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On 17 September 2000, The Sunday Herald reported the findings of Thomas Nagy, Professor of Expert Systems at George Washington University, thus:

"During allied bombing campaigns on Iraq the country's eight multi-purpose dams had been repeatedly hit, simultaneously wrecking flood control, municipal and industrial water storage, irrigation and hydroelectric power. Four of seven major pumping stations were destroyed, as were 31 municipal water and sewerage facilities, 20 in Baghdad, resulting in sewage pouring into the Tigris. Water purification plants were incapacitated throughout Iraq."
Ariel Sharon visited the Al-Haram Al-Sharif Temple Mount during Friday prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on 28 September 2000, with a bodyguard of police, troops and supporters three thousand strong.

When the worshippers emerged from the mosque, some of the youngsters started throwing stones and Sharon’s protectors troops opened fire. The ‘Al-Aqsa Massacre’ cost 15 Palestinian lives. More than 500 were injured.

How could Sharon, the most hated of Israeli hard-liners, have been cleared by Prime Minister Ehud Barak to march into one of Islam's holiest sites?
Well, Bill Clinton was seriously attempting to negotiate peace between Barak's government and Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority at the time.

Also, it is a fact that the outbreak of violence began in the middle of a low-level financial crisis in the world’s money markets. Throughout the last two centuries, the origins of major wars have always seemed to coincide with a downturn in the economy.

Thus began the Intifada.

On 30 September 2000, Mohammed Jamal Al-Dourra, a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, was killed by the Israeli army.

Unaware that a French TV crew had filmed his death, spokespersons for the Israeli Defence Force claimed that they were not responsible. One such apologist said:

"The IDF has concluded that the shot which killed the boy came from the northwestern corner of the junction, close to the IDF outpost. Thus IDF fire could not have killed the boy because of the impossible angle of the shot."
Once the TV footage was released, however, the same persons were obliged to reconsider their previous statements and the following statement was released:

"After a closer examination of the footage... An investigation by the IDF's southern command has revealed that the boy was indeed killed by IDF fire."
The 2 October 2000, edition of The Daily Telegraph reported thus:

"We Watched in horror the killing, by the IDF of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, Mohammed Jamal Al-Dourra on Saturday, Sept. 30 and his falling lifeless into his wounded father's lap.

According to witnesses, the boy's father, Jamal, shouted above the gunfire, 'My child is dying,' but there was no let-up in the firing. The boy cried in terror while bullets ripped into the breeze-block wall beside him and his father waved wildly to attract attention. Then the terrified boy slumped as he was hit. A Palestinian ambulanceman tried to make his way across the road to the pair but was shot dead. It took a further half an hour before another ambulance team could reach them and take them away. The father had four bullet wounds in his right side, from his shoulder to his calf, but survived.

Canadian TV felt compelled to warn their viewers of the offensive and disturbing nature of some pictures showing the terrifying killing of this boy. The number of people killed by the Israeli army is rising almost by the hour. Israel uses live ammunition, helicopters, rockets and heavy tanks. Crimes against the Palestinians have been committed by the Israelis for the past 52 years in plain sight of the entire world."
Father-of-thirteen and Red Crescent paramedic, Bassam Balbeisi, tried to get his clearly-marked ambulance to Mohammed and father, but was shot in the chest and killed by Israeli soldiers.

On 2 October 2000, the President of the Red Crescent, Younis Al-Khatib, said this:

"It is regrettable that the Israeli army seems to be targeting our ambulances and emergency medical personnel and volunteers. To date, 14 ambulances have been directly hit by bullets... One Emergency medical technician was fatally shot in the chest as he attempted to rescue a 12-year-old boy caught in the hail of Israeli bullets. 6 rescuers have been injured while inside the ambulances in which Israeli soldiers fired through the windshields at these vehicles.

Our field hospital in Gaza was fired upon twice from a helicopter gunship on Oct 1 despite the clear display of the Red Crescent Emblem. Medical staff in our clinic in North of the West Bank were severely beaten by Jewish settlers and the clinic vandalized.

PRCS will continue to provide its humanitarian services to those in need. We continue to adhere to International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Convention. We demand that the Israeli army respect the international emblem of the Red Crescent and does not hinder the work and rescue efforts of our personnel."
On 14 January 2002, the article, A Kosher Conspiracy, appeared in The New Statesman.

"Many journalists have spoken out against the Zionist lobby over the past 12 months. Last spring, there was a spat in the Spectator between Lord Black of Crossharbour, the magazine's proprietor, and three well-known contributors to his newspapers. William Dalrymple, A N Wilson and Piers Paul Read wrote a letter complaining that 'under Black's proprietorship, serious, critical reporting of Israelis no longer tolerated in the Telegraph Group'.

Conrad Black (who also owns the Jerusalem Post and is married to Barbara Amiel, the enthusiastic Zionist columnist) promptly returned fire. The troublesome trio, he alleged, illustrated 'the depths of the problem of anti-Semitism in the British media'.

A few months later, Sam Kiley, a foreign correspondent for the Times resigned after a row with his editors. Kiley had succeeded in tracking down and interviewing the Israeli soldiers who had shot dead Mohammed al-Durrah, the 12-year-old boy who had become, posthumously, an icon of the intifada.

Middle managers at Wapping, Kiley claims, know that Rupert Murdoch has business interests in Israel and would 'fly into hysterical tenor every time a pro-Israel lobbying group wrote in with a quibble'. The instruction Kiley received to file his piece 'without mentioning the dead kid' was the last straw."

Here is a dad and a dead kid alongsidea father-of-thirteenby the name of Bassam Balbeisi.

I remember watching the footage on TV as Mohammed and his father came under fire from the IDF. A hail of bullets crashed into the stone work all around them for the 10 seconds or so that the viewer was allowed to see their plight. There is no possiblity, none, given that IDF rifles are generally equipped with powerful telescopes, that they were not aware that they were firing upon unarmed non-combatants, one of whom was a boy.

Have a think about this one as you tut-tut your way through this politically incorrect website.

There will not have been very many of the 400-plus MPs who voted for war with Iraq, who did not see these images on their television screens. Two thirds of the parliamentary Conservative Party and about third of the MPs who comprise New Labour and the Lib Dems and one or two others from the smaller parties, almost 300 all told, are members of the various 'Friends of Israel' organisations in Westminster. If any of them did not vote for war with Iraq, I am not aware of it.

All of these British parliamentarians will be well aware that the Israeli army murders little boys like Mohammed Jamal Al-Dourra as a matter of routine.

On 14 October 2000, the Red Crescent put out this statement:

"The Palestinian villages of Kifl Harris, Salfit and Bidyia are in desperate need of medical supplies, but our crew have been prevented from reaching those areas. Additionally, PRCS ambulances have been prevented repeatedly from entry and exit into Ramallah/Al-Bireh, Nablus, Qalqalia and Tulkarem. Blood transport from Ramallah to Hebron was twice denied access yesterday by the Israelis and the vehicles turned back at Ram checkpoint North of Jerusalem.

In spite of the obvious urgency of the situation, all diplomatic and humanitarian channels have failed to convince the Israeli Army to grant permission to PRCS ambulances to reach those in need. This systematic policy of preventing the most basic emergency care to the wounded and those in need will kill people and cause unnecessary suffering.

Israeli roadblocks and concrete barricades have sealed Palestinian homes and villages. Our ambulances cannot reach hundreds of thousands of civilians. Our crews attempt many routes and back roads, at considerable risk to their own safety, often to be turned back by Israeli soldiers when only a few yards away from the sick and wounded.

Our mission as a humanitarian organization is and will always be the provision of the best possible care for those in need of medical attention regardless of race or religion. We will spare no effort to get to those who need us. We do not and should not be required to coordinate every single ambulance call with Israeli military command, who have been hindering or denying access in most cases.

To date our paramedical personnel have been injured and killed in the line of duty. Israeli settlers and soldiers alike are shooting at our ambulances, and systematically humiliating and intimidating our staff.

Let the international community bear witness to this most basic violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. Our humanitarian mission is being undermined by an Israeli policy of revenge against an entire civilian population."
At the Fire This Time website, Michael Stearns reports thus:

"9,600 US Gulf veterans have died since the war. (Gulf War 1) As at November 2000, only three UK veterans had ever been tested for DU exposure by the Ministry of Defence…

To date, both the US Defence Department and the British Ministry of Defence deny that there is any link between DU and the unprecedented rise in cancer and birth deformities experienced by Iraqi civilians and Gulf War veterans. The Sanctions Committee continues to prevent Iraq from importing large-scale quantities of anti-cancer medicines, as they contain radioisotopes, and thus constitute ‘nuclear materials’ Iraqi requests for decontamination equipment are similarly blocked…

The cancer rate in Iraq has risen between two and ten fold, the deformity rate between four and six fold. The Iraqi Atomic Agency estimates that 48% of the entire population has been exposed to carcinogenic material…

There have been 280,000 sorties in total since the end of the Gulf War. Not a single plane has ever been hit by Iraqi fire. Over 300 people have been killed by these patrols, and approximately 800 injured. 40% were civilians...

Under US law, campaign groups who defy sanctions and take medicine and food to Iraq without import licences face fines of up to a million dollars and up to twelve years in jail."
On 28 February 2001, Keith Vaz, Tony Blair's Europe Minster, gave the keynote speech at a conference on Citizenship, Identity and Ethnicity in Europe at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna.

This was typical of the things he said:

"Racism and xenophobia must be tackled at the European level too… The unanimous and speedy agreement of the Race Directive last June demonstrated the consensus that exists amongst Member States on the need to tackle the menace of racism… We need… to take effective action to STAMP OUT RACISM in our Member States."
On 6 April 2001, The Jewish Chronicle reported thus:

"Leading British Christians have returned from a two-week Middle East fact-finding mission denouncing Israeli actions in the occupied territories and declaring that the Palestinians are facing 'indescribable suffering'...

The clergy also reported that an un-named Israeli official had told them during their visit that 'if there are more Palestinians dead, it is because we shoot better'...

The churchmen also called on the British and American governments to reassess their Middle East policies."
In May 2001, at a meeting with the Yesha Council of Settlements, Ariel Sharon, Prime Minster of Israel, said this:

"There are things we will tell the public about, there are things we will deny and there are things that will remain hidden forever."
On 25 March 2001, the BBC quoted Sharon thus:
"Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial."
On 3 October 2001, during a debate in the Knesset, Sharon and Simon Perez, Israel's foreign minister, were discussing the Israeli government's actions against the Palestinians.

Perez was arguing that the Israelis should at least maintain the pretence of seeking an end to the violence in order to keep the Americans happy. Sharon turned to Perez shouting:
"Every time we do something, you warn me that America will do this or America will do that. I will tell you something very clearly: don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
If you ever wanted to know how close the ties are linking Jewish politics and Hollywood, here's a little known fact that may interest you: Shimon Perez, who has been right at the top of the governmental heap in Israel for more than forty years now, is the cousin of Lauren Bacall, the wife of Humphrey Bogart, who starred with him in, To Have and Have Not.

Bogey, of course, was, himself, Jewish.

On 27 May 2001, Eric Margolis reported thus in The Toronto Sun:

"In North America, Palestinians are blamed by the usually pro-Israel media and politicians for the current wave of violence and terrorism. But here in Europe, and around the world, there is a rising wave of anger and condemnation against Israel's repression in the Occupied Territories. Only the United States stands behind Israel, and less so every day...

Senior EU officials charge Israel with violating the Geneva convention and international human rights laws ... Ariel Sharon appears increasingly brutal and irrational, almost as much a menace to Israelis as he is to Palestinians."On the 11th of September, 2001, two hijacked aeroplanes were flown into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre.

Most of us think we know who was responsible for the deaths of those who died in the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on 9/11. What you are about to read may alter your opinions somewhat.Towards the end of March, 2003,less than a week afterthe war on Iraq had begun, I sent the following information to Tam Dalyell, the longest serving MP in parliament. It is a small section of an 80-page document which evidenced, for the most part, those I knew to be responsible for ensuring that a second Gulf War took place.

I never received any reply. I also forwarded the document to various newspapers, media outlets and individual journalists who seemed to want to prevent Chairman Blair from taking us to war, and, once it began, to get us out of it.I never received any reply. I never asked for anything. I just wanted the truth known.

In 1998, Osama Bin Laden was interviewed by ABC News in America. He was asked about the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. After praising the attackers, he cited the following reasons foropposing America:

'I say to them that they have put themselves at the mercy of a disloyal government… and this is most evident in Clinton's administration. We believe that it represents Israel inside America. Take the sensitive ministries such as the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense and the CIA, you will find that the Jews have the upper hand in them. They make use of America to further their plans for the world...

For over half a century, Muslims in Palestine have been slaughtered and assaulted and robbed of their honor and of their property. Their houses have been blown apart, their crops destroyed. This is my message to the American people: to look for a serious government that looks out for their interests and does not attack other people’s lands, or other people's honor'."
On 12 September 2001, the day after the World Trade Centre collapsed, The Jerusalem Post reported thus:

"The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack.

The list is made up of people who have not yet made contact with friends or family, Army Radio reported…

Ten thousand people are estimated to have been killed in the New York attacks and another 800 in Washington. Several hundred also went down with the hijacked planes."
On 17 September 2001, the Reuters news network compiled a list of those presumed dead and missing in the World Trade Centre, by country.

This is it.

Dead Missing
Australia: 9 69
Bangladesh 50
Brazil 30
Britain 300
Canada 340 75
China 2 51
Columbia 199
Ecuador 34
Egypt 1 3
El Salvador 1 72
Finland 50
Germany 4 100
Honduras 1
Indonesia 112 15
Ireland 3 100
Italy 5
Japan 2 22
Lebanon 3
Mexico 16 150
Philippines 7 428
Russia 100
South Africa 1 24
South Korea 2 16
Switzerland 8 280
Thailand 3

As everyone knows, there is a vastly greater number of Jews involved in finance and banking than there ought to be, as compared with their incidence in their general population. There were, however, according to Reuters, no Israeli nationals in the World Trade Centre on the 11 of September.

Interestingly there were a number of Israelis outside the building.

On the same day as the Reuters report was released the Israeli daily paper, Ha’aretz, stated:

"Five Israelis who had worked for a moving company based in New Jersey are being held in US prisons for what the Federal Bureau of Investigation has described as ‘puzzling behavior’ following the terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York last Tuesday. The five are expected to be deported sometime soon…

The five were transferred out of the FBI's facility on Saturday morning and are now being held in two prisons in New Jersey by the Immigration and Naturalization Services. They are charged with illegally residing in the United States and working there without permits.

The Foreign Ministry said in response that it had been informed by the consulate in New York that the FBI had arrested the five for ‘puzzling behavior.’

They are said to have had been caught videotaping the disaster and shouting in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery."
On 1 November 2001, The Guardian confirmed the above story thus:

"The all-embracing website,, has a short but intriguing story of a group of Israeli men detained by New York police on September 11: 'The five men were arrested after they allegedly went up on the roof of a building and posed grinning for photographs with the burning World Trade Centre towers in the background'.

The five men worked for a New Jersey moving company. Police found large amounts of cash in their car and suspected them of being terrorists. The deputy secretary of state, Richard Armitage, and two US congressman are trying to get the five released, according to Ha'aretz."
The story mentioned above can no longer be found at However, on 21 December 2002, Israeli reporter, Yuval Dror, confirmed the above in the Israeli journal, Ha'aretz:

"Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack.

Micha Macover, CEO of the company, said the two workers received the messages and immediately after the terror attack informed the company's management, which immediately contacted the Israeli security services, which brought in the FBI.

'I have no idea why the message was sent to these two workers, who don't know the sender. It may just have been someone who was joking and turned out they accidentally got it right. And I don't know if our information was useful in any of the arrests the FBI has made,' said Macover. Odigo is a U.S.-based company whose headquarters are in New York, with offices in Herzliya."
On 28 September, 2001, The Washington Post reported thus:

"Instant Messages To Israel Warned of WTC Attack. Officials at instant-messaging firm Odigo confirmed today that two employees received text messages warning of an attack on the World Trade Center two hours before terrorists crashed planes into the New York landmarks. Citing a pending investigation by law enforcement, the company declined to reveal the exact contents of the message or to identify the sender.

But Alex Diamandis, vice president of sales and marketing, confirmed that workers in Odigo's research and development and international sales office in Israel received a warning from another Odigo user approximately two hours prior to the first attack. Diamandis said the sender of the instant message was not personally known to the Odigo employees. Even though the company usually protects the privacy of users, the employees recorded the Internet protocol address of the message's sender to facilitate his or her identification.

Soon after the terrorist attacks on New York, the Odigo employees notified their management, who contacted Israeli security services. In turn, the FBI was informed of the instant message warning. FBI officials were not immediately available for comment today. The Odigo service includes a feature called People Finder that allows users to seek out and contact others based on certain interests or demographics. Diamandis said it was possible that the attack warning was broadcast to other Odigo members, but the company has not received reports of other recipients of the message."
On 25 November 2001, Ed Toner reported thus for the Action Report Online news website:

"Evidence of Mossad Treachery in the WTC. The day after the attack on the World Trade Center, The Jerusalem Post, the most respected and famous Israeli newspaper in the world, reported that 4,000 Israelis were missing in the attack on the WTC…

The Foreign Ministry compiled the number from Israeli relatives who in the first few hours after the attack, contacted the Israeli Foreign Ministry and gave the names of Israeli friends and relatives who worked in the WTC or who had business scheduled in it or its adjacent structures.

Even without seeing the article in The Jerusalem Post, logic alone would tell you that there would be many hundreds, if not thousands of Israelis in the World Trade Center at the time of the attacks.

The international Jewish involvement in banking and finance is legendary. Two of the richest firms in New York are Goldman-Sachs and the Solomon Brothers; and both firms have offices in the Twin Towers. Many executives in these firms regularly commute back and forth to Israel. New York is the center of world-wide Jewish financial power and the World Trade Center is at its epicenter. One would expect the Israeli death toll to be catastrophic. The Jerusalem Post certainly thought so on September 12, 2001…

When George Bush made his speech before Congress, it turns out that he made a significant error… Bush made a point of saying that in addition to thousands of Americans, 130 Israelis died in the WTC. The implication was to say that Israel shared in our suffering, and that we and Israel are in this thing together.

Upon hearing the number of 130 Israeli dead, it seemed suspiciously low to me. If 4,000 Israelis were at the WTC and the WTC death toll was about 4,500 (about 10 percent of the 45,000 people normally in the buildings at that time), the Israeli toll should have probably been between 300 and 500. 130 deaths would have been unusually low. As a place for doing business and for employment, the world Trade Center was not a huge MacDonald’s; it housed tens of thousands of highly paid, high tech and high level jobs and executive positions.

They were primarily international finance, trade, banking and brokerage firms. These are the kinds of businesses where Israelis are traditionally over-represented.

I asked myself how there could be only 130 Israelis dead, while there were an estimated 199 dead from Columbia and 428 from the Philippines? In previous articles I wrote on the September 11 terror, I did not allude to these suspicions because I have always taken pride in not writing anything I could not firmly substantiate.

But, while researching this article on Israeli terrorism against Palestine and America, I discovered the most surprising fact I have ever run across in all my years of research and writing. I discovered a simple fact that has enormous ramifications in regard to the September terror attack.

There were, in fact, only three Israelis who had been confirmed as dead: two on the planes and another who had been visiting the towers on business and who was identified and buried. After searching through dozens of articles trying to track down the true Israeli death toll, I finally found a New York Times piece that clarified the precise number of Israelis who died in the World Trade Center attack. Of the 130 Israelis President Bush claimed had died in the World Trade Center, it turned out that 129 of them were still alive. Only one Israeli had actually died in the catastrophe of the World Trade Center…

‘Good God,’ I said out loud to myself, ‘only one Israeli!’… The very low death toll of 130 suggested that a number of Israelis at the Trade Center had been warned before the attack.

When I found out the truth that only one Israeli had died, there could be no doubt that there had been a prior warning for many Israelis. Having only one Israeli casualty among the 4,500 dead at the WTC is simply a statistical impossibility.

Even if the Israeli Foreign Ministry and The Jerusalem Post had grossly overestimated the number of Israelis in the World Trade Center by 3,000 (400 percent), there still should have still been one thousand Israelis there at the time of the attacks. Again, even if only a few hundred Israelis were present at the time of the attack, only one Israeli death occurring there is statistically absurd."
On 14 September 2001, The Jewish Chronicle reported thus:
"Though no Israeli firms had offices in the twin towers, Zim Navigation only last week moved its headquarters with 100 employees, from the Trade Centre to Virginia."
On 28 November 2001, Michael C. Ruppert, a former Los Angeles Police Department investigator said this at the Portland State University, Oregon:
"We reviewed the list of former tenants of the World Trade Center at the on-line Wall Street Journal site… notice the moving date for the offices of Zim American-Israeli Shipping to Norfolk Virginia… they vacated one week before September 11 and they broke their lease. The Israelis didn’t pull the attack but they were smart enough to get their people out of the way. How come our government didn’t do the same thing for us?"
Zim Navigational is the 9 largest shipping company in the world.

Just one week before 9-11, Zim Navigational moved out of its World Trade Center offices with over 200 workers. Company spokesperson Dan Nadler said:
"When we watched the pictures, we felt so lucky. Our entire US operations were run out of the 16 floor."
He said the aim of the move 'was to save on rent.'
The ninth largest shipping company in the world, backed up by government money, does not need to save a few dollars a week on rent.

In March 2002, Le Monde reported thus:

"A vast Israeli espionage network operating on American territory has been broken up. Le Monde said more than one third of the suspected Israeli spies had lived in Florida, where at least 10 of the 19 Arabs involved in the September 11 attacks on New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon also lived. At least five of the spies resided in Hollywood, Florida, where alleged hijacker Mohammad Atta and four accomplices in the attacks also lived, the paper said…

Two Israelis lived in Fort Lauderdale, near Delray Beach, where hijackers in the planes that crashed into the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania resided temporarily…

This concordance could be the source of the American view that one of the missions of the Israeli, 'students,' could have been to track al Qaeda terrorists territory without informing federal authorities."
On 5 March 2002, Reuters reported thus:

"US Busts Big Israeli Spy Ring.

The French daily Le Monde reported on Tuesday that the United States had broken up a huge Israeli spy ring that may have trailed suspected al Qaeda members in the United States without informing federal authorities.

The newspaper cited a secret US government report outlining spying activities by Israelis that it said contained: 'Elements that support the theory that Israel did not give the US all the information it had about the planning for the September 11 attacks.’

In Washington, however, US law enforcement officials discounted the report, with one calling the assertion of a spy ring ‘a bogus story.’ Le Monde said the secret study said the Israelis posed as graphic arts students and tried to enter buildings belonging to the Drug Enforcement Administration and other US agencies. Intelligence Online, a Paris-based newsletter that reported on the study Monday, said some 120 Israeli spies had been arrested or expelled and inquiries were continuing…

In Washington on Tuesday, US Justice Department spokeswoman Susan Dryden said of the Le Monde, report:

‘At this time, we have no information to support this.’ US officials said some Israeli students had been sent out of the country for immigration violations, not for spying. In Israel on Monday, a spokesman said the Prime Minister had no comment on the matter…

The French newspaper described it as the biggest Israeli spy case in the United States to be made public since 1986, a reference to the life sentence given Jonathan Pollard, an American Jew who passed US military secrets to Israel. The Pollard affair strained relations between the United States and Israel...

Guillaume Dasquie, editor of Intelligence Online, told Reuters Monday, the report did not specify exactly what information the alleged agents were seeking. ‘The report shows the clandestine network was engaged in several intelligence operations. It was a long-term project,’ he said…

The newspaper said it had seen a copy of the secret report, and that it had learned that six suspected spies had used portable telephones bought by a former Israeli vice consul in the United States.

Both Le Monde and Intelligence Online said the DEA had confirmed the existence of the report drawn up for the Justice Department by the drug agency together with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the FBI and the US Air Force. A spokesman for the US anti-drug agency was not immediately available for comment. Intelligence Online said the suspects, all between 22 and 30, had recently completed their Israeli military service and one was related to a two-star Israeli general."
As reported by CNN Online on 1 June 2002, Michael Chertoff, the US Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division, spoke thus to the Seton Hall Law School graduates:

"As of Sept. 10th, each of us knew everything we needed to know to tell us there was a possibility of what happened on Sept. 11…

We knew the World Trade Center was a target… We knew an airplane could be used as a weapon."
Chertoff has been described as the Justice Department's 'top counterterrorism tactician.' He is, more than anyone else, the individual responsible for creating the 'Patriotism Act.'

This act, purportedly designed to combat foreign terrorists in the US, has already been used against the indigenous population, several of whom have already been indicted, tried and imprisoned on the most spurious of charges.Chertoff was the man resposible for spiriting back to Israel the 200 Israeli spies who were arrested and then released on his orders, in the wake of the terror attacks on 9/11.

They had been tracking the terrorists involved in the attacks but did not bother to warn non-Jewish Americans of their activities.

In 1992, Chertoff was awarded the Anti-Defamation League's Distinguished Public Service Award. The ADL is the leading privately run Jewish 'spy' network in the world. It keeps an eye on the rest of us to make sure we are not behaving in a politically incorrect, unbrainwashed manner.

Chertoff’s wife is a member of the Executive Board of the Anti-Defamation League of New Jersey. In late 2004, Chertoff was promoted by George Bush.
He is now the US Attorney General. He is also the bloke who gave America the 'Homeland Security' act in order to protect the US from the Islamic hordes.

Homeland Security: catchy phrase, isn't it? It's the kind of catchy phrase that might tend you to believe that the bloke who dreamt it up might be interested in keeping the homeland secure.

Like in New Orleans for example.

Chertoff means 'devil' in Russian.

He is Jewish.

On 14 September 2001, the German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, reported thus:

"June 2001: German intelligence warns the CIA and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists are planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture."
On 15 September 2001, NBC News reported thus:

"August 2001: Russian President Vladimir Putin orders Russian intelligence to warn the US government in the strongest possible terms of imminent attacks on airports and government buildings."
On 16 September 2001, NBC News reported thus:
"A call to a Cayman Islands radio talk show gave several warnings of an imminent attack on the US by Bin Laden in the week prior to 9/11."
On 24 September 2001, Newsweek reported thus:

"Three weeks ago there was another warning that a terrorist strike might be imminent; On September 10, Newsweek has learned, a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly cancelled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns."
On 28 November 2001, the aforementioned Michael C. Ruppert, said:

"September 11 2001: From 8.15 a.m. until 9.05 a.m., with it widely known to the Federal Aviation Administration and the military that four planes had been simultaneously hijacked and taken off-course… not until 9.30 that any Air Force planes are scrambled to intercept, but by then it is too late.

This means that the National Command Authority waited for 75 minutes before scrambling any aircraft, even though it was known that four simultaneous hijackings had occurred, an event that has never happened in history.

It is a matter of routine policy of the FAA and the US Air Forced to scramble a jet the instant any airliner is hijacked without waiting for an order from the President. You put them up in the air and make them go and intercept the jet. Not shoot it down but you a put a fighter aircraft in the airspace with the hijacked airliner. It’s FAA routine procedure. It doesn’t require an order from the President of the United States.

Remember Paine Stewart. Remember his airplane? Remember it went off course. It was off course for no more than ten minutes and fighter jets had been scrambled to fly along beside it. Now if we have four simultaneous hijackings why were no planes scrambled to intercept those planes for seventy-five minutes?

The Andrews Air Force base website has taken down information saying that it maintained a ready-response scramble force to protect the skies over Washington D.C.

A presidential order is not necessary to intercept an aircraft. It is necessary to shoot down that aircraft.

Dick Cheney has lied about US Air Force response."
On 16 September 2001, The Telegraph reported thus:

"The Telegraph has learned that two senior experts with Mossad, the Israeli military intelligence service, were sent to Washington in August to alert the FBI and CIA to the existence of a cell of as many as 200 terrorists said to be preparing a big operation. They had no specific information about what was being planned but linked the plot to Osama Bin Laden and told American officials that there were strong grounds for suspecting Iraqi involvement."
On 11 September 2001, William Kristol, the founder of PNAC, said this on The Lehrer Newshour:

"We're now at war. We're at war with terrorism, with the terrorist group that launched this incredibly bloody and destructive attack on Americans, with the states that harbor that terrorist group. We need to find out who did it, track them down, kill them and remove the government of those states…

If it does turn out that Saddam Hussein, as seems increasingly the case, has links to Osama bin Laden… we're not just dealing with Osama bin Laden and the Taliban in Afghanistan, but we're basically looking at finishing the job we began in 1990 with Saddam Hussein."
The Neoconservative Havard Professor, Martin Peretz, is the editor and owner of the New Republic and a member of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

The Institute was created in 1985 by Martin Indyk, who was later to become a senior State Department official and advisor to Bill Clinton. Peretz, who was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War, was also a speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore.

On 14 September 2001, The Israel Report quoted Peretz as having written this two days before:

"There is true evil in the world and that this evil cannot be placated. It must be fought and… it must be fought continuously and fiercely…

I do not understand why so many people are so surprised by the radical evil emanating from the Muslim world… I find it nutty that among the proposals for how to solve the problem of the Palestinian refugees is for the United States to take some of them in. This would be importing certified resenters.

Muslim terrorism... receives help from many places and people, help in arms, training, disguises, passports, money, morale and the fanatic fervor of the faithful.

Many Saudis, maybe even the monarchy itself, finance it, if only to keep it engaged abroad and out of Riyadh. The very secular Syrian and Iraqi tyrannies facilitate the operations of all kinds of religious extremists as long as they make war against the regimes' enemies.

It is time to intensify the military pressure on Baghdad before it gains nuclear capacity and for Damascus to be held responsible for its indispensable patronage of Hezbollah, a certified ally of bin Laden's war on the West. It is no mystery which governments harbour these madmen and they should now be quaking with fear…

And what, after all, if Islamic terrorists didn't do it? Haven't they done enough without this spectacular satanic achievement?…

We Americans no longer need any instructions in how it feels to be an Israeli. The murderers in the skies have taught us all too well. We are all Israelis now."
Peretz is also on record as having said:
"I will not publish anything in the magazine that is anti-Israel."

"Much of what you have read about the war in Lebanon and even more of what you have seen and heard on television, is simply not true."
If Peretz is implying that Ariel Sharon and the Israelis didn't massacres many thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian innocents when during and after the Israeli occupation of the Lebanon, he is, of course, lying.

He also said:
"We were for the last Gulf War and for aid to the Contras."

"We were rather soft on Stalin in the late 1930s."
Which is understandable, the Soviet Union at that time was, by and large, a Jewish creation and the Jewish establishment wasn't about to wag its finger at its most succesful revolutionary venture.

In 1924, when Lenin died, four out of the five top slots in the Russian Empire were occupied by Jews. The top Bolsheviks were: Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Sokolnikov, who were all Jewish, and the nasty, little Georgian, Stalin.

If the Jew Jacov Sverdlov, who, with Lenin, signed the death warrant of the Tsar and his family in 1918, hadn't died in 1921, he might well have taken over the top bloke's mantle.

On 12 September 2001, Tony Blair said this:

"This is not a battle between the United States of America and terrorism but between the free and democratic world and terrorism. We therefore here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy and we, like them, will not rest until this evil is driven from our world."
On 12 September 2001, The New York Times reported Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, as saying that the attack on the World Trade Centre was an assault on 'our common values.'

He added:

"I believe together we can defeat these forces of evil."
The leading Neoconservative Jew, Paul Wolfowitz, was George W. Bush's Undersecretary of Defence when Iraq was invaded for the second time.

He also occupied this position in George Bush senior's administration.

Bush promoted him to the Chairmanship of the World Bank in 2005, where he managed to cling on for two years despite mounting criticism. Of this appointment, Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate and the World Bank's former chief economist, said:

"The World Bank will once again become a hate figure. This could bring street protests and violence across the developing world."
Wolfowitz, a draft dodger during the Vietnam War, is also a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberger.

On 13 September 2001, he said this at a Department of Defense News Briefing:

"The enemy that has struck has attacked not just our people but all freedom-loving people everywhere in the world. The United States of America will use all our resources to conquer this enemy. We will rally the world…
It's government-wide; it's not just the Defence Department… this is a completely different ballgame that we're in now…

We are in a different era. I think the president has made that clear. The secretary of Defence has made that clear. Everything is going to change…
I think one has to say it's not just simply a matter of capturing people and holding them accountable, but removing the sanctuaries, removing the support systems, ending states who sponsor terrorism. And that's why it has to be a broad and sustained campaign. It's not going to stop if a few criminals are taken care of...

We have enormous capability. That's no secret… across a wide spectrum, there are certain to be increased operational costs…

I think the more important point is, it's not going to end until these people are defeated. And as the president said, that's going to take time and it's going to take patience. And I think that's what people have to be ready for…

$20 billion is a lot of money, but for this country, it is just a down payment on what we're going to do."
On the 3 of December, 2002, Hugo Young wrote the following in The Guardian:

"In Washington, as well as Europe, Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary at the Pentagon, is regarded as the most awesome of hawks in his appetite for a war to overthrow Saddam Hussein. A Republican senator I interviewed on a recent visit saw him as a weirdo whose views were so dogmatic as to put him outside the realms of normal debate…

Britain, as ever, is taking the American view…

The issue he did not address in detail was how the Iraqi threat connected with the war on existing terrorism as experienced in New York, Bali and Mombasa… Wolfowitz is leader of the school that says the link between Saddam and al-Qaida justifies a war if and when the inspection process fails, yet he produced no evidence of a connection even after 15 months to find it…

When I asked Paul Wolfowitz whether we should be preparing for a war the UN did not bless, he avoided the question."
On the 26 of December, 2001, The Guardian reported thus:

"Paul Wolfowitz's admirers and detractors agree on one thing – ‘hawk’ is too timid a description of the outspoken deputy Defence secretary trying to persuade President Bush to bomb Iraq.

‘Hawk doesn't do him justice,’ said one awed former colleague from academia. ‘What about velociraptor?’

In Washington, deputy Defence secretaries rarely play starring roles, but Mr Wolfowitz, due to put the US case to Nato Defence ministers in Brussels today, was an exception even before the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Since that disastrous morning, he has been a major player, often overshadowing his boss, Donald Rumsfeld, as the leading proponent of a wider war against suspected state sponsors of terrorism, particularly Iraq.

Three days after the attack, Mr Wolfowitz described the US military mission to journalists as follows:

‘It's not just a matter of capturing people and holding them accountable, but removing the sanctuaries, removing the support systems, ending states who sponsor terrorism.’

Foreign policy specialists who heard those remarks had few doubts over which state the 57-year-old military strategist wanted to end. As a Pentagon official in the first Bush administration, he pressed for US-led troops to pursue the routed Iraqi forces all the way to Baghdad and topple Saddam Hussein.

During the Clinton years, as the Dean of the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University, he advocated military intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo. He also pressed his argument that not only was Saddam a suspected sponsor of terrorism, he was also likely to be a willing supplier of weapons of mass destruction…

From his academic perch, Mr Wolfowitz vigorously argued for the arming Iraqi opposition groups and even using US troops to carve out and protect a mini-state inside Iraq for the rebels to operate from.

In the wake of the suicide attacks on New York and Washington, Mr Wolfowitz has emerged as the loudest voice calling for a comprehensive multi-front war on terrorism".
On 25 October 2001, the US journalist Georgie Anne Geyer said this:

"The ‘Get Iraq’ campaign ... started within days of the September bombings. ... It emerged first and particularly from pro-Israeli hard-liners in the Pentagon such as Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and adviser Richard Perle, but also from hard-line neoconservatives, and some journalists and congressmen.

Soon it became clear that many, although not all, were in the group that is commonly called in diplomatic and political circles the 'Israeli-firsters,' meaning that they would always put Israeli policy, or even their perception of it, above anything else'."
On 14 September 2001, Tony Blair said this on the floor of the House of Commons:

"We must bring to justice those responsible… By their acts, these terrorists and those behind them have made themselves the enemies of the civilised world. The objective will be to bring to account those who have organised, aided, abetted and incited this act of infamy; and those that harbour or help them have a choice: either to cease their protection of our enemies; or be treated as an enemy themselves…

The world should stand together against this outrage… We need to re-think dramatically the scale and nature of the action the world takes to combat terrorism.

We know that these groups are fanatics, capable of killing without discrimination. The limits on the numbers they kill and their methods of killing are not governed by morality. The limits are only practical or technical. We know, that they would, if they could, go further and use chemical or biological or even nuclear weapons of mass destruction. We know, also, that there are groups or people, occasionally states, who trade the technology and capability for such weapons.

It is time this trade was exposed, disrupted, and stamped out.
We have been warned by the events of 11 September. We should act on the warning."
On 14 September 2001, Blair said:

"These acts of terrorism will have murdered at least a hundred British citizens, maybe many more."
On 26 September 2001, Ian Duncan-Smith gave his first major speech as the Conservative Party Leader to the Carlton Club Political Dining Committee.

In part, this is what he said:

"At the outset I would like to express my thanks, and the thanks of all of us, to your President, Sir Stanley Kalms. Even now, a fortnight after the attack, as rescuers sift through what is left of the World Trade Centre, the final death toll is unknown. As things stand, over 6,000 have been identified from 61 countries. The final figure could be much higher, with the number of British dead now put at many hundreds…

In recent years, the simple truth is that the West has dropped its guard…Events in America have surely shattered any of the comfortable illusions there might have been about our safety… The strike weapon in New York and Washington might have been hijacked aircraft, but does anyone now seriously doubt that had other more lethal weapons been available - including nuclear, biological and chemical weapons - they would not have been used?"
The British people should never forget the Tory contribution to the evil that Bush and Blair visited upon the world in recent times. Two days after the WTC attack, Rudy Giuliani said that 'more than 4,700' people had died on 9/11 and a fortnight after the attack, Ian Duncan-Smith categorically stated that: 'over 6,000 have been identified from 61 countries.'

Giuliani was way over the top in his guesstimates, IDS was outright lying. As of July 2005, it is known that 2,749 people were killed in the World Trade Centre. This is a horrendous number but it is not what the warmongers were telling us at the time.

Tony Blair said 'at least a hundred British citizens, maybe many more' had been killed. On 2 October 2001, he also said:

"Within a few hours, up to 7000 people were annihilated… If they could have murdered not 7,000 but 70,000 does anyone doubt they would have done so and rejoiced in it?"
Jack Straw also said:

"The number of confirmed British deaths is approaching 100… The total number is unlikely to be less than the middle hundreds or higher."
CNN confirmed this impression by saying:

"What is becoming clear is that the death toll of British citizens is likely to run into the hundreds."
And good old IDS categorically stated that:

"The number of British dead now put at many hundreds."
Whereas, in fact, 67 British people died in the attack upon the World Trade Centre. It’s a tragically high number but it is not 'the hundreds,' 'at least a hundred,' 'the middle hundreds' or 'mmany hundreds' that CNN, Blair, Straw and Duncan Smith wanted you to think it was when they were stoking up the fires of war.

On 11 September 2001, we are led to believe that 67 British people and 2,682 others were murdered in New York by a bunch of middle-class Muslim fanatics from Saudi Arabia. The conspiracy theorists would disgree. A partial list of The Most Compelling 9/11 Conspiracy Theories can be found here.

Exaggeration has always been a favourite tool of the propagandist. Sir Stanley Kalms, the mega-rich businessman and President of the Carlton Club Political Dining Committee to whom IDS offered his thanks at the start of the speech featured above, is Jewish.

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