Monday, 29 May 2006

God and the Others did it!

On 4 March 2006, Tony Blair appeared on an edition of the chat show, Parkinson.

During the interview, Michael Parkinson asked him if he regretted sending troops into Iraq. Blair replied:

"That decision has to be taken and has to be lived with, and in the end there is a judgment that, well, I think if you have faith about these things then you realise that judgment is made by other people."
Asked to explain what he meant, Blair said:

"If you believe in God, it's made by God as well."

So now we know. As far as Our Dear former Leader was concerned the decision to invade Iraq was not his. The decision was made by 'other people and... God as well.'

Is this OK by you? Are you happy that Tony B was prepared to bow to will of 'others' and 'God' in the matter of mass slaughter?

The day after two million British people marched in protest against the looming war in Iraq, he who defers to 'others' said this:
"I read the anti-war sites and listen to the protesters and I realise that they haven't a clue, or worse, they just don't give a damn."
Nor did TB give a toss about what half his own back benchers thought. It was Tony, Tony crony and Tory votes that took us to war in Iraq.

So, who were these 'others,' do you think? They certainly were NOT the British people. Blair couldn't have cared less about what we wanted.

Well, we all know that Tony B is the ultimate groupie. If he sees someone perched a few rungs higher up the greasy pole than he is, the fawn, simper and wag-the-tail mechanism clicks in and it's up we jolly well slither. So, George Bush, then? Tony Blair wanted to impress the most powerful man on the planet!

Well, yes and no. George Bush was, nominally, that most powerful man. But he was also an idiot. He never had a single thought in the vacant space surrounded by his skull that wasn't put there by a puppet-master. George was the smirking chimpanzee that the smirking chimps of the US Bible belt and boardrooms could empathise with. Until their sons and daughters came home in body bags, that is.

Look behind George Bush, look to who pulls his strings if you want to find out who the 'others' were. Who told him what to say and do? Who encouraged him to think the way he did?

The Neoconservative politicians and journalists of America's eastern seaboard created the environment in which the most intellectually challenged US President in history could flourish for a sound byte or two. All that oil. All that kudos. All those pats on the head from those who knew so much better than he did.

These were the 'others,' folks.

The Israeli journalist, Ari Shavit, gave us a bit of clue as to whom the 'others' were in the 3 April 2003 edition of the Israeli daily, Haaretz, when he wrote:

"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history."
As for Tony B's 'God,' well, it sure wasn't the God of The New Testament that he was cuddling up to, that's for sure. No peace, love and turning the other cheek for our own dear warmonger and his best pal, G.

Nope, the bloke who didn't 'do God' when Alistair Campbell was around was and still is a fan of the very Jewish God of the Old Testament. You know, the one who advocates lots and lots of fire and brimstone, down-on-your-knees trembling and begging for his love, mercy and benificence; together with a big bunch of dispossession, butchery and genocide. Down to the last woman, child and pet hamster. Check out the book of Joshua if you don't believe me.

I'm pretty sure that the Jewish God who instructed old Josh to slaughter everything indigenous in the land that he had promised to the Hebrew, isn't too far from the white-bearded thunderer that Tony B genuflects in front of. I might be wrong. Maybe Our Dear former Leader was just doing his buckpassing bit for the umpteenth time. You know, 'Don't blame me! It was God what done it. I was only following orders!'

Whatever the truth happens to be, the chap in charge back then was a toerag. Anyone out there who disagrees with this statement is no friend of yours and never has been.

Reg Keys, whose son was killed in Iraq, said Blair was 'using God as a get-out for total strategic failure' and his comments were 'abhorrent.' Reg, who polled more than 4,000 votes when he stood against him in 2005, added:
"The people who will be his judge... will be the families of the bereaved British soldiers and it will be the families of the bereaved innocent Iraqis who have all been slaughtered in this totally unnecessary conflict."
Reg also accused him of 'jumping on the same bandwagon' as George Bush, who caused a storm after saying he decided to invade Iraq because he was on a 'mission from God.'

"Are we really seeing over 100 coffins coming backbecause God told him to go to war?" Reg wondered.
Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon was killed in Basra, said:

"A good Christian wouldn't be for this war. I'm actually quite disgusted by the comments. It's a joke."
I'm with Rose and Reg. I'm with them. I'm not with the God of the Old Testament or the Jewish Neoconservatives whose behinds Tony Blair still kisses.

Most of all, I'm not on the side of an Israel that would rather have our young men fighting and dying in wars that only they want, when their own young men are tucked up safe and warm in their own beds.

Oh yes, I'm with Rose and Reg on this one.

How about you?

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