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Abu Hamza

On 28 December 1998, Ruth Williamson and fifteen others were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists in the Yemen.

The following day, Ruth, Margaret Whitehouse and Peter Rowe, died as a result of a bungled rescue attempt by Yemeni security forces. Ruth and Margaret were killed at the scene with an Australian man. Peter died of his wounds later in the day.

The shoot-out came less than a month after three Britons and a New Zealander were killed in Chechnya during a failed rescue attempt after they, too, had been kidnapped by Islamic terrorists.

The kidnappings followed closely on the massive air bombardment of Iraq by the Clinton/Blair axis from 18 to 21 December 1998. That action and the round-the-clock devastation of an Iraq which had, supposedly, been vanquished in 1991, undoubtedly added to the mounting resentment throughout the Muslim world which saw western holidaymakers being attacked by Muslim groups in ever-increasing numbers.

Indeed the Yemeni kidnappers, themselves, linked the bombing of Iraq with the abduction, having told their hostages that it was not their fault 'that your country bombed Iraq.' However, the catalyst for the abduction of Ruth Williamson and the others, was the arrest of ten British Asians who were suspected of planning terrorist attacks by the Yemeni authorities. These included in their number the son and stepson of Abu Hamza, the militant Imam of the Finsbury Park Mosque.

On 11 February 2006, the BBC revealed that the kidnap gang had been in touch with Abu Hamza, himself. Recordings of satellite phone conversations were compiled by GCHQ and made available to the security services. At the same time, Tony Blair was supplied with a dossier on Hamza by the President of the Yemen.

Blair was, thus, aware of his links to militant Muslim groups responsible for the deaths of British citizens a full eight years before he was found guilty of terrorist related offences at the Old Bailey.

Hamza was belatedly arrested in May 2004. This event, however, only occurred as a result of an American request that he be extradited to face terror charges in that country. If they hadn't wanted him, he might well be free today. This, in spite of the fact that an enormous body of damning evidence had been amassed, detailing numerous incidence of incitement to murder.

Three of Hamza's followers took part in the 7/7 bombings in London. Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer actually lived in the Finsbury Park Mosque for a time and Jermaine Lindsay is known to have attended Hamza's sermons. Perhaps they heard him state the following and took it heart:
"You don't have to travel thousands and thousands of miles to become a shaheed, (martyr/witness)you can be shaheed right on your own doorstep. May Allah open our eyes for what's good for us, so we don't waste our Muslim blood far away."
 On 27 May 2004, the BBC offered us this potted biography of Abu Hamza:
"Condemned by many Muslims as too extreme, the former Soho nightclub bouncer denies any involvement in terrorism. But the 47-year-old has also defiantly justified the attacks in New York and Washington in September 2001. Now he has been arrested in London on an extradition warrant issued by the US government.

He was born Mustafa Kamel Mustafa in Alexandria, Egypt, to middle-class parents. In 1979, he came to London with plans to become a civil engineer. He studied in Brighton and later worked as a doorman in the West End. He married a western woman, Valerie Fleming, in 1981 and received his British citizenship... Ms Fleming is reported as saying her ex-husband became more radical after their marriage and the couple divorced five years later...

In 1999, Abu Hamza was questioned by Scotland Yard detectives on suspicion of terrorism offences in Yemen. He was held for several days before being released without charge. He has always maintained his innocence. The Yemeni authorities had requested his arrest and extradition, claiming he was linked to plots to bomb targets there.

In the same year, his son Mohammed Mustafa Kamel was sentenced to three years in prison in Yemen for his involvement in a terrorist bombing campaign when aged 17. He returned to Britain in 2002 after completing his sentence.

Abu Hamza runs Supporters of Sharia, which is a group dedicated to the rule of Islamic law. In 2002 he addressed a rally in central London called by the radical Islamic group al-Muhajiroun, where members spoke of their support for al-Qaeda. But he strongly denies American suggestions he recruits al-Qaeda terrorists...

In February 2003, he was banned from preaching at the mosque by the Charity Commission but he continued to speak from the street outside. Home Secretary David Blunkett believes the radical cleric is linked to international terrorism but attempts to strip his British citizenship and deport him to Yemen have been delayed."
On 17 October 1999, the leader of the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, Abu al-Hassan, was beheaded with a ceremonial sword in the Yemen afterhe was convicted of forming an armed gang, kidnapping and murder. On 7 February 2006, Abu Hamza al-Masri was jailed for seven years after being found guilty 11 of the 15 charges of inciting murder and race hate.

After the 9/11 disasters, Hamza said:
"Many people will be happy, jumping up and down".
Here are some of the other things that Tony Blair, various Home Secretaries, the police and the DPP were aware that he had said years before they did anything about it:
"The real weapons of mass destruction are the desire for martyrdom. Millions of you are ready to be shaheed. Half a million martyrdom shaheed is enough for Muslims to control the whole of earth forever. In the end of the day, Islam must control earth."

"Don't go to the man who is selling a wine shop and tell him please why you selling the wine shop, come to the mosque? Make sure that the man who gave him the licence for that wine shop does not exist anymore on the Earth. Finish him up".

"You must know the cause of Allah and you must help that cause in fighting, by fighting and when you fight you kill, you don't fight just to negotiate or to show off or to make videos or to make audios, fight to kill not fight to tape".

"Killing a Kafir (infidel)who is fighting you is OK. Killing a Kafir for any reason, you can say it, it is OK - even if there is no reason for it."

"The Jews will be destroyed, the state will be destroyed".

"The Jews will never leave Palestine. The Jews will be buried there… the tunnels that they dug underneath the al-Aqsa mosque will be filled with their skulls and their bodies and whatever they corrupted with their wealth - against the Muslims. It is decreed that it will be the biggest Jewish graveyard in the world".

"We hate them for their corruption on earth. A Jew cannot look a Muslim in the eye, or pass him, knowing they have oppressed a Muslim. So the nation of Muhammed must regain their dignity and this dignity will not be regained unless with blood."
On 9 February 2006, This is Local London reported thus:
"Former home secretary David Blunkett has revealed that the police, Crown Prosecution Service and MI5 were reluctant to prosecute radical cleric Abu Hamza earlier. He wrote in his column in The Sun that there was a 'deep reluctance' among law enforcers to 'act on the information coming out of Abu Hamza's own mouth'. Hamza, who preached at North London's Finsbury Park Mosque, was jailed on Tuesday for seven years for inciting murder and racial hatred.

'So much for those in the security services who told me I was exaggerating the threat, and that closure of the Finsbury Park Mosque would be a massive over-reaction… Some in the police and Security Services did not want to believe how serious it all was. Time and time again members of all parties suggested that our overreaction would be detrimental to faith and community relations and we should soft-pedal.'

Following the sentencing, police and the CPS defended themselves for not prosecuting Hamza sooner. Police said they had investigated Hamza since 1999 and had made submissions to the CPS, but no charges were brought against the radical cleric until 2004. A CPS spokesman said there had been 'insufficient evidence' to prosecute earlier."
Here is something else Abu Hamza has said:
"European people, they can only respect you when you are strong…

If they come as... Tom, Dick and Harry, entering inside asking for refugee status as a political refugee then this is not an Islamic country. If he comes and says I'm a sheikh or I'm a Muslim and my country is oppressing me and I come here for your protection, then he cannot steal or kill anywhere. But if he comes as a secular person, then if he comes with a different name in a false passport, call himself, for example Simon... and he's Muhammed in this, then he can, he can, he can kill, he can steal, he can everything."
On 5 October 2012, after many delays, Abu Hamza was finally extradited to the United States. He arrived the following morning.

Tony Blair, the several Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police and David Calvert-Smith, the Director of Public Prosecutions from 1998 to 2003, who repeatedly refused to prosecute this evil man, almost certainly knew all of the terrible things that he was preaching years before four suicide bombers killed 52 people in London.

The Egyptian cleric wasn't responsible for the deaths in Yemen and London. Blair, those who own him and the moral detritus that tags along behind him, were.

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