Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The totally distorted worldview of immigrant youth

On 30 July 2013, The Danish psychiatrist, Henrik Day Poulsen, was quoted thus by the Danish newspaper, BT:

"When we examine the criminal migrant youth, Islamism quite often plays a role. They have been inculcated a totally distorted worldview in which it is directly or indirectly OK to commit violence or rob a bank, because the whole life is a battle between Denmark and Islam, where they are on the good side.

And when they are arrested and punished, they think it is an expression of that struggle. That it's because of racism. They simply cannot see that what they have done is wrong... The development is therefore very dangerous...

When, from childhood, they grow up with such a world view, it is clear that they feel marginalized and find it difficult to be successful in Danish schools and the work market...

If you allow positive discrimination, you are helping extremists paint a picture that they are a group with special rights."

Diversity, eh? Are we supposed to celebrate the 'criminal migrant youth,' I wonder? Are we supposed to cuddle up to the PC Crowd's 'dangerous' pets with the 'totally distorted world view?'

Well, ladies and gents, it the seems the shrinks are figuring it out now as well. You know, as well as the Nationalists and UKIP and the EDL and the ethnically cleansed and the little girls who been drugged up, raped and prostituted and just about every last British man and woman who doesn't actually despise his own kind.

Look, I cannot tell how p***ed off we are waiting for you to wake up. This is your land, the land where all your ancestors are buried, and yet you're allowing it to be stolen out from under you. Not just that, your cowardly lack of action is actually encouraging the theft!

So, here it is. This I promise you, if you vote for the treacherous sh*tbags one more time we'll have to conclude that YOU are at war with us as well. Which, I have to admit, isn't much of a big deal.

However, if you're so fanatically idle that you can't be bothered to check up on what the politicians and those who own them are doing, well, you'll be at war with your children and grandchildren as well, and we can't have that.

Those you vote for have sold us a thousand light years down the river in recent times. You vote for them again and you will be the enemy of every half decent Briton left in this godforsaken land.

You'll be a traitor to your tribe and those who give a damn will never forgive you.

Think about it.

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