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On 28 March 2000, New Labour Minister, Peter Hain, the founder member, Chairman and Press Secretary of the Anti-Nazi League, said this:

"This is my first visit to Israel… This morning I visited Yad Vashem. (Holocaust museum) It was a profoundly moving experience for me since I have been involved in the fight against racism and injustice my whole life.

My childhood was spent in South Africa where my parents were persecuted for their anti-apartheid activity and forced into exile when I was aged 16 in 1966. Anti-semitic sentiment was rife in the country at the time and Jewish South Africans, including close friends of my family, fought alongside us in the freedom struggle.

I was later a leader of the Anti-Apartheid movement in Britain. There can be no compromise with racism or anti-semitism. I have also been involved in the anti-nazi struggle in Britain... I am proud that our Government has introduced a Holocaust Memorial Day in Britain…

The friendship between our Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and Prime Minister Barak is well known as is the closeness of our longstanding relationships with Israel’s partners…

I look forward to close cooperation between the governments and peoples of Israel and Britain through the 21century."
On 19 March 2001, The Guardian reported thus:

"In the 70s Mr Hain was sufficiently popular among young Liberals to become their chairman, and then president, but they turned on him as an opportunist ‘turncoat’ when he switched to the Labour party in 1977.

Initially, he was hardly the flavour of the month with Labour either, serving as press secretary to the militant Anti-Nazi League…

Mr Hain's problem is that his mixture of radical commitment and personal ambition compels him to try to energise and lead every organisation he joins. Shortly after reaching the Commons by way of a 1991 byelection, he joined the somnolent Tribune group, becoming its secretary in 1992. By the next year it had become so active and influential that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown felt it necessary to organise his ousting from the post…

In 1999, at Robin Cook's request, he was made a minister for Africa at the Foreign Office, helping give it the most leftwing hue ever."
In May 2000, Hyman Bookbinder, former Washington representative of the American Jewish Committee, was quoted thus by Barbara Matusow in The Washingtonian:

"We've stopped counting the number of Jews in key places in the Clinton administration, there are so many of them."
At the website: Bible Theology Ministries Online, a Mr. K.B. Napier told us this:

"The Swiss theologian, Hans Küng… is professor of fundamental theology at Tübingen University… He loves the limelight… He is seen often in the company of world leaders and aspires to be one himself. There is a truism that behind every great man there is someone else pulling the strings. In this case, the truism is correct, for Küng manipulates world order and politics through his ‘enlightened’ form of Roman Catholicism and humanism.

His influence over British politics should not be underestimated. Tony Blair, an ‘almost-there’ Catholic, is married to a staunch Roman Catholic wife, who champions the homosexual cause. They send their children to Catholic schools and attend Catholic Mass, having many Catholic priestly friends. Hans Küng is acknowledged by Blair to be his mentor and Blair openly says that his own political stance is influenced strongly by Küng’s theology and worldview.

Thus, Britain is being steered toward the Romanist fold via politics. Mr Blair attended a conference in the summer of 2000, led by Küng, who gave audience to many world leaders. Blair himself met privately with the man to discuss the future of Britain. Make no mistake about it – Küng’s Romanist hand is firmly on Britain’s helm!

Kung is an established writer of significance and his books are read avidly by world leaders… To him there are no real distinctions between any of the world religions and this is a key to understanding his stance, which is ‘inter-cultural and inter-religious’…

The constant conferences and studies held by Küng led to the ‘Declaration Towards a Global Ethic’. This was endorsed in Chicago, 1993, by the so-called ‘Parliament of the World’s Religions’…

The Foundation is to ‘support wider initiatives and projects in line with its aims’… The basis of it all will be the ‘Parliament’ made up of all the major world religions… thus bringing much closer the One World Government spoken of by ecumenists and New Agers alike, espoused by charismatics worldwide, and already underscored by historical Roman Catholic schemes…

Even our children will be brainwashed in to accepting, or at least being desensitised by, the work of the Foundation! This is a key organisation… one that is taking us well on the way to a One World Government".
In July 2000, Tony Blair said this at Hans Küng’s theological University in Tübingen, Germany:

"Küng has written that: 'Nazi anti-Judaism was the work of godless, anti-Christian criminals. But it would not have been possible without the almost two thousand years' pre-history of 'Christian' anti-Judaism'."
Here is a picture of a philosopher who is so sophisticated that when a dim photographer tells him to pose with his chin resting on your hand in that B-movie starlet hey-look-at-me-I'm-a-deep thinker kind of way, he just goes and does it.

Yes, Tony, I can see how a Newman wannabe like you might be taken in by this guy.

On 6 July 2000, addressing black religious leaders at the Faith in the Future conference in Brighton, Tony Blair said this:

"One day, yes, one day, there will be a black Prime Minister."
At the same conference TB promised more anti-discrimination measures. To ensure that the idigenous, white population were discriminated against even more than they are now, one presumes.

General Wesley Clark was NATO's military supremo at the time of the NATO attacks upon Yugoslavia and Kosovo.

His father was a Russian Jew. His grandfather had left Russia under the name Jacob Nemerovsky and got into the United States with a forged passport, using the name Kanne.

So, in reality, the General who led the UN’s bombing campaign against the Serbs, is half Jewish and ought to be known as Wesley Nemerovsky.
On the 5 of July, 2000, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Clark put the New World Order's fundamental philosophy as starkly as you will ever hear it put, when he said:

"There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19 century idea, and we’re trying to transition into the 21century, and we’re going to do it with multi-ethnic states".
This is about as straightforward an appraisal of the raison d'etre of ther intentions of the bad guys as regards the rest of us, as you're ever going to get from the New World Order and the elite Jewish supremacists that forged that Order.

Anyone who wishes to preserve their ethnic or national identity is an enemy of this dreadful crowd. That's why our country is being flooded with immigrants, that's why we have political correctness, that's why positive images of the alien abound on our television screens and in the pop culture of our youngsters, that's why the only fair-haired icons of British manhood in our soap operas are measly characters like Ian Beale, Curly Watts and Ashley, the lad with the high, squeaky voice, in Coronation Street.

That's why the negative actuality of life on the streets is kept as quiet as possible by the media and the powers-that-be.

That's why we have Stephen Lawrence rammed down our throats and race laws to make sure we, whose ancestors are all buried here, know our place.
That's why they call those English men and women whose ancestors died on D-Day, racist, Nazi and Fascist if they complain about immigration. That's why 90 percent of the new jobs created in England since the 1970s have been taken up by women.

That's why TV's Jewish agony aunts and uncles, Vanessa Feltz, Esther Rantzen, Rikki Lake and Jerry Springer and the attitudinous and patronising token black sister, Trisha Goodard, celebrate diversity and race-mixing with such crusading vigour and certainty.

In September 2000, one year before 9/11, PNAC, the Project for the New American Century, released the document, Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces And Resources For a New Century.

This was written by Donald Kagan, Gary Schmitt and Thomas Donnelly. Here are some of the things the document said:

"This report proceeds from the belief that America should seek to preserve and extend its position of global leadership by maintaining the preeminence of U.S. military forces…

The United States must maintain nuclear strategic superiority, basing the U.S. nuclear deterrent upon a global, nuclear net assessment that weighs the full range of current and emerging threats, not merely the U.S.-Russia balance…

The military’s job… is to secure and expand the ‘zones of democratic peace;’ to deter the rise of a new great-power competitor; defend key regions of Europe, East Asia and the Middle East; and to preserve American pre-eminence through the coming transformation of war…

If the United States is to have a nuclear deterrent that is both effective and safe, it will need to test… There may be a need to develop a new family of nuclear weapons designed to address new sets of military requirements, such as would be required in targeting the very deep under-ground, hardened bunkers that are being built by many of our potential adversaries… U.S. nuclear superiority is nothing to be ashamed of, rather, it will be an essential element in preserving American leadership…

Conventional warfare remains a viable way for aggressive states to seek major changes in the international order…

Although the no-fly-zone air operations over northern and southern Iraq have continued without pause for almost a decade, they remain an essential element in U.S. strategy and force posture in the Persian Gulf region. Ending these operations would hand Saddam Hussein an important victory…
It is important that NATO not be replaced by the European Union, leaving the United States without a voice in European security affairs…

After eight years of no-fly-zone operations, there is little reason to anticipate that the U.S. air presence in the region should diminish significantly as long as Saddam Hussein remains in power…

From an American perspective, the value of such bases would endure even should Saddam pass from the scene…

To preserve American military preeminence in the coming decades, the Department of Defense must move more aggressively to experiment with new technologies and operational concepts, and seek to exploit the emerging revolution in military affairs…

The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor".
Amongst those who participated in the creation of this document were: Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim, Eliot Cohen, Devon Gaffney and Lewis Libby. All of these Jewish gentlemen would later rise to high rank within the George W. Bush adminstration.

Other leading Neoconservative lights who signed this essay were: David Epstein, who was working in Bill Clinton's Defence Department at the time, Fred Kagan and his aforemention brother Donald and William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard and co-founder of PNAC.

All of these gentlemen are Jewish.

On 10 September 2000, Tony Blair said this on BBC News:

"Uniquely Saddam has used these weapons against his own people, the Iraqi Kurds… In one attack alone, on the city of Halabja, it is estimated that 5,000 were murdered and 9,000 wounded in this way."

This last sentence was a Tony B Liar type, pseudological analysis of events.
Please visit the essay, HALABJA for a far more plausible version of events.

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