Tuesday, 5 June 2012


On 3 April 2009, The Daily Mail reported thus:

“A ROMANIAN CAREER CRIMINAL WHO RAPED A YOUNG WOMAN SO HE COULD BE SENT TO A 'LUXURIOUS' BRITISH PRISON and get free lodgings and English lessons had his wish granted yesterday. Ali Majlat, who was allowed into this country DESPITE HAVING SPENT MORE THAN HALF HIS LIFE IN PRISON, cornered a 21-year-old at a deserted train station and attacked her in a subway.

HE HAD BEEN RELEASED FROM PRISON IN OXFORDSHIRE ONLY TWO DAYS EARLIER, travelling to Yorkshire in an unsuccessful attempt to visit his brother Dominic, WHO WAS ALREADY IN JAIL FOR RAPE. Majlat, 35, had been inspired to carry out his crime after hearing from Dominic about THE 'EASY AND COMFORTABLE CONDITIONS' IN BRITISH JAILS...

Last August, with HIS 45-YEAR-OLD BROTHER SERVING A LIFE SENTENCE HERE FOR RAPE AND ATTEMPTED MURDER, he travelled to Britain to visit him. Before he had the chance to do so, HE WAS CONVICTED IN CONNECTION WITH A BURGLARY in London and jailed for eight weeks.

DESPITE HIS RECORD, HE WAS NOT DEPORTED on his release on October 10 because he was not deemed to be 'high risk'... Majlat went straight to Wakefield Kirkgate station where he spotted the young woman, a soldier's girlfriend, on a deserted platform. After pestering her, saying 'You should love me' in broken English, HE BEGAN PUNCHING AND KICKING HER. She fled down an underpass, but Majlat caught up with, pinned her to the ground, HALF-STRANGLED HER AND RAPED HER.

She later told police the thought that flashed through her mind: 'THAT'S IT, I'M 21 AND I'M DEAD'...

Majlat appeared to smirk in the dock.”
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