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Murder and Mayhem in Britain: 2012 (2)

On 10 August 2011, the bodies of two 20-year-olds, Alice Adams and Tibor Vass, were found in a flat at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, near Heathrow, west London.

On 12 August, Attila Ban, a Hungarian immigrant who lived in the flat with Tibor, was arrested at the scene. He was charged with murder the next day.

Alice and the two flatmates all worked as receptionists at the hotel and Ban had recently been named 'employee of the month.' After this, he was given a flat in the hotel by his bosses and he convinced Tibor to move in with him.

Ban, who is openly homosexual, was obsessed by his fellow Hungarian and, when he found out that he had been offered a university place back in Hungary, he was mortified.

Alice had been working at the hotel for only three weeks when she and others joined them for drinks on 9 August. Ban, who is known to have taken 'poppers' that night, attacked the sleeping couple in the early hours after everyone else had gone.

Detectives think the sight of Tibor and Alice kissing earlier tipped him over the edge. Alice was stabbed twenty-two times and was left lying like a ‘rag doll’ on the floor.

Tibor was stabbed twice.

Ban, who hid in the base of the divan bed for two days as detectives searched for clues, pretended he had been struck dumb and communicated in sign language after his arrest and he still maintains he can't remember anything. He told the court:
"I accept I killed them", he said. I just can’t remember what happened."
Detectives found him in the bath with Tibor’s body, having slashed his wrist and buttocks. He would later tell the jury that he 'did not want to die alone.’

On 18 July 2012, he was convicted of both murders. A month later he was jailed for life and sentenced to a minimum of 26 years before parole.

Detective Inspector John Finch said:
"Attila Ban's profound obsession for Tibor Vass drove him to commit a disturbing and frenzied attack. Ban manipulated Mr Vass into believing that their friendship was genuine, however he exploited this closeness to kill him and his friend Miss Adams, who was simply caught up in events.

The court has been presented with an overwhelming amount of evidence ensuring Ban's conviction today for his utterly evil actions."
Sarah, Alice's mother, said in a statement:
"My heart is broken. My life will always be tinged with sadness. I miss Alice so much. I would do anything for one more Alice squeezy hug, one more smile…

My daughter Caroline is 19, just a year younger than Alice. They shared all their important experiences in life and planned a future where they would always be there for each other.

Three months after Alice's murder, Caroline was fired from her job and promising career as she lost her confidence and felt she couldn't cope. Alice's murder has changed her view of human nature and she says she doesn't want to live in a world where things like this can happen.

She has nightmares every night, panic attacks and is scared of people she doesn't know. She has a constant nagging fear that someone else she loves is going to die. She has lost her best friend."
Ah yes, Sarah, a great many best friends have been lost in recent times. Huge numbers have nightmares every night and many of these are convinced that someone else they love might die.

It's what they've done with our world. We are at the mercy of people who are different to us. If you criticise them before anything dreadful happens, you're a 'racist'. If you condemn them afterwards you're opportunistic and putting innocents at risk.

And you're still a racist.

What has to be accepted is this: if mass immigration hadn't been tolerated and sometimes encouraged by a traitorous establishment for more than sixty years now, Alice, and many other lovely innocents would still be here.

Sarah added:
"Alice loved and cared for everyone she ever met, friends and strangers alike. It breaks my heart to know that the last thing she knew was hatred and violence."
When the animals at the top of the tree are at war with those at the bottom and in the middle, 'hatred and violence' are the norm.

And broken hearts are standard.

On 24 October 2010, 24-year-old Dwayne Thorley died in hospital after a speeding car driven by a drunken Greek immigrant ran him down.

15 months later, Panagiotis Kotsakis, was finally sentenced for this crime.

On 9 January 2012, The Manchester Evening News reported thus:

“A drink driver killed a pedestrian trying to cross a dual carriageway, then lied to police in a desperate bid to avoid the consequences…

Dwayne Thorley, 24, died at Manchester Royal Infirmary after he was struck by the E250 Mercedes car driven by scientist Panagiotis Kotsakis…

Prosecutors said Greek-born Panagiotis Kotsakis, 34, was speeding at up to 70 mph in a 30 mph zone when the collision occurred. When police smelled drink on his breath, Kotsakis claimed he had just had a small swig from a bottle of vodka. He later admitted it was an utter lie, and that he had been drinking bourbon whiskey at a birthday celebration before the accident.

Although a roadside breath test showed he was twice over the limit, Minshull Street Crown Court heard the driver went on to take a further NINE computerised breath tests at a police station. And he refused to provide a blood sample alleging he had a phobia about needles, and also refused a urine test.

The chemistry graduate, who also has a doctorate in treatments for cancer, claimed he had lied to police out of panic but insisted he had made every effort to provide a breath test. But Judge Adrian Smith said after watching a video of the failed breathalyser attempts, he found his explanations unconvincing and said he had deliberately tried to sabotage police procedures.

His actions included making frequent requests to use the toilet and see a solicitor, which the judge said he was sure were only more delaying tactics...

The court had heard that one witness had described the Mercedes car as travelling 'like a missile' along Trinity Way."
Jailing Kotsakis for four years and three months, Judge Smith told him:

"You did not brake or even swerve. This was not a case of momentary inattention, it was considerable inattention, made worse by your excessive speed, and alcohol.”
Yeah. Even scientists can get drunk, drive like a maniac and kill English lads.

Well, immigrant scientists can anyway. There may be a case of a British boffin doing what Lotsakis did buried deep in the annals.

But I've never heard of one.

On 21 August 2010, 32-year-old restaurant manager, Christopher Varian, was attacked and killed at the Oxfordshire Golf Club in Rycote Lane, Thame.

An Albanian immigrant with a Swedish passport, a man with a lengthy history of mental ill health and paranoid schizophrenia, decapitated him.

Jonathan Limani also had a conviction for supplying heroin in Switzerland.

Nigel Varian, Christopher's father, said this:

"That Chris had been killed by this guy who worked for him, and that he was beheaded at the scene, was just impossible to get to grips with.
It was just after lunchtime and when a break came up Chris went out to the staff smoking area to take a cigarette and while he was there this man Limani, who was a server, followed him out there and assaulted him with a knife.

Chris didn't appear to have time to even cry out. When he was on the ground Limani then proceeded to decapitate him in the most gruesome manner."
Detective Chief Inspector Steve Tolmie said:
"Any murder investigation is by its very nature violent and traumatic for the family. This one was at the very high end of the scale and was certainly brutal and savage."
He said Limani had applied for dual nationality in Sweden and added:
"Because that was in place he then managed to enter the country, which he did legitimately. He didn't disclose the fact that he had previous convictions so he therefore managed to come in and find employment at The Oxfordshire hotel."
No, Steve, immigrant nuts tend not to 'disclose' their nutiness when they arrive. Just as immigrant criminals tend to do likewise. Limani, of course, was both.

On 19 March 2012, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. The Crown Prosecution Service had previously dropped the murder charge. He is now in Broadmoor, where, we are assured, he will stay for at least 19 years.

The Varian family subsequently denounced the 'catalogue of errors' that led to Christopher's death and questioned how a man like Limani came to be living and working in the UK.

Catherine Bearder, Lib Dem MEP for South East England, said:
"This is a dreadful crime but it's very difficult to see how that could have been prevented."
Nah, Catherine, even an EU-fondling Lib Dem MEP can do better than that. How about the stone bl**ding obvious? How about we shut up shop? How about we close the borders? How about making it as difficult for for brutish foreigners to invade as it was in 1940?

You and yours have aided and abetted the slaughter of a lot of innocent British people, Catherine. The day is coming when you will answer for all the suffering your shiny-eyed, internationalist idiocy has caused.

Speed the day.

On 14 August 2011, Polish immigrant, Damian Rzeszowski, armed himself with two kitchen knives and stabbed to death his father-in-law, his wife, Izabela, his 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son, his wife's friend, Marta, and her 5-year-old daughter, at his home in St Helier, Jersey.

On 29 October 2012, Rzeszowski was found guilty of six counts of manslaughter but cleared of murder. Sentencing him to 30 years for each victim, Judge Michael Birt said:

"The horror and brutality of these killings is hard to believe. Within a quarter of an hour all six people had died, their lives cruelly cut short at the hand of this defendant.
The court is in no doubt from the nature of the attacks that you intended to kill all six victims. This was not a case of murder, the court found you guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, but you still pose a risk of harm to anyone you are in a relationship with."
Marta's husband, Craig, said:
"My life, and the lives of many families, have been devastated... Every day is a struggle to continue… Not a day goes past when I don't think about my family. I hope that one day I will see you again, until then... I love you."
The court was told that Rzeszowski killed six people ‘because he could not handle the thought of his marriage breaking down’. Which isn’t really much of an excuse, is it?

The killings took place after ‘his wife remonstrated with him about leaving two young children on their own.’ At which point, he claimed that he had a blackout.

If you don’t want to be found guilty of murder, and the possibility of an accusation of ‘racism’ levelled against the dead by person or persons who killed them is unavailable, a ‘blackout’ would seem to be a productive way for a killer of six to go.

Jersey’s Solicitor General, Howard Sharp, said Rzeszowski was a man who had ‘difficulty controlling his emotions.’

Bit of an understatement there, Howard.

I hope some patriotic types take power in these islands during the course of the next thirty years. If such a miracle occurs, the poor, blacked out, emotional Pole will, hopefully, die screaming.

On 8 May 2011, Jonathan Turner died in a Nottingham hospital.

He had been savagely beaten up by a gang of foreigners outside the Vibe club in Manfield in the early hours of the day before.

Witness Nathan Fox told Nottingham Crown Court that he watched Kurdish immigrant, Bagdas Kilic, trying to punch Jonathan. Then he saw Latvian, Vjacaslavs Solovjovs, hitting him.

Subsequently, they beat him to the ground and began kicking him.

At one point, Andrej Novakov, a Lithuanian, also stepped in with a kick to the head.

Nathan told the court that Jonathan was trying to get up as Solovjovs was kicking him. When Nathan said that, after being restrained, the Latvian ran up and delivered one last kick to Jonathan's head, he was asked how it was done.

"Like someone playing rugby – fast and hard," he replied.
Asked how he would describe the kick, Nathan said it seemed to be like someone was kicking a rugby ball.

"He didn't move after that," added Nathan.
On 23 May, the This is Nottingham web site told us this:

"Jonathan Turner was outside a Mansfield bar when he said: ‘Poland's that way’ and ‘go back to your own country’…

The comments provoked an ‘instantaneous and furious response’ from Latvian Vjacaslavs Solovjovs and Turk Bagdas Kilic who were nearby and rushed up to attack Mr Turner…

The judge said: 'What Jonathan Turner said that night in his drunken state was admittedly STUPID, INSULTING, XENOPHOBIC AND OFFENSIVE’…

Mr Turner had been no match for the men and had been on the retreat, trying to protect himself. The eye witnesses could hear him saying, 'stop', 'no!', 'enough'. When Solovjovs had been restrained by others on occasions before breaking free, Kilic continued the attack. He even pursued him as he tried to get away.

Kilic delivered further kicks before Solovjovs ran up and delivered the fatal kick to his head like it was a rugby ball, the court had heard.

After the sentencing hearing, Detective Inspector Karen Pearson, who led the investigation, said:

‘THIS WAS A DISPROPORTIONATE REACTION to a comment that only one of the three men on trial admitted to hearing. THEY DECIDED TO TAKE THE LAW INTO THEIR OWN HANDS'."
After the trial,Jonathan's parents and sister released a statement saying:
"He was made out to be a racist and at one point even called a bigot. This is totally untrue."
Truth doesn't mean as much as it used to in a British court of law, folks. However, made up bogey words like 'racist' and 'bigot' do.

The lawyers know this.

I entered this comment underneath the article above.

"Det. Insp. Karen Pearson suggests that immigrants who murder an English lad for mumbling 'Poland's that way' and 'go back to your own country' are merely taking 'the law into their own hands'. The Judge describes Jonathan's remarks as 'stupid, insulting, xenophobic and offensive'.

Sounds like you deserved to die then, Jonathan. According to the PC Crowd at any rate. I reckon Pearson and Haddon-Cave should be flogged at worst and tried for treason at best for saying such monumentally 'offensive' things. I'm sick of the creeps at the top of the dung heap making excuses for immigrant brutality.

To think we worked so hard, sacrificed so much and died the deaths in all the wars for this.

R.I.P. Jonathan.
Describing the attack on Jonathan as 'venomous and mindless,' Judge Haddon-Cave said:
"There is no evidence that Jonathan Turner ever, at any point, posed a threat to Vjaceslavs Solovjovs or Bagdas Kilic."
Adressing the defendants, he added:

"It was clear from the very first punch that Jonathan Turner was no match for the two of you but still you continued...

It is typical of the viciousness and stupidity played out all too often outside pubs and clubs as a result of 24-hour drinking".
Haddon-Cave found Solovjovs guilty of murder and jailed him for 17 years. Kilic was found guilty of manslaughter and jailed for 10 years.

Novakov was found guilty of violent disorder only and sentenced to three years in prison.

Miroslav Budzinskis pleaded guilty to affray and attempting to prevent the course of justice and was jailed for 28 months.

If anyone is interested in finding out what the Pearsons, the Haddon-Caves, the media darlings and the bought politicians have been covering up all this time, check out The Rogues' Gallery,

At around midnight on 13 January 2012, ‘frail and vulnerable’ 66-year-old Peter Avis, who walked with a stick after suffering a brain aneurysm more than 20 years before, was murdered in the flat above his jewellers’ store in Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk.

His body was found on his bed when the shop failed to open the next morning. He had been hit in the face with a glass ashtray at least four times before being stabbed thirteen times in the chest.

On 16 November 2012, Polish immigrant, Ireneusz Melaniuk, was jailed for life after pleading guilty to Peter’s murder and will spend a minimum of 26 years in jail.

At the time of the killing, Melaniuk was wanted in Poland after absconding from a prison term. The court heard that he had been serving a three and a half year sentence for robbery and had previous convictions for burglary and theft.

Passing sentence, Judge John Devaux told him:

"When you murdered Peter Avis you should have been in Poland, not at large in this country.

You murdered a particularly vulnerable man, in his home and using a knife which you had brought to the scene. Your victim was powerless and unable to defend himself yet you repeatedly wounded him."
After killing Peter, Melaniuk was seen on CCTV at the Opera House nightclub in London giving out jewellery to women. Only £5,000 worth of the jewellery stolen was ever recovered.

He returned to Poland soon afterwards but was picked up by the Polish police and returned to England.

Defending Melaniuk, Adam Butler said he had a ‘troubled past’ and had been taken into care at the age of 13 because both his parents were alcoholics.

Melaniuk’s partners in crime, Kamel Kita, Pawel Pacian, Pawel Borowiecki and Aleksandra Karpiuk, all played a part in either planning the burglary or helping him escape.

Asked why he had the murder weapon with him, Melaniuk told officers:

"I was in the habit of carrying a knife because I used to do this in Poland."
Oh yes. Contrary to what the globalists tell us, they do things differently elsewhere on the planet.

As Peter found out to his cost.

On September 12 2012, the body of 23-year-old honours graduate, Catherine Wells-Burr, was found inside her burning car at a beauty spot near Taunton in Somerset.

According to the police she was the victim of a ‘tragic and brutal’ attack.

In a statement, her family said:

"Catherine had achieved so much in her short life and had worked so hard to gain her Bachelor of Honours in business management, gaining a first class degree from Bath Spa University.

She was so happy starting her life with Rafal and excited about their future together…

We have found this hard to understand why someone would have done this to her.”
Catherine’s final Facebook posting read:

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”
Catherine’s boyfriend, Rafal Piotr Nowak, his former partner, Anna Julia Lagwinowicz, and Tadevsz Dyytryszyn were, subsequently, charged with her murder.

All three are Polish immigrants.

On 18 December 2011, two groups argued in a Nottingham street and stones were thrown.

After this, Mujo Lamaj left in a black car. A little while later, he returned with a knife, ran towards 35-year-old Christmas reveller, Paul Bonson, and stabbed him eight times.

Miraculously Paul survived.

Dawn Pritchard, prosecuting, said:
"One wound exposed his intestines. He received four blood transfusions."
Lamaj, an Albanian immigrant, fled but the knife was found and the blood on it matched his own and Paul's. He was arrested in January 2012.

Having originally pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, a guilty plea wounding with intent was accepted by the prosecution and, on 18 August 2012, he was found guilty of this charge and jailed for just seven years.

The court heard that he had used aliases, both to gain entry to England and to claim asylum, and had been sent back on three previous occasions. At the time of the attack, he had been granted discretionary leave to remain as he has children here.

At one point, his legal team told the jury that Lamaj was 'deeply ashamed and embarrassed' about what he had done.

Anyone out there believe this? An illegal immigrant leaves the scene of an argument to get a knife, in order to return and stab a man eight times? But, in front of twelve good men and true, he's 'deeply ashamed and embarrassed' about it? Do you think it would be preying upon his conscience if he hadn't been caught?

You will forgive me if I suppose that, at the time he was knife-fetching and stabbing, the shame and embarrassment factors weren't uppermost in the Albanian's consciousness.

Albania. Known to those who live closest to it as 'the bandit country of Europe.' However, we are assured that at least one murderous bandit from the region is capable of feeling shame and embarrassment after making the decision to murder an unarmed man and then carrying the act out.

The euphemistic 'wounding with intent' verdict was, of course, legalistic b***ocks. And everyone reading this, inlcuding Lamaj and his cynical defence team, knows it.

On 2 February 2011, 60-year-old Christine Seymour was stabbed at her home in Spalding Lincolnshire.

On 22 February 2012, Polish immigrant, Andrzej Chranowski, was jailed for 18 years for her attempted murder.

That same day, The Daily Mirror reported thus:
"Polish migrant worker Andrzej Chranowski 34, reached into the gaping wound after stabbing Christine Seymour, 60, with a pair of scissors. As he tried to rip out her heart, he yelled at her: 'Lay there and die.'

Moments earlier, the Polish pig worker had launched an unprovoked attack using a pair of surgical scissors. Miraculously, Christine survived the nightmare assault thanks to emergency surgery...

During his trial, nightshift worker Christine told how he had tried to butcher her like one of the animals he worked with. She said: 'As I was stood there on the phone Andrzej lunged at me. I felt something go into my left side. I noticed he had something in his hand, I wasn’t sure what it was...

I felt a pain and something warm. The next thing I remember I was on the floor... I felt a huge pressure on my chest... and put my hands up because I couldn’t breathe.

I felt something was ripping across my chest. It felt like somebody’s fingers were going across my chest. I got the impression, because he worked with pigs, that he thought I was one. It felt like he was trying to rip through to my heart. I just thought he was trying to rip my heart out.'

Christine and two other people lived with Chranowski in a shared three-storey house... She had already fled the property and was making a phone call... when the migrant worker lunged at her in an outside passageway. Christine suffered a collapsed lung and was left with a stab wound in her chest that was 8.5cm long and 4.5cm deep. The scissors missed her heart by a centimetre. Chranowski dragged her back inside and she crawled to her room.

The Nottingham crown court jury heard that police, who had been alerted by other residents, arrived as he was poised to attack again.

Prosecutor Michael Cranmer-Brown told the jury: 'Miss Seymour was lying on her bed in a pool of blood... You could see the blood pumping inside her chest'...

Christine was rushed to Pilgrim hospital in Boston, Lincs, where surgeons saved her life.

Chranowski, who listened to the case through an interpreter, had denied attempted murder. He claimed someone else carried out the attack.

He was also convicted of wounding another housemate."

On 7 December 2011, 19-year-old student, April George, was killed on the A2 outside Rainham.

Polish immigrant, Mateusz Makiewicz, braked heavily in front of Steven George's car causing him to swerve into the path of another. April, who was a front seat passenger in her father's car, suffered serious injuries in the 'colossal collision' that resulted and died soon afterwards.

Another motorist told the court how Makiewicz was 'driving like an idiot' before the crash.

On 8 May 2012, Makiewicz was jailed for for two-and-a-half years having admitted causing death by careless driving shortly before he was due to stand trial. Passing sentence, Judge Jeremy Carey said:
“This is plainly a case at the top end of seriousness. The effect of this collision has been disastrous for the George family.”
Makiewicz was also banned from driving for five years.

On 21 May 2012, 21-year-old James Burke suffered serious head injuries after he was attacked by a gang of Lithuanian immigrants outside the Coco Bar in Peterborough.

Both he and a 60-year-old barman, Trevor Veni, were hospitalised and left on life support.

Lithuanians immigrants, Lukas Banys, Sarunas Galinis, Deividas Matusevicius, Ricardas Bartos and Kestutis Baranauskas were arrested soon after wards and, on 23 May, charged with affray.

Trevor, who was still on life support in Peterborough hospital, was said to be out of danger at this time. James had been transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and was 'fighting for his life.'

In June, James' father, William, said this:
“I can’t describe how bad it is has been. It has been hell. It is always on your mind. He is off the critical list, but nobody knows how he will be when he recovers. We don’t know how he will be affected by what has happened. It breaks my heart every time I go to the hospital to see him.

It’s been a very tough time for my family and I."
In court, the jury was shown CCTV evidence from both inside and outside the club.

The footage showed the Lithuanians drinking and James talking to a woman by the dance floor. Banys went up to her, grabbed her from behind and tried to engage her in conversation. This minor confrontation ended with him on his knees and her walking away.

Matusevicius then helps Banys to his feet and shakes hands with James.

Shortly afterwards, Matusevicius returned, assaulted James and a fight ensued. Matusevicius, Banys and Baranauskas were then ejected from the premises, joining Galinis and Bartos who were already outside.

A little while later, Matusevicius returned and a fight between him and James ensued. Matusevicius is seen stamping on him whilst he was on the ground.

Trevor, who emerged from the club at that point, was then attacked by Matusevicius and Banys and he and James were both left lying unconscious in the street.

On 5 November 2012, Deividas Matusevicius was jailed for 10 years; Lukas Banys was jailed for two, Sarunas Galinas got 10 months, Ricardas Bartos nine and Kestutis Baranauskas seven.

DC Mark Clapham said:
"This was a violent and sustained attacked which has left a young man with serious injuries which he may never recover from. The severity of the mindless violence displayed by the men involved in this incident is reflected in the sentences given."
Six months after he was left lying in the street, James was still in hospital.

On 21 October 2011, 58-year-old William Saunderson-Smith was attacked in his own home as he slept.

After being badly beaten, he revealed the whereabouts of around six thounsand pounds in cash. However, he did not tell his attackers everything.

After his body was discovered the following day, the police discovered more than £225,000 secreted about his home.

William, a wealthy propert developer, was one of the many these days who prefer to use cheap, Polish labour for renovation work. This was to prove his undoing.

Slawomir Bugajewski, Dawid Rymar and Ireneusz Mydlarz had carried out renovations for him in the weeks before his death and detectives believe he may have initimated that he kept large amounts of cash available in his home.

On the night of William's death the threesome waited until he went to bed before breaking in.

Aftab Jafferjee QC, prosecuting, said:

“There is little or no evidence of him being able to fight back. He had plainly retired to bed and when his body was found he was only wearing a T-shirt…

He was obviously taken by surprise, the range and extent of his injuries being far beyond anything required merely to subdue him, which suggests a beating to get him to reveal where his money was before he was finally finished off.”
Rymar and Bugajewski spent their share of the loot on a trip to Paris, where they posed for photographs in front of the Eiffel Tower, en route to Poland.

William’s DNA was found inside Bugajewski’s land Rover and, although they had scoped the area for CCTV cameras, the one they missed placed them at the scene of the crime.

Mydlarz spent some of the money on an iPad and designer clothes before returning home.

Rosie-Marie Jones, William’s cousin, said:

"Why would someone want to murder William? He was one of the nicest, politest guys you could wish to meet. The attack they carried out on William was barbaric, they obviously showed him no mercy, leaving him to die alone.

It makes me feel sick to think there are human beings in this world of ours who can do such things. Do they have no conscience?"
No, Rose-Marie, they don’t. Many of those the politicians and the PC Crowd have been encouraging to come here for more than sixty years now are very different to us.

The politicians and the PC Crowd know this. They’ve always known.

They and their global masters are at at war with us, you see. And the Rymar, Bugajewski and Mydlarz type make the perfect mercenary.

Summing up, Judge Peter Beaumont QC, said:

“Each of you lent yourself and involved yourself in a deliberate planned attack on a man in his own home for gain. It was predicated on violence to beat out of him where the money was hidden in that house.

In furtherance of that plan he was literally beaten to death in his bedroom in circumstances of extreme violence. He didn’t stand a chance.”
In August 2012, Rymar, Bugajewski and Mydlarz were sentenced to a minimum of 30 years imprisonment.

On 19 October 2012, Karina Menzies lost her life in a hit-and-run incident in Cardiff.

On 21 October 2012, The Daily Mail reported thus:

"A mother who saved her children from a terrifying hit-and-run rampage suffered from a crippling disease which meant she could not save herself. Karina Menzies, 32, managed to throw her daughters to safety before she was hit by a van and killed in an unprovoked attack on Friday…

She was one of 14 pedestrians, including seven children, hit in the 30-minute spree of horror as a driver sped through suburban streets, mowing down families on their way home from school.

Last night, Miss Menzies’ brother Craig paid tribute to his ‘hero’ sister, saying: ‘She died saving her kids. 'She’s got them out of the way and, at the same time, put herself between them and the van to prevent it hitting them… She was the bravest, kindest, most loyal person in the world and I can’t believe she’s gone’…

While Miss Menzies reacted quickly to save her daughters, she could not escape the vehicle because her legs were weakened by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, friends revealed. The condition, which damages nerves outside the spine and brain, meant she would not have been able to get away from the oncoming van fast enough…

Friend Julie Crook said: ‘Karina saved her kids but she couldn’t run. She had CMT and it affected her hands and feet. She found it really hard to run. She was very unstable on her feet. She wouldn’t have been able to run away. She would have just fallen if she tried’…

Officers are investigating the theory that the driver may have deliberately targeted mothers and children because he was angry after a row with his wife.”
On 24 October 2012, Matthew Tvrdon appeared in court and was charged with murder, thirteen counts of attempted murder, four counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and one charge of dangerous driving.

On the same day The Sun told us this:

“Tvrdon… is accused of deliberately running down parents and young children in the Ely and Leckwith areas of Cardiff. Mother-of-three Karina Menzies died and another six adults and seven children were injured in the rampage.

The suspect - WHOSE FAMILY ARE ORIGINALLY FROM SLOVAKIA… confirmed his date of birth and his address as no fixed abode.

The prosecutor said there had been 'concerns' about Tvrdon's mental health.”
That’s it then. The lovely, fluffy killer will spend a year or two in a funny farm where he’ll be told he’s a poor misunderstood Slovak who wasn’t responsible for his actions.

Oh, yes. When he was ‘deliberately running down parents and young children’, he’ll have been suffering from stress or something. Probably because ‘he was angry after a row with his wife.’

Which explains it. Yeah. It was the nagging wife wot dun it.

I bet she’s a Brit.

R.I.P. Karina.

You won't be forgotten.

On 19 August 2011, 63-year-old quantity surveyor, David McArthur, was murdered in his Birmingham home.

On 2 May 2012, The Birmingham Mail reported thus:

“A Romanian who battered a quantity surveyor to death after being invited into his Birmingham home for sex has been jailed for life...

Florian Baboi, 35, fled to his native country after killing David McArthur, 63, but was extradited back to the UK. He carried out the ‘brutal assault’ just two weeks after being released from a prison sentence.

Judge James Burbidge QC ordered that the killer remain behind bars for a minimum of 23 years before he could be considered for parole. He said:

‘You have been convicted by the jury on compelling evidence. ‘You went, at his invitation, to his home where he entertained you… At some stage, you decided to steal from him. As you started to steal from Mr McArthur he discovered that, and he tried to stop you. It was then that you committed the most brutal assault upon him in his own home.

You must have hit him many times to the jaw, head and face with significant force. You broke many of his facial bones and caused bleeding to the brain.’

The judge said Baboi had also stamped on the victim a number of times while he was defenceless and had left him dying.

Graham Reeds QC, prosecuting, said Baboi had met Mr McArthur, on August 19 in the city’s gay quarter. He said they had gone back to the victim’s home in Woodbroke Grove, Northfield where consensual activity took place…

The court heard that Baboi had previously been jailed for six years in Romania for drug trafficking and had a number of convictions for shoplifting in the UK.”
In the next couple of years, hundreds of thousands of Babois will be shipping over courtesy of EU directives and Tory lies. Remember how they said they’d reduce immigration to the tens of thousands?

Remember how you believed them?

If you vote for any of the three mainstream parties you’re going to get Baboi and his pals piling in. And, of course, once they’re in, they’ve all got more rights than we have and the traitorous establishment will encourage and promote them beyond the level of their competence or desserts.

And if they happen to kill a foolish Brit who invites them in to his home? They’re on the first boat back to Badland.

And if they get brought back to face British 'justice'? Three meals a day, TV and all the comforts unavailable back home for the next 23 years.

I don’t hate you sheeple. But if you carry on doing what you do come election time I’ll soon be despising you every bit as much as those you continue to vote for.

On 11 January 2012, the bodies of 58-year-old Carole Kolar and her husband, Avtar, 62, were discovered inside their Handsworth Wood, Birmingham home by their son, Jason.

Post-mortem examinations confirmed they both died after being repeatedly struck over the head with a blunt instrument. A lump hammer was revered from the scene.

Illegal immigrant, Rimvydas Liorancas, who had managed to get into the country without a passport, was arrested and charged with the murders on 16 January.

Twelve days later, on 28 January, he was found hanging in his cell at HMP Woodhill and, shortly after resuscitation procedures were commenced, he was pronounced dead.

Liorancas, who is thought to have been a member of a Lithuanian gang operating in the Birmingham area, sometimes worked as a builder.

He had been employed in this capacity by the Kolars a fortnight before he killed them.

On 1 July 2012, Polish immigrant, Pawel Rodak, a male prostitute, was found guilty of killing 64-year-old Roger Gray in his Edinburgh home.

The maths lecturer had been stabbed 114 times.

Before leaving, Rodak ransacked Roger's home, turned on the gas and lit a candle, hoping to destroy evidence of his presence at the scene on 18 March 2011.

Rodak, who denied murder, was found guilty of culpable homicide only and jailed for just 12 years.

Chief Superintendent Gill Imery, of Lothian and Borders Police, said:
“Roger Gray suffered an extremely violent death at the hands of Pawel Rodak. After killing Mr Gray he attempted to cause an explosion at his home in a bid to cover his tracks, putting neighbouring properties at risk as well as the workers who were called to deal with the gas leak.”
Rodak had gone to Scotland to be with his Polish boyfriend just a few months before Roger's death. When they broke up, his lover returned to Poland. He began offering his services as a rent boy at this time.

At the start of Rodak's trial he had offered to plead guilty to murder. However, the Crown rejected his plea on the grounds that Rodak had a psychiatric history which 'suggested he may have had diminished responsibility at the time of the killing.'

Subsequently, Rodak’s defence team said he stabbed his client 114 times because he felt 'uncomfortable' at being asked to engage in sadomasochistic acts.

So that's alright then.

You heard it here, folks. Murderous immigrants who are inclined to plead guilty are, instead, being tried for lesser crimes at the insistence of the British judiciary. And getting away with murder as a consequence!

When I tell you that THEY are at war with us, I'm not making it up, am I?

On 21 April 2012, Slovakian immgrant, Bartolomej Makula, was jailed for 15 years for the part he played in a savage attack upon 66-year-old pensioner, Keith Alder.

On 22 October 2011, Keith was walking back from a charity event in Great Horton, Bradford, when he was mistakenly targeted by up to six Eastern European men seeking vengeance for alleged racial abuse.

After a blow from a baseball bat felled Keith in his own front garden, Makula kicked him repeatedly. At one point, he broke off the attack but, egged on by the others, he began kicking Keith all over again.

Makula was arrested the same night with a blood-stained baseball bat in his possession. He said that he had downed 1.7 litres of vodka at home that night and more at a birthday party.

Keith was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary and transferred to Leeds General Infirmary after a brain scan. He had a fractured skull, blood in his ear canal, fractured nasal bones and contusions to his brain.

He was discharged in November but re-admitted when he collapsed three days later. A lacerated kidney was diagnosed and this had caused circulatory problems and pneumonia. His small bowel had to be removed and, on 9 March 2012, both of his legs were amputated.

Keith is now partially deaf, incontinent and is unable to sit up unaided.

Describing Keith as a ‘salt of the earth gentleman’ who now ‘looked like someone released from some awful prison camp,’ Judge Jonathan Durham Hall said:
“It was a ferocious, savage and pitiless attack… You have destroyed a life and you, bluntly, will pay the price.”
After Makula pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent, he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Unlike his uncle, Ladislav Balaz denied involvement in the attack. However, on 31 January 2013, he, too, was convicted of GBH. Jailing him for 16 years, Judge Durham Hall told him:
“The consequences on Mr Alder have been almost indescribably catastrophic.”
After the case, Keith wife, Kath, said:
“Justice has been done today. It serves him right for pleading not guilty.”
Detective Inspector George Bardell added:
“This was an extremely serious offence which has had a devastating and life-changing impact on Keith Alder. We believe Balaz intended to flee the country to evade justice.”
On 21 September 2010, Jonathan Bunce was stabbed in the back at his former girlfriend's house.

Mother-of-three, Tracy Kuczmyjiw attacked him after he went to retrieve his belongings from her home following a short relationship.

Judge Erik Salomonsen said:
"There was an altercation during which you threw a deep fat fryer at him and the incident culminated in you taking a knife from the block in the kitchen and stabbing him. The wound caused severe and life-threatening injuries which caused him to have part of his lung removed. He was so ill he could not be moved to another hospital and needed emergency resuscitation and surgery.

He could have died as a result of that one significant blow on your part. The jury rejected your plea of self defence and you have a previous history of violent offending."
A psychiatric report showed Kuczmyjiw was suffering from a borderline personality disorder which was exacerbated by alcohol. On the night of the stabbing she had drunk nine pints of lager.

Jonathan said he was unaware how seriously injured he was until he fled the flat and collapsed in the street. Police who went to arrest his ex found her sobbing on the kitchen floor, repeatedly saying 'he doesn't love me.'

During the trial, Kuczmyjiw claimed she stabbed Jonathan by accident.

She wasn't believed and, on 2 August 2012,she was sentenced to ten years in jail.

Murder and Mayhem In Britain: 2012 (3)

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