Thursday, 22 June 2006

Only one black person went to Oxford

In the 11 April 2011 Telegraph article, 'David Cameron brands 'all white' Oxford University a disgrace', Graham Stuart, 'the Conservative chairman of the Commons education select committee, suggested that the Government's approach was wrong', saying:

"The problem we have with various minority groups in this country who don't get into the best universities is that THEY DON'T RECEIVE A SUFFICIENTLY GOOD EDUCATION IN THE FIRST PLACE!"
Wow! Graham, you old God! That's a bit truthful for this day and age, don't you think? Remember, this is hug-a-hoodie Cameron you're addressing! You know, the bloke who has more in common with Inclusivity Clegg o' the Multicult than he does with his own backbenchers?

The PM had previously pontificated thus:

"I saw figures the other day that showed that only one black person went to Oxford last year. I think that is disgraceful. We have got to do better than that."
WE have got to do better than that, Dave? Surely, as Graham implies, YOU, the teaching profession AND the black students themselves 'have to do better'? Oxford doesn't have to do anything other than ensure that it takes in the very best and brightest that our school system produces.

That's where its responsibility lies, Dave. We want THE BEST at Oxford. We don't want the best AND, just to appease the PC Brit-loathers, those you've dumbed down to such an extent that they can't add up, take away or spell any more. You know, your average college fodder wannabe off The Weakest Link?

Hey Dave! I know your version of Toryism is all about hugging the unsavoury, banker-sniffing, mass immigration, globalisation and positive discrimination, just as Tony B's new Labour Toryism was before you, but, justfor once, to capture the odd centre ground vote, why don't you add a little fairness to the mix? Give them all a standard test! You know, at the level, say, of the 11-plus 50 years ago? Anyone who passes the test gets to go to Oxford!

I have this sneaking feeling, Dave, that the under-represented minority in questionmight be just as under-represented when the results are announced as they are right now. Unless, of course, the test included such work-place worthy stuff as rap music, The X-Factor, 'Hello' Magazine, the History of ‘Big Brother’, Premier League soccer stars, drug dealing, violent crime, truancy, school exclusion and, for the seriously bright, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and the black Friar Tuck in the BBC's latest version of Robin Hood. You've seen it, have you, Dave? This Tuck is of Black African heritage, not the least bit overweight, he's a martial arts expert and he's has a cute line in know-it-all condescension when it comes to dealing with the Merry Men, who are all white, a bit weedy and, of course, uniformly dim.

As for the poorer students going to Oxford and Cambridge now, Dave, the percentage being less than it was twenty years ago, (Cameron is seen bemoaning this fact on the video - Cameron brands all white Oxford a disgrace) well, that would have quite a bit to do with the success of the dumbing-down and saddle-them-with-debt policies you and your forbears have pursued with such revolutionary zeal in recent times, wouldn' it?

Bring back the grammar schools, Dave. Bring back free grants, twenty five percent going on to further education as opposed to fifty and children sitting in desks facing the blackboard. Oh, and let's have the cane, the slipper and the dunce's cap reintroduced!

Invest in common sense and the indigenous for once and you won't go far wrong. You stick with political correctness and the ongoing takeover of our public school system by the alien dozy and, well, how long can you keep on dumbing things down before you have to bring in the chimp to do the difficult stuff?

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