Monday, 29 May 2006


Let’s say, for arguments sake, that our politicians truly believed that we needed hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to this country every year to help us out.

Now, what would common sense, as opposed to political correctness, do with a national situation which required more people to 'look after us in our old age,' to take up 'the jobs the British won't do any more' and to perform the seasonal fruit-picking, crop-gathering jobs where shortage of manpower seems to be an issue?

If it was up to me, I'd do this: Firstly, as regards our old people: I would fund social services, local government and caring relatives up to the hilt, so that they could afford to look after the elderly from within their own homes, thus postponing, or putting off altogether, the time when they had to move on to an old folks' home. I would also re-nationalise those care homes that had been privatised. The thought of a wallet-stuffer profiting from our most vulnerable senior citizens is disgusting.

I would also build more old peoples' homes, so that those who need ed to live out their days in one could be housed much closer to the community from whence they had come than is often the case now. This should mean that their loved ones would find it easier to visit, to keep an eye on them and do their bit.

If, after all this was done, it was found that more man and womanpower was needed, well, it wouldn't be too difficult to introduce a 'caring' module into the school curriculum, such that every schoolchild found out before they left school what society as a whole expected of them.

Secondly, I would get the prisoners to do the dirty jobs instead of sending them on African safaris and surfing holidays. This would get the necessary work done whilst the offender was learning the value and reward of honest toil.

In most cases, after a year or two working hard down a mine, as my father and grandfathers did, or on the factory floor or a building site, as I did, I reckon we might have someone who was fit enough and strong enough, physically and morally, to behave as an English man should when he gets out.

Thirdly, I would get the students to gather in the harvest and pick the fruit with the promise of board, lodging, pocket-money and the kind of full grant after four or five weeks annual work that Blair, Brown and all but the richest parliamentarians used to get for free when they went to university.

If there weren't enough students to go round I’d make up the shortfall with the army. Far better to have our young men working down on the farm than getting their heads blown off in Iraq.

And just in case our future top folk felt a bit disgruntled at having their gap year in Africa interfered with, you’d point to the fact that there would be pretty girls and handsome lads in abundance to share a singsong, a cider and the occasional sleeping bag with at the end of the evening.

If anyone is offended by this last remark, ask yourselves this, where would you rather have your nineteen-year-old college-bound daughter spend her summer holiday? a) The bars and bedrooms of the dark continent with an assorted variety of who knows what? or b) A haystack in Devon with a boffin or a soldier of the true blue variety?

That’s how common sense would tackle a problem that doesn’t actually exist. There are, in truth, plenty of unemployed, British lads out there crying out for any kind of work. Tony Blair knows this, but, for the globalist agenda of the PC elite to prosper, he must pretend otherwise.

As for the lack of computer skills we are told that we suffer from, well, a government that actually cared for the people they governed would TRAIN UP ITS OWN, same with the plumbers and mechanics, the plasterers, the carpenters and the dentists. I mean, once upon a time we had plenty of these. Where did they all go?

It has been part of the New World Order’s agenda for some time now to make this country in particular and the World in general dependent on others. Dependent for skills, dependent for labour, dependent for energy, dependent for food, dependent for cash handouts, dependent for everything.

One of Tony Blair’s favourite buzz-words is 'interdependency,' 'we’re all interdependent now' he crows with obvious satisfaction. The reason for this is stunningly obvious when you think about it. If you are dependent on others for food, heat, money, medicine and medical and technical expertise, you can never rebel. You can never thwart the will of Big Brother. It’s as simple as that.

Thus, if someone like me comes along, determined to have you know what’s really going on, if you take too much notice and get to complaining about things that the powers-that-be have always insisted are none of your business, why, out comes the plug, off comes the safety belt. To hell with you, see how you manage without Mr. Big taking care of all your needs.

Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, if we carry on much further down this global road, the only choices left in the very near future, will be defiance and die hard for those who care, or slavery and die quietly for those who don’t.

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