Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Leo McKinstry

On 8 September 2008, Leo McKinstry opined thus in The Daily Express:

"Labour's policy on immigration has been a wrecking ball at the heart of our society. Our borders and identity have been destroyed. The fabric of our towns and cities has been transformed. A once homogenous, gentle, cohesive nation has been changed into an overcrowded landmass full of conflicting ethnic groups. Thanks to 11 years of destructive rule under Brown and Blair, Britain is becoming a place without soul or sense of mutual belonging.

For too long, the political classes have colluded in the government’s determination to wipe out our nationhood. Fearful of accusations of ‘racism’, they have joined in the official pantomime called ‘celebrating cultural diversity’, the process by which Britons are meant to express joy at the ruination of their own country."
A wrecking ball at the heart of our society

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