Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mass immigration is plunging our nation into crisis!

On 29 July 2013, the Leo McKinstry article, 'Mass immigration is plunging our nation into crisis', appeared in The Daily Express:

This is it:
"Mass immigration is a form of institutionalised self-destruction. The remorseless in-flux of foreigners, officially running at more than 500,000 new arrivals every year, is weakening our economy, wrecking our social cohesion and obliterating our national identity. 
Yet the architects of this revolution still refuse to recognise the scale of the damage they have inflicted on Britain. Fixated by the fashionable ideology of multi-cultural diversity, they try to bully and brainwash the public into accepting their suicidal policy. Through a barrage of deceitful propaganda, they downplay the numbers of those settling here and trumpet the supposed economic gains from mass immigration. 
But the lies spread by pro-immigration fanatics no longer stand up to scrutiny. One of their most shameless acts of dishonesty is to pretend the social revolution is not happening, that the public has an exaggerated picture of migration. 
Yet the fact is that because of the collapse of our border controls, the transformation of Britain is probably accelerating far more rapidly than the authorities have been willing to admit. Even the official figures are shocking enough. According to the last census, ALMOST 15 PER CENT OF THE POPULATION IN 2011 WAS FOREIGN-BORN, while in places such as London and Leicester white British people were significantly in a minority. 
But true levels of immigration could be much higher because the Government does not collect proper statistics. As the Commons Select Committee on Immigration reported yesterday the figures that the Home Office sets out each year are 'little better than a guess'... The census is equally unreliable. Not only is it easy to evade but the sheer scale of immigration, as well as the soaring migrant birth rate, means it is outdated as soon as it is published. 
The British public is right to think that it is being misled. Other indicators show the disturbing extent of the change. New national insurance numbers have been dished out to foreigners at an annual rate of between 600,000 and 700,000 for the past three years, far higher than the official rate of immigration. 
Similarly one supermarket giant has said that 'based on the volume of certain staples it sells' IT BELIEVES THE BRITISH POPULATION TO BE CLOSER TO 80 MILLION than the 63.2 million reported by the census. 
Just as the pro-immigration ideologues distort the figures, so THEY LIE ABOUT THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF IMMIGRATION. Not content with constantly telling us how hard all migrants work, they deny that the influx has any adverse impact on our civic infrastructure. But that is patently nonsense. Our hospitals, schools, roads and trains are all buckling under the strain. 
Moreover a major report at the weekend showed that no fewer than 470,000 foreigners had been given taxpayer-subsided homes over the past decade alone. In total 1.2 million foreign nationals now live in publicly-funded accommodation, with one in eight social housing units going to migrants, the figure rising to one in five in the capital. That represents a spectacular injustice when there are 1.8 million Britons on the housing waiting lists. IT IS THE MORALITY OF THE MADHOUSE to put the demands of foreigners, who by definition have yet to make a solid contribution to our society, before the needs of our own British people.

But the pro-immigration dogmatists love to sneer at working-class Britons. 'Immigrants do the jobs that the British won't,' they jeer at their dinner parties as they chortle snobbishly about 'chavs' and extol the virtues of Ukrainian nannies. They are the ones full of racial prejudice, though their bigotry is directed at their own people.

Yet this is another lie, for migrants are more likely to be economically inactive and in receipt of welfare than Britons. That is one reason why we have such a huge equality industry in this country, endlessly bleating about the economic 'disadvantage' suffered by ethnic minorities. According to one report, just 18 per cent of 'non-EU, long-term immigrants' came here in 2011 for 'work-related' reasons. 
Even the immigrants who do find work are causing problems. The excessive reliance by many employers on foreign staff is driving down wages and squeezing Britons out of jobs. It is ridiculous that when unemployment stands at almost 2.5 million more than half of all new jobs still go to foreigners. 
As usual the European Union is playing its malign part through a scheme known as EURES, by which BRITISH EMPLOYERS RECEIVE A BRIBE OF £870 FOR EVERY EUROPEAN CITIZEN THEY EMPLOY. Under the Government's slavish adherence to the rules of Brussels MORE THAN 800,000 POSITIONS AT JOB CENTRES ARE NOW ADVERTISED THROUGHOUT THE EU, making it far harder for our job-seekers to compete.
This kind of state-sponsored self-loathing has to end. THE OBSESSION WITH MASS IMMIGRATION HAS BEEN A DISASTER. The first task of the Government is not to uphold dogma but to look after the needs of the British people."
It should be the first task, Leo, but, in a world owned by the global elite and operated by their bought wagtails, it isn't. It hasn't been so for a very long time.

There are three ways in which your 'state-sponsored self-loathing' will ever end. Firstly, the British people must recognise that those they continue to vote for, despite everything they have done, ARE AT WAR WITH THEM! And then they should vote, en masse, for the BNP or the National Front, the only political parties they can be sure will put the British first in Britain. Voting for UKIP might ease things a little but their top blokes have consistently said that they will bring immigration down to the tens of thousands, they don't seem to have any plans to halt the influx or send the excess back.

Secondly, we could win our country back through violent revolution. However, the current crop of Britons is nothing like those that fought world wars 1 and 2. I seriously doubt that most would do anything more than bend over and drop their trousers if confronted by a horde of p***ed off foreigners.

Thirdly, we can just fizzle out. We can carry right on allowing ourselves to be marginalised and bested by second and third world invaders until, eventually, we're all gone. Bred out of the pages of history by the immigrant darlings so beloved of Westminster and the media or done away with altogether in a more aggressive, historically usual manner.

Thanks for saying what you say, Leo. You say it very well and it's much appreciated.

However, until you, and people like you, start telling the truth about the Nationalist, until you admit that we were right all along and we told the truth when no one else would, a little bit of me will be forced to continue taking your patriotic concern and well-intended wake-up calls with a rather large pinch of salt.

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