Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tony Blair's favourite folk

From the time that he became Labour leader, Tony Blair left us in no doubt whose side he was on.

Here are a few reminders:
"The Jewish community's principles are... precisely those things for which Labour stands today." (1996)
"Everyone deplores the sentiments expressed by those who deny the holocaust… it might be right to introduce a specific offence." (1997)
"The establishment of the State of Israel, remains one of the most remarkable and miraculous events of our time." (1998)
"The State of Israel has meant much, not only to Jews but... to all of civilisation." (1998)
"The Holocaust and the lessons it teaches us for our own time must never be forgotten." (2000)
"Nazi anti-Judaism was the work of godless, anti-Christian criminals. But it would not have been possible without the almost two thousand years' pre-history of Christian anti-Judaism'.(2000)
"The state of Israel must be given recognition by all." (2001)
"Jews, Muslims and Christians are all children of Abraham." (2001)
"The state of Israel should be recognized by the entire Arab world and the vile propaganda used to indoctrinate children, not just against Israel but against Jews, must cease." (2003)
"I feel strongly about Israel and admire its many achievements... Britain will remain a friend to Israel in tough times and good... Conflict in the middle east is used to fuel anti-Semitism in Britain. I will not tolerate this... A stable Iraq will be good news for Israel." (2004)
"I've been a very, very strong supporter of the Jewish community and of Israel and will always be so... We have been staunch supporters of Israel, staunch defenders of the Jewish community and aggressively against any form of racism". (2005)
"There has not been a bigger supporter of the state of Israel than this Government and this Prime Minister." (2005)
"Intolerance, hatred, even genocide, did not end 60 years ago. Holocaust Memorial Day underlines both our duty to remember the horrors of the past and the responsibility of all of us to shape the future so they are never repeated." (2006)
Away from his love of all things Judaic, Our Dear (former) Leader said:
"The two million Muslims in Britain are an inspiration to us all and we can learn much from you." (1999)
"One day, yes, one day, there will be a black Prime Minister." (2000)
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  1. Cameron spouts the same nonsense, It's sickening.