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Asian-on-White paedophilia (3)

On 9 April 2009, the Swedish daily newspaper, Länstidningen, reported thus:

"The police have broken a rapists’ ring specialising in raping young girls in Södertälje. Seven men have been arrested and the investigation is still growing. Several teenage girls have fallen victim to the gang during the last two years. As of today there are four known victims between the age of 13 and 16, but the police fear the number will increase.

‘I have charged six people in two separate cases of rape and rape of minors and I’m currently reviewing a third case which is still under police investigation,’ says public prosecutor Marie-Louise Pettersson.

In addition, the police are now reviewing the many unresolved cases from last year to see if they have a connection with the rapists’ ring — LT has learned that at least one such case is considered to match. It concerns a rape last spring when a young woman was dragged into a car in Lina. According to sources within the investigation, the perpetrator belongs to the rapists’ ring.

It was when four of the gang members, 20 to 23 years of age, were arrested on February 23rd that everything started to unravel. In March two more men, 19 and 21 years of age, were apprehended and arrested. Last Sunday the seventh man was arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape of yet another teenage girl. All seven are members of the same ASSOCIATION in Södertälje — And THREE OF THEM ARE SWEDISH CITIZENS…

According to the police, ASSOCIATION members and RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES forwarded information about teenage girls they came into contact with during weekend nights to the members of the rapist gang. In some cases, the men stalked the girls on the street. The girls were lured to come to parties where they were plied with alcohol — parties that ended in multiple aggravated gang rapes.

The rapes, according to LT’s sources, were committed in a condemned building in Hovsjö where the only furniture was a mattress. In other cases, the girls were dragged or lured into cars the men had borrowed or stolen and were then taken to the Eklundsnäs bath in Hovsjö, where the rapes were committed… The girls have testified that the men took turns raping them while the other members of the rapists’ ring held them down.

The technical evidence is overwhelming, according to the police. ‘But that doesn’t stop them from denying everything,’ says Marie-Louise Pettersson who will confront the first four men in the municipal court of Södertälje on Thursday. She has charged them with aggravated rape, carrying a minimum 4 year prison sentence. In addition, THE MEN RISK EXPULSION FROM SWEDEN." Muslim paedophilia
'The men risk expulsion from Sweden?' Not Swedish then.

'Three of them are Swedish citizens?' The Swedish media never describes native Swedes as 'Swedish citizens.' This phrase is media code for the non-indigenous.

'Associations?' In Sweden, particularly in the cities where the immigrant congregates, immigrant 'associations' deal with 'cultural issues,' 'combat racism' and provide meeting places for immigrants, as they do here.

On 11 April 2009, The Local (Sweden’s News in English) told us about the Södertälje gang rapes but did not give away the ID of the suspects. However, we were told that one woman was 'taken to a camping site where she was raped by several men.'

Who use camping sites in February? In Sweden where it is even colder than it is here? People who do not have a home to go to. Immigrants. The Local added:

"In March last year, another young women was forced into a car in Lina and raped by five men… In November 2007, a 12-year-old girl was raped by three men in an attic in Ronna." Gang rape
Now let’s take a look at what the BNP’s Lee Barnes has to say in a 27 March 2009 entry at his blog:

"MEDIA AND POLICE COVER UP MUSLIM PAEDOPHILE RING. It appears that the police are trying to cover up the Muslim sex ring in Rotherham that has been grooming and raping young white girls. THE NEWSPAPER REPORT (from The Rotherham Advertiser) MAKES NO MENTION OF THE PAEDOPHILES BEING MUSLIMS NOR THAT THERE VICTIMS WERE YOUNG WHITE GIRLS, nor does the report state that the police are intending to arrest fifty people in the area who have been involved in sexual activity with these children.

We get the message. The fact that THE POLICE AND MEDIA WILL MINIMISE THESE CRIMES whilst making public martyrs of people like Stephen Lawrence, shows us all we need to know about the nature of the real racism in our society. If you are white then you are a third class citizen, and WHITE CHILDREN HAVE LESS RIGHTS THAN ANYONE… The police are acting with kids glove simply because they are Muslims in a Muslim area who were only abusing little white girls…

THE POLICE DID NOT EVEN WANT TO TAKE THIS CASE ON UNTIL THE BNP GOT INVOLVED WITH THE ISSUE AND THREATENED TO EXPOSE IT IN PUBLIC - and now the police and media are doing their best to hide the fact that this racist campaign of rape was targeted at white children…

For those white people who have to live in such 'enriched' areas then it appears that, when they are raped and attacked, THE ROLE OF THE POLICE AND MEDIA IS TO REASSURE THE CRIMINALS AND KEEP THE IDENTITIES OF THE VICTIMS QUIET - and therefore ensure that white parents are not able to protect their children.

Nothing on the BBC, the newspapers and the rest of the politically correct media outlets… Apparently these white children were also abused online in front of webcams whilst other men who watched would ask the men abusing the children to commit specific sex attacks upon them… so the real numbers of those involved will include many, many more people who were complicit in the crimes via their computers - but I DOUBT THAT THESE SORT OF DETAILS WILL BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC."
It’s not just happening here, ladies and gents, it’s happening everywhere, as you can see by the Swedish report.

And, just as it is here, it is being covered up for the most part. And not just by the government, by the media as well.

Whose side is the BNP on here? They appear to be on the side of the little white girls who are being systematically 'groomed,' raped and exploited by the non-native. They are, pretty obviously, NOT on the side of the paedophiles and they are not on the side of the political and media establishment who have, jointly, done everything in their power to keep these matters from the British public.

Whose side are the politicians on here? Whose side is the media on? Are they on the side of Rotherham’s children? Or are they on the side of the paedophiles who rape them?

These matters are not new to the police or the victims. Asian-upon-white paedophilia has been going on for some considerable time now in this country. On 22 August 2003, Channel 4 reported thus:

"Channel 4 News has uncovered details of an 18 month police and social services investigation into allegations that young men are targeting under-age girls for sex, drugs and prostitution in the West Yorkshire town of Keighley. But what's explosive about the allegations is that ALL THE YOUNG MEN ARE ASIAN, AND ALL THE GIRLS ARE WHITE…

Supt Mark Whyman of the West Yorkshire Police said: 'Early last year we received a variety of reports that YOUNG ASIAN MEN… WERE TARGETING YOUNG VULNERABLE SCHOOL GIRLS FOR SEX AND WERE ACTUALLY LEADING TO PROSTITUTION IN SOME CASES... The police investigation - which lasted a year and a half, has lead to just one prosecution for a serious sexual offence, a rape...

According to the two mothers we've spoken to sometimes this goes far beyond consensual sex within relationships. Both say THEIR DAUGHTERS HAVE BEEN GANG RAPED, ONE AT THE AGE OF 13'...

Kath Tunstall of Bradford Social Services said: 'As far as the police and social services are concerned this is a child protection MATTER THEY SAY RACE IS NOT AN ISSUE. Yet... most schoolgirls in the town will tell you that CARS FULL OF ASIAN MEN WAITING AT THE SCHOOL GATES HAVE BECOME JUST ANOTHER FACT OF SCHOOL LIFE...

This is a problem of young men exploiting young girls. REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE MINORITY BACKGROUND IS... This is a child protection issue that we are all working together to tackle'."
Do you get this? 'Race is not an issue' to the policeman and social worker. Especially not when immigrant paedophiles are targeting our little girls. Mandy, the mother of one of the young girls featured in the programme said:

"At the age of 13 she was regularly taken to Bradford to a flat. AT THIS FLAT SHE WAS INTRODUCED TO ES TO SPEED AND GHB. On 5 occasions I had a phone call in the middle of the night. 'I'm on a street corner mum I don't know where I am. I don't feel too well tonight.'


On the fourth or fifth time of them going cruising and having a drink, HER AND A FRIEND WERE TAKEN TO A FLAT, THE FLAT DOOR'S LOCKED, SAT DOWN DRINKING, THE DRINK IS SPICED WITH GHB. ALL 4 MEN, MY DAUGHTER IS TAKEN BY ALL FOUR MEN IN TURN. Her whole body was shaking and she couldn't stop shaking from the effects of the drugs that she were given. My daughter said: 'You know what will happen mum, IF WE GO TO THE POLICE, YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN' And I do know because I'VE HAD ASIAN MEN ON THE PHONE TO ME SAYING THAT IF I SEND POLICE TO THEIR HOUSE ONE MORE TIME THEN THEY WILL PETROL BOMB MY HOUSE."
Facts of life English life in 2003. Are there any MPs out there who truly believe that things are any better now? Any member of the PC Crowd feel the same way? Why would things be any better for the young girls of Keighley, Bradford, Rotherham et al when you’re still in the business of covering this stuff up? A Channel 4 spokesperson said:

"Sixteen per cent of the Yorkshire town's 70,000 population is Asian. And the allegation is that what is happening here in Keighley is that Asian men are seducing young white girls... We've spoken to two mothers whose daughters became involved with these men… THEY BELIEVE THE MEN ARE DELIBERATELY TARGETING IMPRESSIONABLE GIRLS SOME AS YOUNG AS 11 AND 12…

The mothers have given police a list of 57 Asian men who their daughters say are involved... In the police investigation ALL THE MEN THE GIRLS WERE NAMING WERE ASIAN MEN…

Is there some reason, a cultural reason maybe, why Asian men would seek out girls in this way?"
Oh yes, there is a cultural reason. Your average Asian just loves to take the p*** out of the English. Our customs, our laws, our sense of morality, our culture and our community are all fair game to Abdul. He can behave precisely as he wishes because our own politicians have, over the years, condemned, marginalised and then criminalised those within the indigenous population who would take the fight to such reprehensible creatures as the Keighley paedophile.

I think whoever is playing the pervert with pre-pubescent British girls on a regular basis should be sorted out and then sent back to country that made them what they are. Along with their parents, their aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, best friends and everyone else who ever played a part in covering up the mass rape of little girls in this country.

Which means that every MP in Westminster would have to be deported too. No great loss there, then.

Anyway, on 22 August 2003, Channel 4 informed us that Asian perverts were picking up English girls as young as eleven in Keighley, taking them home and introducing them to alcohol, drugs and sex. C4 suggested that the girls often found themselves addicted and were likely to become involved in prostitution. We were also told that their mothers were threatened when they complained and that the police felt powerless to intervene.

This is what Ann Cryer, Keighley's MP, had to say about it:

"I believe there is A VERY STRONG CULTURAL REASON, it's nothing to do with the religion, let's make it quite clear, IT'S TO DO WITH THE ASIAN CULTURE, which wants these young men to marry these very young girls from their village, usually in Mayapore, and as with any other young men, they are seeking relationships elsewhere, and the sophisticated white woman wouldn't have anything to do with them because they understand that, at the end of the day, THEY ARE JUST SEEKING SEX not genuine relationships and therefore THE ONLY OUTLET LEFT TO THEM IS TO LOOK FOR VERY YOUNG GIRLS THROUGH THIS ORGANISED SEX RING that we are seeing in Keighley."
What do you think of that? Are you appreciative of the excuses the MP for Keighley made for 'Asian culture,' the 'young men' of the Asian culture and 'an organised sex ring' housed within the Asian culture? I mean, poor Mohammed and Mustapha, 'the only outlet left to them is to look for very young girls.' Did Cryer really expect us to sympathise? She went on to say:

"I tried hard to get the local community to deal with the problem, but all I got was a slap in the face... I have been told that I have brought the Myrapore community into disrepute... I'm not doing it... In Keighley, the view is don't talk about things to do with Asians. I'M NOT AFTER THESE YOUNG LADS GOING TO PRISON."
Why on earth not, for goodness sake? They are paedophiles and rapists! Cryer was curiously truthful when she added:

On 26 August 2004, This is Bradford reported thus:

"The disturbing documentary, Edge Of The City, which depicts THE SEXUAL GROOMING OF GIRLS AS YOUNG AS 11 IN KEIGHLEY, has shocked not only veteran police and social workers but also the programme-makers. Two years ago police and social services launched an in-depth probe into THE SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AND ABUSE OF YOUNG GIRLS IN THE TOWN BY GROUPS OF OVERWHELMINGLY-ASIAN MEN.

Many of those involved were astonished by the extent of the practice. One social services office was dealing with 70 separate complaints. ONE 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL HAD HAD MORE THAN 100 SEXUAL PARTNERS...

Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph & Argus, Bradford's director of social services Alison O'Sullivan... said what was happening in Keighley WAS TYPICAL OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING ELSEWHERE IN THE COUNTRY…

Ms O'Sullivan said there were about 250 children on the child-protection register in the Bradford area, which she said was 'about average for a city of this size'…

Another key figure in unmasking the predatory groups of men in Keighley is the town's MP Ann Cryer who began examining the issue of abuse more than two years ago. 'It wasn't an easy subject to approach,' she said. 'It could give a way of attacking the Asian community. But I was horrified. PEOPLE SAID THIS HAD BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS'."
And you didn't know about it, Ms Cryer? That's incompetence. Or did you not want to know? That's treason. Cryer added:

"My hope is that THIS ADVERSE PUBLICITY WILL EMBARRASS THESE YOUNG MEN INTO MORE APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR… The Asian community, particularly the women, could get involved and persuade the young men of the error of their ways."
So, in 2003, Keighley’s MP hoped that 'adverse publicity will embarrass these young men into more appropriate behaviour.' Wow! I bet that put the wind up your average Asian paedophile! I bet that made him hide under his bed in fear and trembling! Ann Cryer reckoned we should embarrass the naughty Asians into not raping 11 year-old English girls!

What do you think, Mr England? Did it work?

On 27 August 2004, the BBC reported thus:

"A documentary which police feared could incite racial violence was broadcast by Channel 4 on Thursday. Edge of the City was originally due to be aired on 20 May, but was withdrawn hours before transmission. It featured claims that Asian men in Bradford groomed white girls as young as 11 for sex and drug abuse...

The documentary was initially postponed on the advice of West Yorkshire Police, who said THEY WERE CONCERNED IT COULD LEAD TO INTER-RACIAL VIOLENCE IN THE CITY...

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said there was 'NEVER AN ISSUE OF CENSORSHIP'. He added: 'West Yorkshire Police had concerns regarding the timing of the broadcast in relation to a number of factors, INCLUDING THE EUROPEAN AND LOCAL ELECTIONS’… It is alleged the girls are showered with gifts then given heroin or crack cocaine. Some are allegedly subjected to rape."
'Never an issue of censorship?' Right.

'They were concerned it could lead to inter-racial violence in the city'? Right. Let the Asian paedophile drug, rape and prostitute English girls as young as 11 because, if you don’t, there might be a riot. And the treachery of the politicians and the police themselves would be exposed.

What do you think? Was this a fair trade-off? Allow our young girls to be treated this way in return for not provoking a hundred thousand Mr Englands to wreak bloody revenge on the animals who were doing this to their daughters?

"West Yorkshire Police had concerns regarding the timing of the broadcast in relation to... the European and local elections."
Right. Some would call it vote-rigging. Some would call it fixing the result. I would call it TREASON. What would you call it, Mr England?

On 25 August 2004, The Bradford Telegraph & Argus broadcast the thoughts of Ginny Wilkinson of Barnardos.

Barnardos had been working to curb sexual abuse in Bradford for a decade. Ginny said that the organisation was dealing with 100 girls in the district every year.

"We are talking ABOUT MANY, MANY SCORES OF ADULT MALES FEELING THEY CAN DO THIS TO 13 AND 14-YEAR-OLD GIRLS… I was shocked that this was happening in Britain. Personally, I was horrified at the level of abuse that was going on.

I felt the desperation the mothers felt… THE ABUSE WAS VERY BLATANT AND IT SHOCKED ME THAT IT COULD BE SO OVERT. It's a very, very difficult concept to try to describe to people. It's not about girls who are standing on street corners. The Telegraph & Argus added:

"Ms Hall said she had requested permission from Keighley police to film the investigation but THEY DECLINED... She believed THE LEVEL OF ABUSE WAS EVEN HIGHER THAN THE FIGURES SHOWED, ALTHOUGH KEIGHLEY WAS NO WORSE THAN ANYWHERE ELSE. 'IT'S GOING ON EVERYWHERE,' she said. Ms Hall said it was IMPORTANT TO IDENTIFY WHY FEW CASES CAME TO COURT."
Politically correct, Marxist genocide, Ms Hall, that’s your answer. The destruction of the English by those elected to serve them and their immigrant footsoldiers. That'd just about cover it.

On 28 May 2004, Lester Holloway wrote this at the web site of Black Information Link:


The portrayal of Muslim Asian men as child abusers and paedophiles outraged community leaders, some who feared it would become a 'recruiting sergeant' for the BNP…

Unite Against Fascism are organising protests outside the BBC's West London Television Centre, and BBC offices in Cardiff and Manchester in protest at the Beeb's decision to show the BNP's propaganda."
So, the membership of Unite Against Fascism was not concerned to protest on behalf of the little girls of Keighley. They were only concerned, in precisely the same way that the politicians and the police were concerned, that 'the BNP's propaganda' (the truth) was being allowed out into the general domain. Where Joe Public might get to know about it.

Nice guys, huh?

West Yorkshire Chief Constable, Colin Cramphorn, ensured that Edge of the City was not shown. As he believed it might provoke 'a risk to community safety. Bit late for that Cramphorn, old sport. The under-age white girls of the 'community' were being forced into sex and prostitution. Nothing safe about that. They and the white mothers of the 'community' were being threatened with violence and death if they spoke out. Nothing safe about that either.

Thing is, when self-serving careerists like you allow such a dreadful situation to arise in the first place, there is only thing that will stop it. The 'community' of young Asians responsible for the "grooming" and the threats of violence should have been put at 'risk' themselves. If the sh** had been kicked out of them as soon as they were found out, do you think they would have been likely to carry on behaving as they did?

And you thought it best to prevent such reasonable retribution. For the sake of the young Asian male and the wider Asian community, one presumes. Not for the sake of the under-age white girls of Keighley. Or their parents. Or the indigenous community from whence they came.

Tell us the old, old story, Cramphorn. Whilst you’re at it, you might just tell it to the children, the parents and the indigenous community of Rotherham five years down the line.

I have a question for you, ladies and gentlemen. If the Södertälje, Keighley and Rotherham paedophiles had been native, white folk, don't you think the politicians and the press would have made more of it than they did? Don't you think the mainstream media would have told us about it? Over and over again?

If your answer to this last question is 'no,' carry on voting as you always have. It will not be you who makes this land safe for our children.

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