Thursday, 10 August 2006

Israel is a crazy country, they're lunatics!

On 9 February 2012, interviewed at the Imperial College in London, Professor Norman Finkelstein said this:

“If Israel were to attack Iran... and things start to go badly, I don’t think American Jews will rally behind them… because they’re getting tired of defending Israel’s wars.

And it’s embarrassing. IT’S A CRAZY COUNTRY. EVERY THREE YEARS IT GOES TO WAR… It’s like a junkie. They need their… fix. FIRST THEY LED THE WAR IN IRAQ, 2006 ATTACK LEBANON, 2008 AND 2009 GAZA, AND NOW THEY WANNA GO AFTER IRAN. THEY’RE LUNATICS. And Americans just don’t wanna defend them.”
Profsssor Finkelstein is Jewish.

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