Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Bullingdon Boys v Blinkered Lefties

On 9 December 2010, Christina Odone's essay, 'Yes, the Bullingdon boys were dreadful at Oxford but they were more tolerant than the lefties', appeared in The Daily Telegraph.

In this, Odone opined:

"The Bullingdon lot… were boorish and infantile… This drunken posse would spawn a prime minister, a mayor of London, and the foreign minister of Poland."
It was never the measure of the man that counted in Thatcherland, Christina, it was the size of daddy’s wallet. It still is.

"Yet if I thought the Bullingdon boys pretty gross, there was one undergraduate life-form that was worse: THE BLINKERED LEFTIES… Many of the blinkered Lefties were public school boys who’d learned to talk an accent-less English and wear donkey jackets. Their class camouflage was so carefully contrived, they could pass themselves off as local boy from… well, if not Doncaster North, then Hackney South. These bright, ambitious sparks, like the young Ed Miliband, experienced student politics as THE INITIATION INTO A SPECIAL TRIBE...

THESE YOUNG ZEALOTS WOULD GO ON TO STAFF THE BBC AND ENTER LABOUR POLITICS as wonks or minions. The world they graduated to was as fixed in its strata as the world they graduated from: it was called liberal, though it was anything but. TOLERANCE WAS DUE ONLY TO THE SELECT FEW: THOSE WHO SHARED THEIR LEFTY VALUES."
Very well said, Christina. Now let’s see how 'tolerant' you are.

I would describe myself as a British Nationalist. I’ve met a lot of National Front, BNP and other Nationalist types in the last few years and, by and large, would describe them as the honourable and upstanding salt of the earth. However, they upset the 'young zealots', the 'blinkered lefties', the PC Crowd and the media darlings considerably, don’t they? Why should this be, do you think? Well, they do dare to express a desire to have their own tribe put first in the land that their own tribe made. You know, as most Kenyans and Italians would (though perhaps not Swedes) without having to suffer the 'camouflaged', 'contrived', 'boorish and infantile' describe them as 'racist, fascist, neo-Nazi' or, in Gordon Brown Town, 'bigots.' (Christina tells us at one point thatshe 'was born in Nairobi, of Italian father and Swedish mother') If you’d go the lazy, fashionable, left-driven route and demonise the Brit who would put his own first in Britain, then you wouldn't just be 'intolerant', Christina, you'd be a hypocrite as well.

Incidentally, Nationalism is an honest creed. Most Brit Nats would have no problem putting the Kenyan first in Kenya, the Italian first in Italy and the Swede first in Sweden. Thus, the BNP and the NF were dead against the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. They spoke out strongly against such Neoconservative imperialism. Funny, but I can't remember a mainstream British commentator ever bothering to point this out.

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