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Who gives mass murderers asylum?

On 18 May 2013, the following article appeared in Jambo News.

It originally appeared in The Daily Mirror on the same day.
“A murderer who admits killing up to 400 people, many in bloody machete attacks, is living in the UK after being granted asylum. John Thuo has been living in a taxpayer funded home since sneaking in illegally from Africa in 2003, and his neighbours are totally oblivious to his grisly past.

For seven years he worked for the Mungiki in Kenya, a criminal mob behind some of the continent’s worst atrocities. Thuo, 27, admitted at an immigration tribunal to killing ‘about 100 to 400 people.’ He even said he had taken part in the sickening practice of female genital mutilation. But despite many attempts to boot him out, Thuo remains here, claiming deportation is against his human rights as he will be killed by the gang on his return.

British police are not monitoring him or even investigating his crimes. After we tracked him down, Thuo said: ‘It’s true, I killed a lot of people. I don’t like talking about my past… I’ve started a new life here and I’m looking for regular work. If I go back they’ll kill me. They’ll behead me.’

Asked if he is monitored by the Home Office, he said: ‘No, I don’t have to meet anyone. I’m free. My life in Kenya is in the past. It’s a different world out there… This is a better place to live.’ Thuo has been living rent-free in accommodation provided by the National Asylum Support Service. The killer has worked as a removal man but receives £160 a month in pocket money through benefits provided by the NASS.

One neighbour in suburban Coventry said: ‘He’s quite a big drinker. He’ll buy bottles of vodka and get drunk. When he does that he gets aggressive. He doesn’t talk about his past much.

I had no idea about him killing all those people. It’s terrifying really. There’s a lot of children who live in this street. There’s a Mr Whippy ice cream van that parks outside his house. The children line up along the fence to his garden’…

The Mungiki, part gang, part religious sect, were outlawed in Kenya in 2002 following widespread outrage at their horrific crimes… They engage in fraud, robbery, murder and kidnap. It is also thought members drink the blood of their victims… Some defectors claim there are millions of members.”
I wonder how many Mungiki murderers are living here? Courtesy of LibLabCon.
“The Immigration and Asylum Chamber granted his appeal under the Human Rights Act against being removed from the UK, after an expert gave evidence the Mungiki were known to behead members who tried to flee. The judge also took into consideration Thuo’s mental health, and threats he would kill himself if he was deported. He has now been granted indefinite leave to stay in the UK…

Mohamed Salim is a soldier from Sudan who claimed he killed ‘countless’ women and children during ethnic cleansing. Granted asylum despite his crimes, the Home Office claimed he was being strictly monitored in the UK. But when we tracked him down to a house in Birmingham, West Brom supporter Salim said he ‘couldn’t remember’ the last time he met with a Border Agency official…

The Mirror also revealed the case of an Iraqi national with links to al-Qaeda. Once under a control order as a threat to national security, an anonymity order prevents us from naming him, or the alleged terror ring he is linked with. His lawyers argued he would be killed or tortured in Iraq if returned.

In another case we found one of Robert Mugabe’s henchmen has landed a top NHS job. The 36-year-old, believed to have worked with state torturers and killers, used Article 3, the right to no torture or degrading treatment – to win a three-year legal battle to stay in the UK.

A Chinese ‘snakehead’ gangster with convictions for kidnapping and blackmail also beat deportation this year. Lawyers for Tsai Wang Chen, 39, argued deportation would have a ‘devastating’ effect on him.”
Is comment necessary? It isn’t, is it? You couldn’t make stuff like this up. You really couldn’t.

I do have a few questions though, for those who are appalled by the above.

Why do you still vote for LibLabCon when this is what they give us?

Do you think you might be brainwashed?

Do you think you may be stupid?

Are you insane?

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  1. One for the madhouse.

    Funny how all brown paedophile child abusers are called GROOMERS and not paedophile child abusers.

    Paramveer Singh Jagdev Wiltshire Police said Paramveer Singh Jagdev used a false identity online

    A man who posed as a 16-year-old boy online to groom two girls before attacking one of them has been jailed.