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Murder and Mayhem in Britain: 2012

What follows is, for the most part, a snapshot of some of the violent crime that either occurred in Britain or was resolved here (verdict passed) in 2012.

Specifically, the snapshot focuses upon the murderous criminality that has arisen in our country as a direct result of the immigration policies pursued in recent times, against the express wishes of the British people, by the political establishment.

Before we begin, let's just have a look at how it was here before the politicians began their mad dash for diversity and enrichment.

In a 1944 essay titled 'The English People', George Orwell wrote with affection of the ‘gentle-mannered, undemonstrative, law-abiding English’.

He said that foreigners were amazed by our ‘gentleness… by the orderly behaviour of English crowds, the lack of pushing and quarrelling’. he also said that there was ‘very little crime or violence.’

Despite the war, that’s how our world was in 1944.

In 1955, the anthropologist, Geoffrey Gorer, was moved to say this:

"The English are certainly among the most peaceful, gentle, courteous and orderly populations that the civilised world has ever seen."
That’s how it was then. That's what we had before the politicians and the social engineers, those who knew so much better and saw so much further than the rest of us, decided to change it all.

By 2009, Frank Field, a uniquely honest Labour politician, was admitting to this:

"In my constituency… there are now more violent crimes against the person than there were in the whole country 50 years ago."
Here's how Nathaniel Okusanya, who, along with Nelson Idiabeta, chased, caught and murdered a completely innocent 17-year-old sixth form student, described the way things are after his arrest:

On the same day that Idiabeta and Okusanya were sentenced to 19 and 20 years respectively, Tony Blair said this at a press conference in Westminster:
"Immigration has been good for Britain."
Immigration has been good for those who are at war with the British people. It has, perhaps, also been good for the immigrant who doesn't have to endure the attentions of savages like Idiabeta and Okusanya.

But for us immigration has been hell. And the Tony Blairs know it.

Check out what the new Briton thinks of us now.

Anyway, here we are. This is what half a century of immigrant-first, indigenous-last parliamentary and media treachery has given us. This is what those we vote for have, in their wisdom, decided we must have.

On 17 July 2012, 18-year-old Reece Ludlow was jailed for a minimum of 17 year for the murder of 35-year-old mother-of-three, Louisa Brannan at his flat in Sutton, south London.

On 14 March 2011 he smashed her over the head with a frying pan and stabbed her 25 times.

That evening, Louisa met him Ludlow a pub, they got chatting and went back to his flat together.

On 17 July 2012, The Daily Mail reported thus:
"Once they were back at the flat there was some kind of sexual contact between them,’ said Adrian Darbishire, prosecuting. 'Not long after that she was subjected to a brutal attack that led, after some hours, to her death in the flat.’

Miss Pronsan (his former girlfriend, Fon, who had recently dumped him) said Ludlow was ‘cold and evil’, after he phoned her and said: ‘Baby, I’ve done something really bad'...

He told her he had stabbed the victim, adding: ‘She’s in the kitchen and there’s blood everywhere.’

Mr Darbishire said: ‘Speaking from the flat, he began to describe what he had done. She could be heard crying for help, literally begging for her life. Nothing was done to help her.’

Ludlow later rang his ex-girlfriend again to tell Miss Pronsan she was dead. He told her: ‘Come and help me, you will make it better, just come and see me, I only want to be with you, that’s all I want.’

Ludlow then called his mother, who alerted the police.

When officers arrived at the flat in the early hours of March 14 last year they were confronted by a bloodbath. The kitchen and bedroom doors were covered in blood and Miss Brannan’s naked body was discovered in the bathroom.

A serrated knife and a frying pan covered in hair and blood were found in the kitchen, while another knife was found on the floor.

After a five-day manhunt, Ludlow, now 20, was arrested on March 19, after he fell out of a train at Victoria Station and injured his head...

Ms Brannan’s eldest daughter suffered a stroke after hearing of her mother’s murder and was confined to a wheelchair for some time, but struggled on crutches to give a tribute at the funeral...

In a victim impact statement read to the court, her mother Anita Brannan said:

'Louisa was a kind, generous and loving person who always saw the best in everyone. She was friendly but also very fragile and vulnerable. She never gave up trying to be a better person and we all wanted so much to see her happy.

Before her death it seemed she was finally in a good place'...

She said that after her other daughter had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, the family had gathered in good spirits to celebrate Kayleigh's wedding.

'It was shortly after this that Louisa was taken,' she added. 'The pain and suffering has ripped the family apart.'

Ms Brannan had been living in Doncaster but had moved in with her father in Mitcham so she could support her sister through her illness.

Kayleigh, 22, died of cancer in August last year, blaming herself for her sister being in the area the night she was murdered.

'Sometimes we try to shut it off, but it is always there in the background,' said Mrs Brannan.

'We will never understand why our family has been put through this and why she was taken from us.

Every minute of every day we have to face the horrific, lonely and painful way in which Louisa faced her last hours. It will be with us for the rest of our lives. We miss her so much'."
Sentencing Ludlow, Judge Nicholas Hilliard said:

"Your victim Louisa Brannan has had her own difficulties in life. Her sister Kayleigh learned of her murder whilst herself dying of cancer. She was 35 years old when it was her misfortune to meet you.
I am satisfied that you became frustrated and angry when you did not receive the comfort from Miss Brannan that you sought,' he said, as more than a dozen members of the victim's family packed the public gallery.

Louisa Brannan paid a terrible price for those emotions of yours which, you chose on that night, not to limit or control. Your victim was naked, defenceless and in unfamiliar surroundings when you subjected her to a sustained and brutal attack.

She did not, as you know, die straight away. Instead over several hours, about five, she was at your mercy in that flat, naked and dying. She must have been terrified and you showed her no mercy. Your response was not to seek proper help for her, but after a while telephone Miss Pronsan.

She was heard to scream and ask for help and you were heard to abuse her and tell her to get up. You had several hours to show her one ounce of compassion and you chose not to. You are extremely dangerous when thwarted...

You had a number of hours to show her some compassion and you chose not to. You are extremely dangerous when thwarted."
Speaking after the sentence, Detective Inspector Dave Reid said:
"Reece Ludlow not only attacked Louisa Brannan in the most vicious and violent manner but he failed to call an ambulance and instead spent hours speaking on the telephone. He did not account for his actions during his police interviews and has never properly explained why he inflicted such a fate on Ms Brannan."
In March 2013, it was discovered that prison authorities had allowed Ludlow access to a picture of Louisa.

He had been showing this to his fellow inmates and boasting about what he had done to her.

On 13 July 2012, Matthew Quesada was convicted of the murder of 63-year-old Alan Smith and jailed for 26 years.

On 26 March 2011, Alan and his partner, Denise, were waiting for his daughter, Estelle, and son-in-law, Mark, to arrive at the BB Cafe in Leyton when Quesada entered with his daughter. She was crying and, when this didn’t stop, Alan asked if everything was alright. Quesada replied:
“What’s it to you? What’s it got to f***ing do with you?”
Shocked by Quesada’s outburst, Alan and Denise decided to leave. As Mark and Estelle arrived and Alan told them they would be eating elsewhere, Quesada was seen making a phone call. He was overheard saying, 'I need a piece' as he stood there glaring at Alan.

As they left the cafe Quesada yelled:
“You see. You? I'll see you.”
As the party moved on to the nearby Roma Café, Quesada took his daughter home, left her with his girlfriend Maria Brigette, and armed himself with a knife.

Prosecutor Roger Smart said:
“Matthew Quesada entered the cafe soon after the deceased and his family had sat down inside and, without a word, launched into a deadly attack upon Alan Smith - stabbing him to the head, and crucially, to the body. During this frenzied and wordless attack, Quesada stabbed Mr Smith at least five times.”
As Estelle tried to put herself between her father and Quesada, Mark picked up a chair and hit him but the damage was already done. Alan died in hospital later that afternoon.

Just four minutes had elapsed between Quesada phoning for a ’piece’ and the fatal stabbing.

Denise said later:
“Blood was just pouring and Alan’s head was bleeding, there was blood all over the floor. The worst thing was that, when he left, he didn’t just go running - he stood at the door looking, with a smug look on his face.”
Following the attack, Quesada burned his clothes and got his mother to shave off his Afro-style hair and research flights at an internet cafe.

He was arrested the following day in the passenger seat of his mother’s car. He had his passport, a change of clothes and a list of flights to Sao Paulo with him.

Victoria Passley-Quesada was accused of hiding her son from the police, looking up flights, and helping him in his bid to escape.

She was found not guilty.

Maria Brigette, who had kept Quesada updated on the whereabouts of police in the area, was found guilty of assisting an offender.

She received a nine-month jail sentence suspended for two years.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Steve Meechan said outside court:

"Alan Smith was a well-meaning man who simply wanted to inquire about a distressed child. He paid for his concerns with his life.
Not happy with verbally abusing Mr Smith, Quesada went on to carry out a frenzied and unprovoked attack on a defenceless man. His actions have left a family grieving for a loving father who had simply left his home for a meal."
Addressing, Quesada, Judge Peter Rook QC said:
“Your totally unprovoked attack was carried out in front of his long-term partner, son-in-law, and daughter, as well as customers and staff. Mr Smith did no more than get up and ask if the child was all right. Your reaction was wholly unexpected and wholly out of proportion.

You carried out a frenzied attack, lunging at him four or five times. He had no chance to take any avoiding action, and nor did anybody else present have any chance to prevent the lethal attack…

His partner, family, and friends have suffered a most terrible loss, and their lives will never be the same again. The toll upon his family has been, and will carry on being, massive.”
Quesada’s uncle, the boxer Patrick Passley, said Quesada had once slashed his chest with a kitchen knife in front of his partner and young child. He said he ‘bottled out’ of calling police because he feared his nephew would be sectioned.

After his arrest, Quesada, who tried to pretend he was mentally ill to escape responsibility, told psychiatrists he thought Alan was a paedophile.

Patrick Upward QC, said his client had been abused as a child and over-reacted when Alan intervened.

So that’s alright then.

63-year-old white chap showing concern for a crying child = paedophile deserving of death. If you were abused as a child.

And black.

Remember all the positively encouraging Lib Dem and New Labour PC buzz words, ladies and gentlemen? Diversity? Enrichment? Cohesion? Inclusion? Which of these would apply to Matthew Quesada, would you say?

I wonder, if Tony Blair, Harriet Harman, Jack Straw, David Blunkett and all of the other great traitors who thought it would be fun to ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’ by inviting in more than three million foreigners during their time in power, had to dine alongside Quesada and his crying child for a week or so, do you think they might behave differently?

I think they would. As monstrous as the aforementioned politicians are, I think even they might find themselves offering the odd word of terminal sympathy.

On 9 March 2012, 17-year-old Kimberely Frank was murdered at Kimberly's home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Afghan asylum seeker, Ahmad Otak, forced his former girlfriend, Elisa Frank, to watch as he stabbed her sister 15 times.

After Kimberley was dead, he licked the murder weapon and spat on her body. He then instructed Elisa to text her friend, 18-year-old Samantha Sykes.

Samantha had previously reported the illegal immigrant to the UK Border Agency and had contacted police when Otak threatened Elisa with a knife and told her that if she screamed he would sew her mouth shut.

No action was taken.

When Samantha arrived at the flat, Otak stabbed her thirty two times and slit her throat.

All of this was done because Elisa had finished with him and refused to take him back despite threats to throw acid in her face and petrol bomb her mother's house.

He also told her that he had prepared a 'kill list' of 12 people he believed were trying to split them up.

After killing Samantha and Kimberley Otak abducted his ex-girlfriend using Samantha's car to drive to Dover hoping to escape to France.

After he was arrested he told the police Elisa had planned the killings, adding:

"She forced me to do this thing. She said 'kill my sister and friend'."
Prosecutor Richard Mansell QC told the court:
"He said that even if she didn't marry him she could not leave him. He told her that he would go crazy and would kill people... He told her that if she stayed with him she would be saving lives."
Jailing Otak for 34 years, Mr.Justice Coulson said Otak was an 'inadequate, controlling man' who, 'out of childish jealousy and vicious spite, murdered two women in cold blood'.

On 9 November 2012, The Wakefield Express told us this:
"Otak, an Afghani national had applied for asylum back in 2007 and was placed in a children’s home in Kinsley, telling the authorities he was just 16. During his time in the care home he met Kimberley’s older sister Elisa...

He had told her he was 20 when he had arrived here from Afghanistan. Leeds Crown Court heard he lied about his age thinking he stood more of a chance of being granted asylum if he was a youth rather than an adult."
Julie Sykes, Samantha's mother added:
"Wakefield Children’s Social Care failed our daughter by not providing the appropriate level of protection and support for Kimberley and her sister. Had appropriate levels of protection and support been in place we believe that both Kimberley and Samantha might still be alive today.

Their murderer had previously entered this country claiming to be a child where he was subsequently placed with some of society’s most vulnerable children. Both Samantha and Kimberley believed him to be 26 years-of-age...

Although the tragic outcome of this case is unusual, sadly the failure of services to adequately look after children within the care system is not. Unfortunately most of the tragic life stories of children who have been subject to the care system go unheard...

Since our beautiful daughter was taken from us our lives have been shattered. The immense pain that we feel is at times unbearable. As a mother I no longer feel whole."
Imagine that, not only do those we vote for set up our most vulnerable little girls for a life of sexual abasement with the Muslim paedophile, they have them sharing the same accomodation with Afghan asylum seekers in their twenties who pretend to be much younger!

Afghan asylum seekers who then go on to murder them.

Tell me something, ladies and gentlemen: why are you still voting for those who did this to Samantha and Kimberley? Why are you still voting for those who will carry on bringing in the Ahmed Otaks until they're aren't any more beautiful young English girls left for them to kill?

On 7 August 2012, Junior Saleem Oakes cadged a lift in a taxi with his 22-year-old former girlfriend, Natasha Trevis.

Without warning, he began to attack the mother of his three children. When he was done, Natasha had been stabbed 26 times in the head, face, neck, chest, back and legs.

Five days before her death, a social worker had told him that Natasha had terminated their fourth child.

Upon arrest Oakes claimed she had stabbed herself (26 times) with her own knife. Which, one supposes, is the kind of thing an illiterate of immigrant origin with a history of domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse might say.

You know, the kind of thing one of the many lovely, fluffy 'diverse' types shipped over in recent times by those who knew so much better than us, might determine would help him get away with murder?

Oh yes, the man who stabbed the mother of his children twenty six times is definitely the type our vulnerable young girls are being instructed to 'cohere with' and be 'enriched by' alright.

Natasha’s mother, Joanne Hewitt, said this after Oakes was found guilty:
"Tasha was my diamond, the star of my life... When he killed her, he killed me."
Those who imported him killed you both as well, Joanne. Never forget that.

On 2 January 2012, 20-year-old Kirsty Treloar was stabbed 29 times by her boyfriend, Myles Williams, just three weeks after she gave birth to their baby.

The previous day Wlliams had sent her a text containing the following resolution:
"Okay wer all gud now and my new yrs ressy is that i aint going to hit u again and i won't hit u 4 this yr next yr the yr after that the next yr after that."
After which he added the following ominous warning:

"But I wont u to swear on (daughter's) life u wont piss me off and do things to make me angry love you 4 eva."

Judge Nicholas Cooke told him:
"Beyond a shadow of doubt, you represent an exceptional danger to any future female partners...

Exceptionally, this was a fatal attack in the presence of a 26-day-old child... That baby was left covered in blood, probably her mother's - a terrible thing."
The morning after sending his text, Kirsty replied Williams saying she did not want to see him. Thereafeter, he broke into her family home and launched the murderous attack.

In a recording of a 999 call Kirsty made to the police just before Williams smashed down her bedroom door, she can be heard screaming:
"Myles, please don't."
When her brother Dean and sister Gemma tried to intervene they, too, were stabbed.

Williams dragged Kirsty's body into his car and drove away. Her body would later found behind wheelie bins near to his abandoned car.

The month before Kirsty died, Williams had been charged with threatening behaviour after attacking her. However, he was bailed on condition that he didn't contact her.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Yeats said this after Williams had been sentenced to 28 years in prison:
"This was an appalling and violent attack by an individual with a propensity for violence towards women."
This knowledge didn't stop the powers-that-be giving him bail though, did it, Andy?

On 19 November 2012, 85-year-old partially-sighted widower, Paula Castle, was robbed of her handbag as she returned from the shops in Greenford, Ealing, west London.

She was taken to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington where she passed away in the early hours of the following morning. A post-mortem found she died from head injuries.

Two teenagers, aged 14 and 15, were arrested the following day. The pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were also charged with two counts of robbery related to a separate incident.

A statement issued by the Metropolitan Police at 5.02pm on the day Paula died said this:
"Two male suspects, who are described as black in appearance, approached the victim from behind and stole her handbag. In the process the victim was assaulted and she fell to the pavement."
Elsewhere, the police say she was 'knocked to the ground.'

It doesn't matter, just as we knew those who mugged Paula would be black, we also know the youthful killers won't be found guilty of murder.

The above was written soon after Paula was killed.

On 8 May 2013, Mr Justice Fulford said this to Jiervon Bartlett and Nayed Hoque after they pleaded guilty to Paula Castle's manslaughter.
"Mrs Castle... showed real bravery in dealing with life which is in stark contrast to the cowardly behaviour you have exhibited time and time again. These were cruel offences. I am sure you are both dangerous and pose a very high risk to the public of serious harm." 
He then jailed them both for just six years. This despite the fact that both teenagers had repeatedly been found guilty of serious, violent crimes before killing Paula and, they day after they mugged her, knowing they had left a 'frail' old lady 'bleeding and crying out in pain on the ground', they robbed another female pensioner of £120.

Both youths were being kept in 'secure accommodation' prior to these attacks.

Hoque, who tried to pin the sole blame for Paula's death on Bartlett during the course of the trial, has three convictions for assault, including two violent attacks on his own parents in 2012.

Detective Chief Inspector Russell Taylor said:
"These teenage boys attacked two elderly, vulnerable women for financial gain before spending the proceeds from their crime on trainers and takeaway food. Paula Castles's subsequent death has had a devastating impact on her family and loved ones." 
Paula’s daughter-in-law, Jane, added:
"Six years seems an incredibly short time for what they’ve done. They’ve repeatedly committed crimes, some violent, and they’ve targeted the vulnerable, elderly and disabled. They didn’t have much remorse because they went out and mugged another lady the next day and they knew my mother-in-law was in hospital. The punishment doesn’t coincide with the crime."
Bartlett, who has previous convictions for robbery, burglaries, kidnap and making threats, had attacked his 62-year-old foster father on a previous occasion and took part in a violent burglary in which an autistic person was robbed.

He has never shown any remorse for his actions and, at one point, stormed out of a probation meeting when asked to apologise to Paula's family.

At fifteen, he has already fathered two children.

On 10 September 2011, 20-year-old Melissa Crook and her baby son, Noah, died in a fire at their home in Chatham, Kent.

Melissa’s father, Mark, died in hospital after clinging on to life with burns covering 80 per cent of his body for six days.

On 1 June 2012, Melissa’s estranged husband, Danai Muhammadi, an Iraqi Kurd, and his friend, bouncer Farhud Mahmud, were both convicted of three counts of murder.

Muhammadi's girlfriend of less than a month, Emma Smith, was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter.

Fire investigator Mick Jackson said of Melissa:
"She had clearly made an attempt to rescue the baby, had taken the baby from the cot while trying to get out of the room."
Ian Scott-Lazarus, owner of Andrews Garage where Muhammadi worked, told the court Muhammadi had described the fire to one of his employees the day BEFORE it happened. He said:

"He said that Melissa and Noah had been hurt in a fire and that he was going to go back and finish it off tonight - that's what she told us."
In court, Muhammadi’s colleague, Stephanie Chambers, also said he told her the day before the fire:
"There’s been a fire at my wife’s mum’s house in Kent and the police think I’ve got something to do with it."
When Stephanie asked if he had anything to do with it, she claimed he replied with a smirk and the word ‘maybe.’

Police believe an impending divorce was behind the attack, which was described in court by prosecutor Mark Dennis QC as ‘an act born of a mixture of spite, anger and resentment.’

Amanda Crook, Melissa’s mother, said:
“He’s taken away our whole lives, just because of his greed, and that’s all it was. It was greed. There was no reason to do what he did.”
On 1 June 2012, The Huffington Post reported thus:
“Prosecutors said the arson was a ‘wicked attack’ which had been well planned following the breakdown of the marriage between Iraqi-born Muhammadi and Mrs Crook. Six months earlier, she decided to move out of their home in Coventry after Muhammadi slapped her around the face after she refused to have sex with him one night.

She returned to her parents' home in Chatham with her son, while Muhammadi, of Britannia Street, Coventry, started a relationship with Smith…

Muhammadi travelled from Coventry to Kent with Smith late on September 9, after loading the spray container in the boot of his Renault Megane, and headed to Mahmud's flat in Fernhill Road, Maidstone."
"The couple let themselves into his home and partied while Mahmud finished a shift as a doorman at a local nightclub. Within half an hour of returning home, Mahmud and Muhammadi left in the Megane, leaving Smith behind in the flat.
CCTV images, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and mobile phone cell site recordings helped place their movements over the next 45 minutes.

At 2.03am, the Megane was caught at a Texaco garage in Chatham where more than £15 worth of petrol was poured into two containers, including the garden sprayer.

Minutes later, the fire was set. Petrol was sprayed about four feet into the three-bedroom terraced house through the letterbox before flames ignited at the base of the stairs.

The position of the fire left no means of escape.”
On 1 July 2012, The Daily Mail reported thus:
“A used-car salesman has been found guilty of murdering his estranged wife, their young son and his father-in-law by setting fire to their family home after his marriage collapsed…

Muhammadi told the court he had a good relationship with his estranged wife, but… up to three months before the fire, he told one workmate he wanted to harm his estranged wife, telling them he was going to throw acid in her face to ‘f*** up her life’…

Police initially had no reason to suspect Muhammadi until they visited him at his new home in Coventry and discovered, through automatic number plate recognition technology, that he had driven to Kent and back around the time of the fire.

Mobile phone records later revealed that, in an effort to eliminate himself from suspicion, Muhammadi texted Mrs Crook at around 11am that morning. He wrote: 'Hi mel, hope you both well. Can I book the hotel for 22 September. Let me know please. Love you, mate. Give Noah (a) hug and kiss from me. X'." 
"After police discovered he had travelled to Kent, Muhammadi… was arrested and during a search of his home, a post-code for a property in Maidstone was found on a scrap of paper.
This led officers to Mahmud and in the bath of his flat officers found the plant sprayer used to start the fire.”
Muhammadi was jailed for thirty eight years, Mahmud for thirty four and Smith for fourteen.

On 16 October 2011, the body of 33-year-old Detective Constable Heather Cooper was found in a shallow grave in Blackdown Forest, Sussex.

The mother-of-two had been battered with a baseball bat and stabbed in the throat the previous day.

On 26 June 2012, Heather's former partner, South African immigrant Peter Foster, was found guilty of her murder and sentenced to 17 years in prison.

On the same day The Daily Mail reported thus:

"Peter Foster, 36, bludgeoned police constable Heather Cooper and then stabbed her in the throat just weeks after she had given birth. He then drove her body to a wood and buried the 33-year-old in a shallow grave before sending a series of texts from her mobile phone to try to create an alibi.
When he was eventually arrested for the murder, described by a judge as ‘wicked, savage and senseless’, Foster led officers to her body but insisted he had acted in self-defence.

The former detective constable, who left the Surrey force in disgrace after receiving a suspended jail sentence for drink-driving in 2010, changed his plea to guilty as a result.

Foster was jailed for life and ordered to serve at least 17 years by Judge Richard Brown at Lewes Crown Court who described him as an ‘extremely dangerous individual’.

The court was told how the couple had been to a christening on October 16 when an argument started about a missing baby changing bag. They sat with their backs to each other in the church and left early without attending the reception...

The row continued when the couple returned to their £700,000 home in Haslemere, Surrey. Foster, who was known to have a ‘short fuse’, later claimed Miss Cooper, an ‘exceptional’ officer with Surrey Police, swiped at him with a knife...

He told police that, in self-defence, he hit her once with a baseball bat. She then left the room and he later found her with a knife through her throat. In reality, Miss Cooper had been hit more than ten times with the bat, whilst the stabbing had happened after she was unconscious, post-mortem results revealed.

Foster had, in fact, taken time to clean up the blood-soaked crime scene and taken Miss Cooper’s body to Blackdown Woods, near Lurgashall, West Sussex, where he covered it with bracken...

Foster later contacted Miss Cooper’s mother by text, pretending to be her daughter and reassuring her all was well."
On 20 July 2012, Peter Foster was found hanging in his cell and was pronounced dead at 3.25am.

What do I call that?

A result!

On 15 January 2012, 57-year-old William McKeeney was murdered outside his home in the Pollockshields area of Glasgow.

Annemarie Newlands had been watching out for him from a window of their flat. She told the court that she had seen 'two Asian men 'stamping on something.'

After they left the scene, Annemarie said she saw a dark shape ibn the street. When she went outside to check she found her partner.

"He was very battered and the side of his face was all swollen,' she said.

Jailing Adel Ishaq and Asif Rehman for life, judge Lord Uist told them they must serve a minimum of 16 years before being eligible for parole, adding:

"It is a shocking indictment of the state of our society that an innocent man should be murdered in a public street, outside his own home...
For no reason whatsoever he was set upon in the street by you two... and subjected to a brutal and merciless attack...

Such was the ferocity of the violence employed by you that (Mrs Newlands) thought you were breaking up a piece of furniture in the street.

It is clear to me that the two of you, having earlier taken drink and drugs, were out that night, roaming the streets of Pollokshields looking for trouble."
The judge said Rehman's background report made 'grim reading' (his convictions for violence began when he was just 15).

At the time of the murder he was on bail and serving a community payback order.

Ishaq also had prior convictions for violence.

On 19 May 2012, 25-year-old Luke Fitzpatrick was murdered in Dollis Hill, London.

On 21 May 2012, The Daily Mail told us this:
"A gang of 20 hooded youths stormed a pub after the Champions League final before dragging away a 25-year old man and stabbing him to death in scenes 'like a horror film', friends said today.

'True gent' Luke Fitzpatrick was killed and his father Bernard, who threw himself on top of his son in a desperate attempt to shield him, remains in a critical condition in hospital after being stabbed four times.

The pair were attacked when a gang armed with bats and knives stormed the north London pub after father and son had watched Chelsea win the cup together at on Saturday."
A female friend, who asked not be named, said:
"Luke was one of the nicest guys around, always looking after people, he actually cared about people, a really nice, funny guy. The amount of flowers that are here just shows how loved he was, this has ruined this community. I was there on Saturday and it was like something out of a horror film.

There were about 20 YOUNG, BLACK GUYS ALL WITH THEIR HOODS UP ARMED WITH STICKS AND BATS AND KNIVES. They just ran in the pub and started trying to attack people.

It was really frightening. But it should not have happened to Luke, it shouldn’t have happened to anyone, but he was a complete innocent...

He was just watching the football, but it had nothing to do with the game - Luke was an Arsenal fan...

It was such a good atmosphere in the pub then within a minute it was changed by a minority just looking for trouble.

A couple of them had tried to start an argument with someone in the shop about two hours before this happened, but it was nothing to do with Luke.

Then they rounded all their mates up and stormed the pub."
Luke’s best friend, Ricci Whiteside, said:
"There was an argument in the shop opposite the pub at half-time. Luke wasn’t anything to do with it, but we all heard that something had gone on.

A GROUP OF BLACK GUYS arrived at the door of the pub with bats and knives and they were looking for someone who had been outside the shop earlier...

They got Luke and dragged him outside. They were pulling him up the road. His dad was running after them. But by the time he got to Luke he was already on the floor. Bernie threw himself on top of Luke. He was trying to protect him, but it was too late.”
Tess Fitzpatrick, Bernard’s sister, said:
"The men who came for Luke were like a pack of wolves. My brother ran after them as they were dragging Luke up the street.

He covered him with his body, but they had already stabbed Luke all over."
Michael O’Rourke added:
"There is not one person who would say one bad word about him, he was one of the most loved people here.

He had never done a bad thing in his life but he can’t even go to the pub with his dad and have a pint without getting murdered. Luke was just the nicest guy you could imagine, an absolute gent.

Bad things happen to good people. None of the scum bags who did this could ever live up to our friend. It is heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking."
Bad thngs happen to good people when good people vote for politicians who despise them, Michael. That's been the story since the bad guys substitued elective dictatorship for democracy and the mass media began screwing around with the way most of us think.

Christopher Walters; Ali Abdullah; Mustafa Bereima; Rafael Dejesus; a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old have been charged with offences associated with Luke's death.

Turkish immigrant, Ali Koc, arrived in Britain with his parents in 1993.

When he wasn't in jail, (he was imprisoned on five separate occasions prior to 2010) the long-term unemployed cannabis addict lived with his parents and would spend his days watching television, listening to music and frittering away his benefit money in the betting shop.

A few weeks after the social security system got fed up with providing for him and stopped his benefits, Koc began his campaign of extreme violence.

He chose his victims at random, beating them with lumps of wood before head-butting, punching and kicking them in parks across north London.

Brian Altman, QC, prosecuting, described these attacks as 'violence for violence’s sake.'

On 18 May 2012, Koc was sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of the murders of 57-year-old Victor Parsons and 84-year-old Keith Needell.

He was also found guilty of and five counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The victim impact statement of John Needell, Keith's son, was read to the court. This said:

“I’ve seen the individual in the dock not adding to society but taking money, support and other people’s lives and happiness.
With a disdain for others, his selfish nature was so completely opposite to my father I wonder if he could ever be part of the same species as the rest of humanity...

He is a weak individual who offers nothing positive to anyone, even himself.”
This is what Victor Parsons looked like after Koc had finished with him.

Sentencing him to a minimum of 35 years in prison, Judge Calvert-Smith said:

“You caused widespread fear and anxiety in the local community...
This was a brutal campaign of violence carried out for the sake of showing you could intimidate and hurt other human beings.”
The London Evening Standard tells us that Koc 'showed not a flicker of emotion in the dock.'

Why would an inhuman, immigrant savage show emotion? Sensitivity isn't high on the list of qualities the establishment looks for in a Terminator.

On 29 April 2012, 33-year-old mother-of-three, Samantha Warren, died in a Bradford hospital as a result of injuries inflicted by her boyfriend, Santosh Kumar.

The 18 October 2012 edition of the Bradford Telegraph & Argus told us this:
"Slightly-built Miss Warren, 33, who weighed only eight and a half stone, suffered fatal bleeding on the brain and died in Bradford Royal Infirmary, three days after Kumar attacked the mother-of-three at her home... She also suffered two black eyes, a broken nose, and a fractured rib and finger.

Kumar then prevented her getting medical help until it was too late, even driving her away from the hospital after a porter saw her slumped in the footwell of the car.
 Kumar, of Crosley Wood Road, Bingley, who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Miss Warren but denied her murder, was insecure and jealous and constantly accused her of being unfaithful...
The fatal attack took place after he discovered she had taken her car for an MOT a year earlier to the garage of a completely innocent man he suspected her of having a relationship with...

The relationship was made a nightmare for Miss Warren, a care worker, by Kumar’s persistent domestic abuse. He had been violent on a number of occasions, including an assault in January which left her with a subdural haemorrhage. And he had threatened, in a text message, to break her jaw...

Kumar, a delivery driver, claimed his girlfriend fell face down on the kitchen floor after he slipped while pulling her arm."
As he sentenced 'powerfully built' Kumar to a minimum term of 20 years Judge Durham Hall, told him:
“There is a deal of cruelty and sadism about you. Your utter callousness thereafter, of preventing Samantha Warren from seeking medical attention, is unbelieveable. Had you done so she would, in all probability, have survived...

You killed this woman because she had the temerity to have her car MOTed...

There is no evidence to suggest that this long-suffering poor lady was other than trapped but completely faithful.”
Completely faithful.

Loyalty doesn't seem to amount to very much when one of the New World Order's immigrant pets is 'insecure and jealous', does it?

But then that's par for the course in the Global Village these days.

On 31 March 2012, 25-year-old Chris Isted was murdered outside a public house in Croydon.

Chris was celebrating the fact that he was about to become a father when he was stabbed 14 times by Carlton McKay and died at the scene.

Kevin Millward, Chris' best friend, was also stabbed seven times and his partner, Terri, lost one of the twins she was carrying as a result of stress brought on by his death.

Clancy McKay, whom the court was told had 'learning difficulties' lived in the flat directly above Chris' mother, made a lot of noise and this upset her.

Social services had been contacted and 'mediation meetings' had been arranged but the racket continued and Jane had had to endure it for four, long years.

Clancy was in the Ship that night and he and Chris had words. Clancy then phoned his brother, whereupon, according to the Croydon Guardian:

"Carlton McKay, who was with a friend, pulled his kitchen apart in anger, ripped the oven out of the wall, grabbed a knife and got into a taxi and headed to the pub'...
At about 2am Mr Isted confronted Clancy McKay outside of the pub. Carlton McKay then pulled up outside... He saw Mr Isted punch Clancy, who fell to the floor.

The court heard McKay then launched into a frenzied attack, stabbing Mr Isted a total of 14 times, including seven times in the chest. Mr Millward was also stabbed as he tried to pull Carlton McKay away from his friend.

McKay then jumped into a taxi and drove off, leaving his brother at the scene."
Carlton McKay was, subsequently, jailed for 27 years.

Kevin said this after being released from hospital:
"If someone decides to stab you then bang, that's it. There's nothing you can do... I was hurt everywhere. I was stabbed in my left arm, my side, my stomach. There is quite a bit of pain...

The whole thing was uncalled for. It shouldn't have gone the way it did."
It went the way it did, Kevin, because of the unneighbourliness of the Clancys, the savagery of of the Carltons and the war being waged against us by those who brought them here.

It will carry on going this way until you, me and the Chrises decide we've had enough.

Or, if we do nothing, until we're all gone.

In the early hours of 4 September 2011, 28-year-old Michala Gol and her mother Julie Sahin, 50, were murdered at their home in in Thame, Oxforshire.

On 1 June 2012, Michala's husband, Turkish immigrant, Ensar Gol, who had only been in the country a couple of weeks, was sentenced to 36 years in prison for the murder of his wife and mother-in-law.

On 3 September 2011, Michala asked her friend, 19-year-old Casey Wilson round to the house. As Gol was there she said she might go home early but Michala implored her to stay as she didn't want to be left alone with him.

When Julie got in after work, Michala went to bed and Casey and Julie sat up chatting. After a while, they heard 'strange noises' coming from the bedroom.

Here's what Casey said happened next:
“Julie jumped up and started running up the stairs. Halfway up, she turned to me and said, ‘Come on, Casey!’ It was only then I realised something was wrong. I immediately ran after her...

I saw Ensar crouched over Michala at the end of the bed. It looked like he was punching her. I could see Michala’s arms and legs up in the air. She was desperately trying to protect herself...

I didn’t see a knife. If I had, I don’t think I would have done what I did. Julie tried to get him off Michala and failed, so I grabbed hold of him...

Then all of a sudden I felt a pain in my arm. I felt him punching me in the neck, and I collapsed on the floor. I remember seeing his figure standing over me and continuing to punch me in the neck. On some level I must have realised he had a knife — that I wasn’t being punched but stabbed. I have never been so scared for my life.

I remember struggling to stand up, and staggering down the stairs and out the front door. I thought Ensar was coming after me, so I ran out of the house and just kept running.

I touched my neck and when I looked down, my hands were covered in blood. I honestly thought I was going to die.”
Casey dialled 999 and, when she saw an ambulance pass her on the street, went back to the house. She said:
“I watched as the paramedic worked on Julie before feeling her pulse. I asked if Julie and Michala were all right. He looked at me and just shook his head.”
Casey also said this:
"Ensar was incredibly controlling. She was forever deleting her Facebook account of any details which might make him jealous."
Here's something Gol, himself, said on Facebook shortly before he he killed two English women and tried to kill a third:
"All the English papers will talk of me tomorrow. The crazy wolf Kurdish Turk who covered London in blood."
On 1 June 2012, The Daily Mail said this:

"Ensar Gol, 22, grinned in court again as he was jailed to two life sentences a day after he smirked at being told he would be going to prison for a long time… Gol repeatedly stabbed Michala, his wife of six months, as she lay sleeping in their bed…
Michala's mother Julie Sahin, who was watching television downstairs with a friend, rushed up to find Gol perched over her daughter repeatedly plunging the knife into her neck. As she tried to pull Gol away, she slipped to the floor where she was set upon in a frenzied attack. A post-mortem examination revealed the two women had been stabbed around 70 times.

After murdering the two women Gol scooped up his three-year-old daughter and carried her through the streets, the kitchen knife still in his hand and his jeans splattered with the blood…

As he was led from the dock Gol broke out into a huge grin, laughed and pointed at himself with two fingers, mouthing 'me, me, me'.

The jury previously heard how just hours before the double murder Gol bragged on Facebook that his English bride and her mother 'would be cut'. He had even had sex with another woman before he went on the murderous rampage after he fell out with bride Michala and mother-in-law - who disliked the way that Gol treated her beloved daughter.

During the seven day trial Gol had denied the vicious killings, even callously claiming that it had been Julie who had attacked him, and that he had only acted in self defence.

'I’ve never been scared that much in my life,' unshaven Gol told the jury while giving evidence.”
Michala’s mother married a Turkish man. Perhaps that’s why she found it so easy to fall for such a monstrous brute.

The relentless, otherness-is-better, PC propaganda of the age has a very great deal to answer for.

Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, some day those who imposed the Gols upon us and, once here, nurtured them and promoted them to the point where British women were obliged to prefer them to their own, will answer for the crimes they and their pet footsoldiers commit.

On 31 July 2011, 29-year-old Kerry Smith was stabbed three times in Blackheath High Street, West Midlands.

She died in hospital a little while later.

On 4 April 2012, Kerry's former boyfriend and the father of her child, David Palmer, was sentenced 23 years for her murder. He was on police bail for harassing her at the time.

Sentencing him, Judge John Warner said:
"It is not surprising that she feared that one day you would kill her. It was a fear she expressed in those final days of her life."
The court was told how she had lived in a state of 'abject terror' of Palmer, who was described as 'a man consumed with jealousy, anger and hatred' who would regularly beat her. They were also told about his violent history and how Kerry had called the police numerous times, on one occasion saying:
"I’m totally and utterly scared that David is going to try and kill me."
In March 2010, Palmer received a suspended prison sentence after he attacked her. He had beaten her with a broom handle and then punched her several times, leaving her with a fractured left rib and bruising to her head.

From then until her death, he refused to leave her alone, constantly calling at her mother’s home and making violent threats. Just a few days before her death, Kerry wrote these prophetic words to a friend:
"I’ve been through a violent relationship. He hit me and when I left him and went to live with my mum, he broke into my mum’s house and broke my ribs.
His bail conditions are not to come anywhere near my road and not to contact me in any way. I’m now that terrified that I sleep with my head up against the bedroom door and Samantha in bed with me.  
I really do think that these bail conditions are not going to stop him as that if he’s found not guilty, he will just keep coming. What if he gets into my house and takes mine or my daughters, or both of our lives?...  
I’m going to die and my daughter is going to grow up without a mum. I’ll definitely be dead next time."
Detective Inspector Simon Astle said this:
"David Palmer is a jealous, controlling and violent man. Armed with a knife he went to an area where he knew Kerry would be and stabbed her before running off and leaving her bleeding to death on the pavement.

He intended to kill her and in doing so finally exerted the ultimate control over her."
Yeah. And precious little you lot did to stop him.

Poor, little girl. Let down so badly. So very badly.

This is what you vote for, ladies and gents.

This is it.

On 11 September 2011, 48-year-old Kevin Harrison was on the phone to his wife when he was punched without warning.

Kevin and his son had been celebrating a birthday in Bedford and they had become separated. Patricia, Kevin's wife, who was worried that still wasn't home, phoned him. Kevin, who was a little the worse for wear, told her that he was looking for their 18-year-old son Jack.

She told jury:
"I heard another voice say 'What the f...k are you looking at?' and I heard Kev say 'What do you mean what am I looking at?' He didn’t understand what was happening. I think his phone must have come away from his mouth because the voices seemed to get further away.

By that time, I was screaming down the phone, saying 'Kevin! What’s going on, what’s happening?' Then it went dead. I kept calling him. I didn’t know what to do. I called him back, but it went through to his voicemail."
CCTV played at Ravi Sandhu's trial showed Kevin walking around the town centre looking for Jack and using his mobile phone. Sandhu and his family, who had been celebrating a cousin’s birthday, were standing on the pavement outside a nightclub when Kevin accidentally bumped into one of them.

There was a confrontation, with Sandhu’s group surrounding him threateningly. A policeman intervened and sent them on their way. Kevin walked around the corner, still tallking on his mobile, and was further confronted by the Asians, who were waiting at a bus stop. Without warning, Sandhu lashed out, throwing a single punch.

Kevin fell heavily and suffered the brain injury from which he never recovered.

In the witness box, Sandhu had claimed he had thrown the punch in self defence. This was a lie.

On 3 April 2012, he was sentenced to five years in prison for the manslaughter of Kevin Harrison. Summing up, Judge Richard Foster said:
"What is clear to me is that Kevin Harrison was a 48-year-old harmless man, who was very drunk. He was no threat to anyone apart from perhaps himself... He was not only harmless, but vulnerable."
Afterwards, Detective Sergeant Graham McMillan said:
“Kevin was a much loved family man who had been out for the evening with his friends and his son. He was just trying to get home when he was subject to an unprovoked attack by Ravi Sandhu. Sandhu’s single punch meant Kevin could never go home again...
The Harrison family have suffered, and continue to suffer, in the worst way possible."
Patricia added:
"Kevin was my best friend, he meant the world to me and still lives on in my memory. He was the most caring person I have ever known. He was hard working and he loved his family dearly. We are totally lost without him...

One totally mindless action has totally destroyed our lives and taken an absolutely remarkable person from us. Our lives will never be the same."
Mindless, Patricia? Oh no, those who kill us so easily don't do what they do mindlessly. They inflict themselves upon the 'harmless' and the 'vulnerable' because they can. They do so because, in a society that panders to everything non-native, they know that they have little or no fear of the repercussions.

Sentenced to five, out in two-and-a-half.

Not much for the life of a 'remarkable' English man, is it?

On 20 December 2012 25-year-old Rebecca Sessacar, (née Ward) was stabbed 'dozens of times' and killed at her home in Croydon.

Her 6-year-old daughter, who witnessed Rebecca's murder, was also hurt.

Bulent Sessacar, Rebecca's husband, has since been charged with her murder. He has also been charged with ABH in regard to his daughter's injuries.

Sessacar was taken into custody earlier in December, having physically assaulted his wife. He was subsequently freed on bail, however, and Rebecca died as a result.

Her mother, Sandra, said her son-in-law should never have been released.

“Rebecca and my granddaughter were at risk,” she added.
The risk posed to all of us by the importation and promotion of such folk is welcomed by those we vote for and their owners, Sandra. They are at war with us, you see.

The Sessacars are their footsoldiers. You and your lovely daughter are the enemy.

On 20 April 2012, Natalie Esack was stabbed 11 times in the neck and chest at her hair and beauty salon in Ashford High Street. Kent.

Former police officer, Ivan Esack killed his estranged wife having bought a knife for the purpose in a supermarket moments before.

Afterwards, Esack turned to Natalie’s colleague, 17-year-old Chelsea Ford, and said:

"She deserved it, the bitch."
On 10 January 2013 Esack was found guilty of the murder of his wife and sentenced to a minimum of 28 years in prison. The judge, Charles Byers, said:
"Not only did you take her precious life but in doing so you devastated the lives of so many around her. You had previously made her life a misery, subjecting her to repeated physical and verbal abuse. And yet she never offered you any malice, not of any sort…

You are a controlling man and the only way that you could continue to control her life was to take it from her. You had no other intention that day other than to kill her. This was a calculated, premeditated killing planned to the minute…

I’m particularly concerned that, if you are released by such time as it's considered safe, that anyone who forms a relationship with you may be in danger."
Even the defence counsel was moved to say:
"He has unquestionably a lack of empathy."
On 11 January 2013, The Daily Mail reported thus:
“A bullying former police detective casually browsed for a knife in Sainsbury’s before using it to stab his estranged wife to death…

Esack, 38, had abused his wife for years and was a serial love cheat but was enraged when she left him and met a new boyfriend.

A mountain of evidence showed he had repeatedly threatened murder, telling her she had three choices: ‘Death, death or death.’ Esack also sinisterly intoned: ‘You’re a walking dead woman...tick, tock, tick, tock.’

Yet Esack, an alcoholic, cocaine addict and bisexual serial adulterer, tried to escape justice by claiming he had ‘narcissistic personality disorder’. His lawyers said the former Kent Police officer never had to face up to his failings because his wealthy father showered him with money.

Esack also boasted of Conservative Party links, claiming Home Office minister and local MP Damian Green called him at home. He said he was also courted to become a councillor and had the potential to become Prime Minister.

Former colleagues at Kent Police face searching questions over missed opportunities to act in the months before the murder. Four times, Mrs Esack or her boyfriend Justin Khadaroo, 34, tried to raise the alarm about his rages.

A month before she died, police were told that Esack had strangled his estranged wife until she was unconscious in the hairdressers where he later killed her.

In October 2011, she told officers Esack had threatened to kill her with his shotgun… Esack… had made previous threats to shoot her and her father.
The Mail also told us that:
“Esack was brought up by his English mother while his Trinidadian father, a civil engineer, worked in Abu Dhabi.”
That would be the ‘wealthy father’ who ‘showered him with money.’

Just goes to show, doesn’t it?

Not every absent dad doesn’t contribute.

On 8 June 2012, the bodies of Derek ‘Decker’ Vassell and his former partner, Clare Sly, were found at Clare’s home in Walsall.

He had been shot twice at close range and she once.

On 26 January 2013, The Birmingham Mail reported thus:

“A Midland teaching assistant shot her ex-partner and father of her three children dead before turning the gun on herself, bringing to an end 25 years of physical abuse.
Clare Sly, 39, used a sawn-off double-barrelled gun to kill Derrick Vassell, 43, after he bombarded her with more than 160 ‘sinister and potentially threatening’ text messages from outside her house in Laneside Gardens, Birchills, Walsall, last June.

Miss Sly, who was in the house with eldest son Anthony, now aged 24, had simply ‘given up’ after years of threats and violence from the security guard, Black Country coroner Robin Balmain said yesterday...

Rather than rule that Mr Vassell, who also suffered fatal chest wounds, had been unlawfully killed, as this ‘implied murder or manslaughter’, the coroner said he was ‘shot in the course of a domestic incident’.

Mr Balmain said: 'He seems to me to have been a controlling person and she lived in fear of him. I have to say that I regard the unrelenting barrage of texts that he sent to her over a period of 19 hours to be potentially threatening and somewhat sinister'."
Mr Vassell sent messages to Miss Sly begging for her help with finance for a car, but these soon degenerated into abuse as he told her: ‘Just remember, you’re easy to f**k up'.
Eventually Miss Sly, who only started replying to the messages two hours before the pair died at around 1.30am on June 8, texted: ‘Enough’s enough, no need to bang the door down now.’

Within ten minutes, the pair were dead.”
Investigating police officer Detective Constable Joanne Daish told the inquest:
Vassell's family said:
"Derrick was a much-loved member of the family who will be deeply missed."
Despite the ‘offending history’ and the violence.

The couples’ son, Anthony, said his mother had lost interest in calling the police as ‘nothing happened’ when she tried. He added:
“Dad has always been a violent man and Mum has lived in fear of him for 25 years. ‘The violence started on Mum when she was 13, she was struck in the face for being out with some friends and not him…

I just heard a bang, a deafening bang, I’ve never heard a sound like it. Then she came into the kitchen and I could see that she had a gun in her left hand, and there was a bit of smoke in there. Then she went round to hug me and said ‘I’ve got to do it, I’ve got to do it to myself’ and I said ‘No Mum, no, no, no, no, no.”
Makes you wonder why he didn’t take the gun off her, doesn‘t it? You know, instead of all the 'no, no, no' stuff.

'His Mum had lost interest over the years in calling police, because ‘nothing happened’ when she tried.'

'25 years of physical abuse... Vassell had an offending history dating back to 1981, including a robbery when he was 12, plus wounding, assault and public order offences.

So many traitors, so many Vassels... When we eventually take our country back, the executioners will have their hands full.

'Clare Sly, 39... Eldest son Anthony, now aged 24.'

He impregnated her when she was 13 or 14. And began abusing her around the same time. ('25 years of physical abuse.')

Enrichment, diversity and 'nothing happened when she tried' are euphemisms for genocide.

On 2 December 2011, 18-year-old Danny O'Shea was chased for 300 yards before he was caught and stabbed outside his mother's front door in Canning Town, London.

His throat was slashed and he died at the scene.

A friend said:
"Danny wouldn't hurt a fly, he was completely harmless. His family are devastated."
John MacDonald, detective chief inspector of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, added:
"The people chasing him comprised of a group of black males."
Paul and Andrew Johnson, O'Neil Wareham, Kevin Richards, Ferron Perue, Nugent Rowe, Christopher Nathaniel, Paul Boadi and David Hylton were subsequently charged with murder and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

On 25 June 2012, The Brent and Kilburn Times told us this:

"Christopher Nathaniel, 40, one of the accused, is claimed to have paid £1,500 to fund a revenge attack on a group of youths who robbed his business partner Paul Boadi, 34, of a Blackberry mobile phone.

Nathaniel, who founded the NVA Entertainment group in 2005 and ran the business from his flat in Canary Wharf, brokered a deal last year allowing Chelsea star Ashley Cole to open a branch of US rapper Jay-Z’s 40/40 restaurant and bar chain.

He was also a director of Man United star Rio Ferdinand’s Live The Dream foundation, has worked with anti-knife crime campaigns and has had ‘HIGH-LEVEL’ MEETINGS FORMER PMS TONY BLAIR AND GORDON BROWN."
'Revenge attack,' 'anti-knife crime campaigns,' 'high-level meetings', Christopher Nathaniel, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown.

Anyone out there surprised to find such sentiments and personages chilling together in the same article?

You are? You haven't been paying attention.

In a world where those at the top conspire with those at the bottom to make war upon the innocent, such association is routine.

On 1 January 2012, David and Dorothy Metcalf were both killed when another car ploughed into the back of their Fiat.

On 25 May 2012, The Daily Mail reported thus:
"Failed asylum seeker Eduard Mereohra, 26, was kicked out of the country in 2009 but slipped back in just months later.

On New Year’s Day, still drunk from a party the night before, he ploughed into a car carrying grandparents David and Dorothy Metcalf, killing them both and tearing a loving family apart...

The court was told that Mereohra had even obtained a work permit and national insurance number under his real name...

Outside court the couple’s son Clive said: ‘Mum and Dad were hard-working, honest taxpayers who had planned responsibly for their retirement and should have had 20-plus more years to enjoy together.

While we hold Mereohra responsible for his actions, we feel that our beloved mum and dad would still be alive today if the system had not failed by allowing him to be at liberty in the UK'...

Mereohra arrived in Britain in October 2008, and claimed asylum the following year. His claim was refused and he was removed to Austria, where he had earlier claimed asylum, in December 2009.

But in April 2010 he sneaked back into this country in a lorry driven by a Romanian...

On New Year’s Day, still drunk on beer, whisky and champagne from a party the night before, he took the wheel of his Volvo C70.

Witnesses described him driving at high speed along a dual carriage-way outside Leeds, tailgating and forcing other motorists to swerve out of the way.

He ploughed into the back of the Metcalfs’ Fiat Panda at around 100mph, hurling it 10ft into the air and flipping it end over end.

Mr Metcalf, 68, from Leeds, who was driving, was thrown from the vehicle and died instantly. His 65-year-old wife was found hanging out of a rear window and died later.

Mereohra, who was twice the legal drink drive limit, tried to run away but was restrained by a bystander. Later he tried to blame the incident on Mr Metcalf...

Yesterday at Leeds Crown Court he was sentenced to nine years for causing death by dangerous driving...

Passing sentence, Judge Geoffrey Marson said Mereohra had made a ‘deliberate decision to drive aggressively’ and had used his car like a weapon.
Afterwards Clive Metcalf said:
"We have been told that he is sorry, but we simply cannot accept that as a genuine apology. He chose to come to this country illegally; he chose to drink all night and get behind the wheel of his car; he chose to drive erratically and at extremely high speed, weaving in and out of traffic; he chose to flee the scene of this horrific incident and denied being the driver and refused to be tested for alcohol.

Given those circumstance, we think the only thing he is sorry about is that he was caught."
Yeah. He's a tw*t, alright. Like so many of those whom our government has beckoned in over the years.

Makes you wonder why they keep on doing it, doesn't it? Seeing as how, back in the fifties, we kept on saying, again and again, NO MORE IMMIGRANTS!

They never took any notice then, they're not taking any notice now. They're at war with us, you see. Those we vote for are at war with us.

Your parents were casualties in that war, Clive. Like the rest of the dead Britons in this document. Decent people die when decent people refuse to acknowledge the stone bleeding obvious.

Sorry to put it so crudely, Clive. But that's how it is. How it really is.

It wasn't just Mereohra and a lax immigration system that killed David and Dorothy. Six decades of governmental treachery played its part as well.

On 8 October 2012, 78-year-old businessman, Anthony Power, who founded lingerie firm Panache and built the company into a leading international brand, was attacked in High Hazels Park, in Darnall.

He died in Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire hospital three weeks later.

Anthony had driven to the park to look for his elderly brother because he was concerned for his welfare.

In a statement, Anthony's son, John, his brother Danny and two sisters, said:
“Our mother has lost her loving husband of 53 years...

As always our dad was thinking of his family and not his safety when he went looking for a missing older brother suffering from dementia....

He then defied the odds and fought for three long weeks in intensive care until, surrounded by his family, the severity of his injuries took his life."
Imran Khan was arrested after the attack and remanded in custody charged with attempted murder and robbery.

After Anthony's death, Detective Inspector Martin Tate said:

“We are requesting the Crown Prosecution Service change the charge to murder."

On 16 September 2012, 20-year-old business student and aspiring model, Rebecca Caine, was killed instantly when the car in which she was travelling was in collision with another.

Three others were hurt in the crash.

Wilfred Museka joined the M62 by driving the wrong way along the exit slip road. He ignored no-entry signs and warnings from other motorists and continued to drive the wrong way along the eastbound carriageway until he ploughed into a the Chevrolet Matiz in which Rebecca was travelling.

A blood test taken an hour later revealed that the father of two, who entered the UK in 2000 and immediately claimed political asylum, was more than twice the drink drive limit.

The court heard he had already been convicted of drink driving in 2004, had several other convictions for driving without insurance and speeding and had previously been banned from driving.

After the Zimbabwean immigrant pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, driving with no insurance or valid licence and driving whilst drunk, Judge Adrian Smith jailed him for eight years, saying:
"No sentence can possible reflect the loss of the life of Becky - a young, bright and hugely popular young woman who was about to finish her university education. She had a bright and happy future to look forward to and you have left a huge hole in the lives of her family.”
Senior Investigating Officer, Sergeant Lee Westhead, said:
"I would like to thank the Caine family for the dignity and patience they have shown during this terrible time.

Their daughter was taken from them in a senseless and totally avoidable act by a selfish individual with no respect for other road users. Wilfred Museka thought nothing of consuming so much alcohol that he was over twice the legal limit and then went on to drive the wrong way down a motorway.

It is clear to the investigation team that Rebecca was a wonderful individual who was loved by her family and had so much to offer the world.”
Yet another bnght and beautiful English girl killed by mindless immigrant stupidity and a traitorous political elite, hell-bent on destroying our world.

Truly, they are at war with us.

At around 11.30 on the night of 11 July 2012, 22-year-old former police cadet, Darren Leonard, was tied up, tortured and stabbed at his flat in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

He died in hopsital the following morning.

Police said 'three to four males' were seen running from the area around the time of the attack.

When asked directly if Albanian gangsters were involved, a police spokesman said:
“We’re not going to respond."
On 14 January 2013, The Welwyn Hatfield Times reported thus:
"Defendants Mikel Cela and Amariloo Brami, both 22, deny fatally injuring 24-year-old cannabis and cocaine dealer Mr Leonard... but admit conspiring to rob him.

Prosecutor Michael Speed asserted that Cela, Brami and ('an Albanian national by the name of Mr Zuhri') went to Mr Leonard’s home on July 11, tied him up with cable ties and electrical cable at the feet and hands and stabbed and beat him in a 'sustained' attack, which left him with 'an appalling range of injuries'...

The attackers were said to have taunted and laughed at Mr Leonard during the assault."
On 24 January 2013, Judge Stephen Gullick instructed the jury to find Amariloo Brami not guilty of Darren Leonard's murder, saying:

"There was a lack of evidence against Brami. Presence, even if he went to rob is not enough! Once he goes through the front door, you don’t know what happens.”
So, an Albanian drug dealer, who has is present at the scene when an English lad is being tortured and killed, and has admitted that he was there to rob him, can't be found guilty of murder because there's a chance that he didn't inflict the fatal blows himself?

News to me.

On 2 November 1952, 18-year-old Craig Bentley and a 16-year-old Christopher Craig were seen entering a warehouse illegally. Bentley was subsequently arrested. Whilst he was in police custody, Craig shot Constable Sidney Miles dead.

Bentley was later hanged for this crime, even though he was in handcuffs at the time it was committed.

It would appear that, by 2013, 'joint enterprise,' no longer counts.

On 4 February 2013, Cela got 10 years for the 'manslaughter' of Darren Leonard.

Out in five.

As for an Albanian national by the name of Zuhri, the judiciary and media seem to have forgotten about him.

On 14 June 2012, 57-year-old businessman and father-of-three, Richard Sherratt, was found dead at his flat in Bridgnorth, near Birmingham.

32 separate injuries were found on his body.

The previous evening crack-addicted prostitute, Emma Bate, and her boyfriend, Paramjit Singh, had forced their way into his flat and made off with his wallet, credit cards and a £10,000 watch.

Richard, a former client of Bate, met her just three months before his death. Treating her to expensive jewellery nights in luxury hotels, he lavished thousands of pounds upon her.

However, when she began bombarding him with text messages demanding cash to fund her addiction, Richard decided to terminate their relationship.

He was dead less than a month later.

Peter Grieves-Smith, prosecuting said:
“When she was interviewed by police she said that on June 13 someone she bought drugs from wanted her to pay her debts...

Emma Bate had a boyfriend called Paramjit Singh, like her he was addicted to class A drugs...

Mr Sherratt was asleep and he was awoken by their arrival. It was then that he was robbed, attacked and killed...

There are only two people who are in a position to say what happened within the flat...
Singh has pleaded guilty to murder and she blames him. She claims that when she went to the cash till, Mr Sherratt was uninjured, when she came back, he had been attacked... and sustained injuries which caused his death.
He was struck to the face and punched at least five times and stabbed to the arm. He also had prick marks on his neck. The prosecution say that was done to extract details including his pin number...

She has pleaded guilty to robbery of Mr Sherratt and fraud when his bank cards was used fraudulently...

The prosecution’s case is: Paramjit Singh and Emma Bate are responsible for the murder of Richard Sherratt."
On 31 January 2013, Emma Bate and Paramjit Singh were found guilty of the murder of Richard Sherratt.

After the verdict we got to see the moment they celebrated Richard's passing with a kiss.

There are more than 4million CCTV cameras spying on our every move in the UK today. They are there to keep an eye on US, not the murderers.

However, once in a while, an anti-Satanic victory may be recorded by Big Brother's machine.

Downing all the credit available from the small beer on offer, Big Bro is content to such trivia pass.

On 8 August 2011, 68-year-old Richard Mannington Bowes was trying to put out a fire in a dustbin near his home in Ealing, west London, when he was punched without warning by 17-year-old rioter Darrell Desuze .

He suffered brain damage as a result and died three days later in hospital.

On 17 April 2012, The Telegraph told us this:

“The judge said Desuze ‘played a full part in the violence’ and could be seen on CCTV smashing windows, looting shops, throwing missiles at police and wheeling rubbish bins into the street so they could be set on fire. He said most people were afraid to go out, and those caught up in the violence would have been ‘terrified’…
He said CCTV showed the pensioner moving among the rioters and trying to prevent fires started in the bins from spreading…

Desuze… was caught on camera kicking in the glass doors of a shopping centre before joining a mob that attacked heavily outnumbered police with missiles around Spring Bridge Road.

Wearing sunglasses and a distinctive top saying ‘Robbers and Villains,’ he threw his full weight behind a punch to Mr Bowes's jaw, buckling his legs and knocking him unconscious.

The pensioner fell backwards on to the pavement and his head took the full force of impact on the road… Police were ‘simply unable to reach Mr Bowes for some minutes because of the violence against them’…

Desuze's mother Lavinia was jailed for 18 months for destroying and disposing of the distinctive clothing her son wore on August 8.

The judge said that on August 13 she cut up the clothing and took them at midnight to two litter bins.”
Lavinia DeSuze was just fourteen when she gave birth to a future murderer. She brought him up, like so many others these days, without the feckless father that manufactured him.

Richard’s sister Anne Wilderspin, said:
"Richard was my only brother… When I heard that he had been injured in the Ealing riots, I was hoping that my long-held desire to see and talk to him was being fulfilled… I was completely devastated that I had found my brother and lost him again on the same day…

Darrell Desuze permanently denied me the fulfilment of that longing.”
For killing Richard, Desuze was jailed for just eight years. Perhaps the judge forgot that he kicked in glass windows, looted shops, threw missiles at police and set fire to things as well.

I’d have hanged the savage. That would have been just. That would have been justice. That would have ‘encouraged the others.’ But the bad guys aren’t interested in such things. They want their pet footsoldiers back out on the streets and creating mayhem again as soon as possible.

They’re at war with us, you see. The animals at the top of the tree, who used to say we should have pity on poor immigrants like Desuze’s killer-breeding, criminal mum, are at war with the nice guys at the bottom.

In four years time this murderer will be out here with us once again. He’ll probably walk straight into a well paid mentoring job. Teaching savages just like himself how not to get caught.

I beg your pardon. I should have said, ‘how to go straight.’

On 16 July 2012, the body of 63-year-old Michael Polding was found in his Brighton home.

Michael, an openly gay man who had moved to Brighton from London nine months previously, is thought to have lain undiscovered for up to two months.

Detective Inspector Jon Fanner said:
"When Mr Polding's body was found it was not clear as to what had caused his death. Following the post-mortem it now appears that he suffered a number of injuries which have caused us concern and we have launched this homicide investigation...

We would like to hear from anyone who may have spoken to Mr Polding since 14 May 2012."
South African immigrant, Brandon Victor Pillay, a.k.a. Ricardo Pisano, is wanted in connection with Michael's death. It is thought that he may have lived in London with Michael for up to two years before he moved to Brighton.

Detective Chief Inspector Nick May said that Pillay, who is known to have escaped from a New Zealand prison in August 2001 whilst serving a 15-month sentence for extortion, had portrayed himself as a New Zealander, an Aboriginal Australian and an Italian whilst living in England.

However, although he was 'known' to the authorities and was thought to be an illegal immigrant, as he did not have a criminal record here, he was never apprehended.

Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you know where he is.

Murder in Britain: 2012 (2)


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  2. You do realise that anyone could produce many more accounts of WHITE people committing similar and worse crimes, right?

  3. What "anyone" could NOT do is this: they could not produce an indigenous-on-immigrant summary of crime that was in any way comparable to the reverse.

    Compare like with like and there is no comparison. You will know this. Don't come your disingenuous PC b***ocks here. Here the hidden truths get told.

    The spin and anti-British lies are for you and your pals in the mainstream.