Thursday, 22 June 2006

There's nowt so queer as folk

In an essay titled, 'The ideological rot that is destroying English conservatism', at James Delingpole's Daily Telegraph blog, he tells us this:

"You would need a really warped sense of priorities to argue that the disadvantages of cheap air travel outweighed the advantages, let alone that it is something which should be actively discouraged.
Yet bizarrely, disgracefully, this is exactly what one of David Cameron’s ministers is reported to have proposed. According to the excellent Iain Martin (formerly of this parish), the minister in question is Eton-educated former merchant banker Oliver Letwin. And his remarks have prompted a row with London Mayor Boris Johnson...

Boris Johnson has had a blazing row with a Tory Cabinet minister who privately told the London Mayor that the Government doesn’t want people flying abroad on holiday. Johnson told a ‘People’s Question Time’ event: ‘I was absolutely scandalised the other day to hear a government minister tell me he did not want to see more families in Sheffield able to afford cheap holidays...

Who was the Tory minister concerned? Impeccable sources tell me it was Oliver Letwin, the Hampstead-born minister of state at the Cabinet Office, ‘leading Cameroon thinker’ and former investment banker'."
So, Tory Minister, Oliver Letwin, does 'not want to see more families in Sheffield able to afford cheap holidays'.

In other words, he thinks poor folk should not be allowed to partake of the things his class take for granted. Such aggressive intolerance of the poor reminds me of another, much more famous, example of Tory distase for the lower orders .

On 19 October 1974, Sir Keith Joseph said this:

“THE BALANCE OF OUR POPULATION, OUR HUMAN STOCK IS THREATENED… A high and rising proportion of children are being born to mothers least fitted to bring children into the world and bring them up. They are born to mothers who were first pregnant in adolescence in ... social classes 4 and 5... If we do nothing, the nation moves towards degeneration...

Most of what needs to be done, I have stressed, is for individuals… BUT SOME TASKS ARE FOR GOVERNMENT.”
Well, if Joseph had been speaking of curbing the irresponsibility of the fast-breeding immigrant successive governments had been importing en masse since 1948, I would have no problem with his speech. But nowhere does he suggest that 'social classes 4 and 5' does not mean ALL the poor folk. The vast majority of whom would have been native Britons.

Once upon a time Joseph's ancestors came to our country seeking sanctuary. As did Letwin's. At the point where they had slithered far enough up the greasy pole to patronise, it seems they considered themselves so superior to the majority of the descendants of their ancestors' benefactors, that they are/were prepared to impose deprivation and population control upon them. There's gratitude for you!

Letwin and Joseph are Jewish.

As was the former Communist and 'hawkish advisor' to Margaret Thatcher who wrote Joseph's Edgbaston speech, Sir Alfred Sherman. Sherman fought in the International Brigades for the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War, along with huge numbers of his fellow Jews.

In his memoirs, he said:

"As a communist, I learned to think big, to believe that, aligned with the forces of history, a handful of people of sufficient faith could move mountains."
After studying at the LSE, however, he quickly metamorphosed into a Capitalist, as you do, (well, as THEY do) and 'soon became an indefatigable freemarket crusader.’ ('Paradoxes of Power - Reflections on the Thatcher Interlude', p.4 by Mark Garnett)

Oliver Letwin was primarily responsible for the Tory's 2010 manifesto. Ed Miliband, also Jewish, was the leading light behind the New Labour version.

Lots and lots of Jews in high places, aren't there? Moving and shaking, influencing events, figuring out what should be done with the British lowly.

Still, it's what the majority keep on voting for, so I guess it has to be what they want. Rule by Jew. As my Granddad Fudge used to say:

"There's nowt so queer as folk."

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