along blaming immigration for the intellectual demise of our children, he’s right to do so. He is also right to focus our attention on the part Labour played in that demise. But you would be very wrong to award him any Brownie points for his confession. He’s after your votes. He wants you to think those who destroyed our world will ride to the rescue if you just vote for them one more time.

Just remember this, folks. They didn’t just f*** things up, they f***ed things up deliberately. With malice aforethought. Such people should not be given the chance to f*** things up again. The same goes fot the Tories and the Lib Dems.

As I keep on telling you over and over again, they are at war with us.

In time of war, the destruction of the enemy’s world is what you're after.

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