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Multiculturalism is a fact!

On 5 August 2012, Ian Dunt, editor of, said this at Yahoo News:

“In one evening Mo Farah did more for multiculturalism in this country than the rest of us do in a lifetime… Farah is a testament to the millions who came to this country, sometimes looking for work, sometimes escaping danger, and continue to believe in it despite the daily torrent of resentment churned out by tabloids and pub-bores.

Just before Farah capped the most successful night in the history of British sports, the beautiful and telegenic Jessica Ennis beamed joy and emotion across the stadium. The cameras cut to her parents. Her father, a self-employed painter and decorator originally from Jamaica, and her mother, a white social worker, radiated pride.

The snide, inward-looking humbug of the anti-multiculturalism lobby looks more irrelevant by the hour. Aidan Burley's nasty tweet, that the opening ceremony was ‘leftie multicultural crap’ shows not how decrepit his thinking is, but how out of touch he has become with a country he is supposed to represent.

Multi-culturalism is not, as its detractors claim, an ideology. It is simply a fact.”
It is a fact forced upon a bewildered an unwilling British people over a 60 year period by a traitorous elite they trusted to act in their best interests. The global gangsters, the PC Crowd and the immigrants themselves, all of whom could not have cared less what the majority wanted or needed, contributed powerfully to the factual reality. Dunt continues:

“London has 300 languages spoken inside its vast boundaries. It gets along, by and large, WITHOUT ANY PARTICULARLY VIOLENT CONSEQUENCES FROM THIS UNPARALLELED AMALGAMATION OF CULTURES.”
This is flat, wholly proveable lie. Dunt, as is usual with the politically correct, is entirely without shame when it comes to dealing with inconvenient truths. Just to give you a bit of an idea of the enormity of the lie, take a peek at the Rogues’ Gallery. In there you’ll discover the true consequence of this ‘almalgamation of cultures.’

As you browse the pages of the Gallery, remember, what you see is just the outer edge of the horror that has, in recent times, been visited upon the British people by the Dunts and their unquestioning, morality-slack accolytes. Dunt continues:

"Anyone who lives in London knows it is one of the great experiments of mankind and a profoundly successful one at that. It is a city teeming with life, commerce, creativity and fashion. It is the reason we won the bid in the first place.”
It IS, indeed, 'the reason.' The grotesquely multicultural flavour of the bid pleased our global overlords no end. Dunt continues:

“It explains why London is such a suitable place to welcome the world - because THE WORLD IS ALREADY HERE.”
Oh yes. It’s here alright. Huge numbers of native Londoners have been ethnically cleansed out of their own ancient stamping grounds in recent times by an aggressive alien presence protected and promoted by Westminster treachery and media spin. Dunt continues:

"Danny Boyle recognised this in his witty and remarkable opening ceremony, by using multi-racial performers in every section. It was attacked by conservatives, of course, as 'politically correct'. The representation of a country as it truly is is not politically correct. It is simply correct."
And the representation of a country as it truly WASN’T (a section representing the Victorian businessman and banker should not contain black folk) is simply INCORRECT and, as ’conservatives’ suggest, achingly PC.

Danny Boyle, a second-generation Irish immigrant, is currently dating a mixed-race New Yorker 22 years younger than himself. Dunt continues:

“The present moment is a uniquely dangerous one for the nationalists. It is fitting that the national flag has become ubiquitous over recent days. We reclaimed it from racists many years ago… Our national flag is uniquely well placed to represent a diverse country.”
So, the gospel according to Dunt insists that Mo Farah, a Somali immigrant, 'did more for multiculturalism than the rest of us do in a lifetime.' I wonder if it ever occurs to the oozing, on-message Trot that the vast majority of the British people never wanted their country multiculturalised? I'm sure it does. It's just that folks like him do not care what the majority want. What matters to them is that their lofty, PC visions of a Whiteless Wonderland come to pass as soon as possible.

Well, if Mo and Jessica are ‘doing more’ for the ‘diversity and colour’ monologue so aggressively promoted by Dunt and co. over the course of the last 60 years, what could the following be up to, we wonder? Would these be doing ’the national flag’ and ’the great experiment of mankind’ a terrible disservice by winning gold?

Andy Murray, Bradley Wiggins, Ed Clancy, Katherine Grainger, Helen Glover, Heather Stanning, Victoria Pendleton, Andy Triggs Hodge, Pete Reed, Tom James and Alex Gregory, Greg Rutherford, Alex Gregory, Peter Kennaugh, Greg Rutherford, Andrew Triggs-Hodge, Philip Hindes, Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Dani King, Geraint Thomas, Laura Trott, Joanna Rowsell, Ettienne Stott, Katherine Copeland, Tim Baillie, Tom James, Pete Reed, Sophie Hosking, Anna Watkins, Steven, Burke, Peter Wilson, Carl Hester, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Charlotte Dujardin, Alistair Brownlee, Scott Brash, Nick Skelton, Ben Maher and Peter Charles,

If, as Dunt says, ‘the present moment is a uniquely dangerous one for the nationalists,’ would the native Britons in this homogeneous list be indicative of a ‘moment’ that might be 'uniquely dangerous' for advocates of the Mo/Jess ideal?

It's all gone quiet over there.

P.S. Fair play to Mo and Jess by the way, it's not the hard-working triers I condemn. I wish to expose those who hype every last foreigner up to the eyeballs as they sweep the brute behaviours of so many of their fellows under the carpet.

Quite a few essays just like the one above appeared in the British press during the course of the Games.

On 6 August 2012, Ian Birrell‘s toe-curlingly PC article, Mo Farah has sent a message of hope to all migrants appeared in The Evening Standard. In this, he said:

“Like it or not, sport always has wider significance... This is especially true when confronting racial boundaries. Think of Jesse Owens destroying Nazi theories of supremacy, Basil D’Oliveira forcing apartheid South Africa to cancel an England cricket tour and France’s multiracial football team giving a riposte to the racists by winning the 1998 World Cup.”
The Jesse Owens/Nazi supremacy b***ocks have been making the rounds now for SEVENTY SIX years. You should despise those who tout this nonsense with all your heart. Here's what Jesse Owens himself said about it in his 1970 autobiography, 'The Jesse Owens Story:'

"When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticising the man of the hour in Germany."
So who did 'snub' Jesse Owens? Once again, Owens speaks for himself:

"Hitler didn't snub me, it was FDR (Roosevelt) who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram."
Go here for the true, as opposed to the mythological, story of Jesse Owens and the Berlin Games.

South Africa’s cancellation the 1970 cricket tour was, in my opinion, a foolish error, an open goal morally and strategically. White South Africa is paying for it now in no uncertain terms. Check out the essay Nelson Mandela and the Rainbow Nation and this recent Genocide Watch article.

As for the 'multiracial football team’, all of those who played for France in the 1998 World Cup final were of non-indigenous origin. How on earth that is supposed to make the French native, who doesn’t happen to be an on-message Trot, feel better about himself, I do not know. How could the fact that no French native was on the football field when the Jules Rimet trophy was won amplify his feeling of pride in what it is to be a Frenchman? ANSWER: It couldn’t, it would demean and diminish it. The Global Elite, who spent many’s the long year planning for this kind of eventuality, would be clapping themselves on the back at this point. Birrel continues:

“Britain has discovered that far from being broken or bog-standard, the country remains world-class. Almost to our surprise, we have cause to feel good about ourselves and permission to feel patriotic. Following on from the Jubilee, the flag has been reclaimed from THE HATE-FUELLED FASCIST FRINGE.

Gratifyingly, this pride is in the country we are today, NOT THE COUNTRY WE ONCE WERE.”
The PC Crowd and some the of immigrants may be proud of the multicultural cess-pit that is the Britain of today. However, I’m pretty sure that most of the rest hanker after ‘the country we once were.’ Birrell continues:

"We have shrugged off hang-ups over whether we are ancient or modern; instead, Britain is coming to terms with itself as a complex nation with MULTIPLE IDENTITIES AND MASHED-UP CULTURE. With ONE IN EIGHT PEOPLE HERE FOREIGN-BORN, Norman Tebbit’s cricket test seems as archaic as the man himself."
The former deputy editor of The Independent (that's a laugh) is a Brit-loathing t**rag of the first water, isn't he? Definitely one for the notebooks. Not a nice man at all.

“No casting agent could have better chosen three people to represent modern Britain: a mixed-race heptathlete with a British mother and Jamaican father; a ginger-haired long jumper from Milton Keynes, and a Somalian refugee.

The significance of Mo Farah is hard to overstate. Somalians suffer many of the worst barbs against immigrants, despite having fought alongside Nelson in the battle of Trafalgar.”
Somalis fought alongside Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar? Wow! I never read that in the off-message history books of my youth! I have this sneaking feeling that Birrell might just be a deeply ignorant and wholly ridiculous crackpot. I may be wrong. If there is anyone out there who could provide me with a link to this oddly fantastic version of the historical record I‘d be very grateful.

“Frequently demonised as CROOKS AND BENEFIT SCROUNGERS in red-top newspapers, they have the LOWEST EMPLOYMENT RATE AMONG FOREIGN-BORN Groups. (Which suggests that the ’benefit scrounger’ bit is accurate and doesn’t demonise at all)

Now here is a success story showing the real face of his community: a friendly, family man and DEVOUT MUSLIM whose fierce determination overcame huge hurdles on his long journey to the Olympic podium… The stars of that astonishing hour define precisely what kind of country it is these days…

Much of this is down to the 70,000 volunteers, enjoying themselves as much as the competitors. MANY ARE FROM ETHNIC MINORITIES, which perhaps reflects that they are more likely than white Britons to identify with THEIR NATION, as a survey discovered last month…

Could the legacy of these Olympics be Britain reciprocating such affection towards its immigrant communities, FEELING COMFORTABLE WITH ITSELF AS A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY?

Integration is a two-way process, after all — and prejudice remains all too palpable. The Games began, remember, with a Tory MP tweeting about the ‘multicultural crap’ of the opening ceremony.


This year has seen the British National Party thrashed in local elections and ousted from council power bases. Now the likes of Farah and Ennis provide powerful demonstration of how much IMMIGRANT COMMUNITIES ENRICH OUR NATION.”
The latest in a long, long line of bought-and-paid-for, establishment hack sneering at what we used to be before Basil, Mo and the (mostly absent) Jamaican dads came here to ‘enrich’ us all. I entered this comment underneath his article:

"Just as Team GB benefits from Britain’s openness to migration, so does the nation," spouts the on-message wagtail, piously. I'd better my bottom dollar he doesn't have to live alongside those he advocates here.

Tell me Birrell, old bean, how do the little girls raped and prostituted by the immigrant paedophile benefit? How do the many young girls and women gang raped by first and second-generation immigrants in our towns and cities benefit? How do the dead who died at the hands of the immigrant benefit? How do those mugged and introduced to drugs by the immigrant benefit?

How did those who have been ethnically cleansed out of their own ancient stamping grounds by wave after wave of aggressive, unassimmilable aliens benefit? How did/do those who were pushed further and further down the council house waiting lists because asylum seekers were given priority benefit?

Labour MP Frank Field tells us that 90 per cent of all the jobs created under New Labour went to immigrants. How did this benefit the British worker?

Immigration benefits the sneering, Brit-loathing melting-potters who want our country and its people destroyed. It benefits the globalists, the greedy bankers and the multinational corporation owners who want a one world government run by them forever. And it benefits the third world who come here seeking, guess what, BENEFITS!

Check out the Rogues’ Gallery for a little of the immigration downside the Birrells will NEVER warn you of.”
Despite there being a plethora of ascerbic comment criticising Ian Birrel’s article, my own was removed. This is entirely normal. THEY do not like it up ‘em, as the saying goes. IT being any truth that falls outside of their own persistently mythological loop.

On 6 August 2012, Oliver Harvey said this in The Sun:

"It WAS 46 golden Olympic minutes when three young Britons showed the watching world just who we are."
Who you want us to be, Oliver. NOT who we are.

"A ginger bloke from Milton Keynes, a mixed race beauty from Sheffield, an ethnic Somali given shelter on these shores from his war-ravaged homeland. This is what Britain looks like today."
This is the Britain forced upon a bewildered and unwilling nation by the a thousand or so happy-clappy media propagandists and their traitorous counterparts in Westminster. Oliver continues:

"Mo was born 29 years ago in war-riven Mogadishu. Aged eight, he arrived in Britain. At Oriel Junior School in Hanworth, West London, he came under the wing of inspirational PE teacher Alan Watkinson. He nurtured Mo’s running career and became a surrogate father. He was later best man at Mo’s wedding.

While SOME OF HIS CONTEMPORARIES DRIFETD INTO CRIME, Alan helped channel Mo’s energies on to the track."
How many Mos 'drifted into crime,' Oliver? You know, after being encouraged to come here by do-gooders like you? How many nasty Mos do we have to put up with before a nice one comes along? Oliver continues:

"Mo’s agent Ricky Simms said: 'Mo might have gone off the rails if it hadn’t been for Alan’s input'."
Do you get this, Ollie? 'He might have gone off the rails.' Mr Sims seems to be suggesting that, without an Alan Watkinson to 'inspire' them, the average Somali immigrant is liable to 'drift into crime.'

Anyway, how many nasty Mos are you demanding we tolerate in order to get one gold medal winner?

"Danny Boyle had served notice to the watching world during his Opening Ceremony extravaganza that this nation had changed. That as well as being the green and pleasant land of the song Jerusalem it was also the land of Empire Windrush, the ship that ferried Caribbeans to Britain for a new life."
It's changed alright. As the uniquely honest Labour MP, Frank Field, said in the 1 October 2009 edtion of The Telegraph:

Oliver continues:

"Immigrants like heptathlon queen Jessica Ennis’s dad Vinnie who arrived in this country from Jamaica at the age of 13. Vinnie grafted as a painter and decorator and met Alison Powell, a social worker. Their daughter Jess, 26, was born in the steel city of Sheffield.
When Tory MP Aidan Burley attacked Boyle’s vision as 'leftie multi-cultural c***' it sparked a flurry of complaints. Gavin Barwell, another Tory MP, said: 'With respect, us Londoners are rather proud of the diversity of our city'."
I'm not 'proud' of your elite-inflicted 'diversity' and I'm a Londoner. With respect, Gavin, how would you know what the native Londoner wants? You're about as representative of such a man as the Milky Bar Kid all grown up to be Alan Carr's skinny older brother.

I have a theory. I think that something must have happened way back in the childhood of the Harveys, Dunts, Barwells, Boyles and Birrels which caused them to loathe and despise their own kind. Perhaps they couldn't run as fast; perhaps they couldn't catch; perhaps they never got the runs or scored the goals; perhaps they were never picked for the team; perhaps the girls thought them docile or, even worse, never noticed them; perhaps they painted their fingernails and played with dollies; perhaps they were thick; perhaps they were ugly; perhaps they smelled; perhaps they had to wear national health spectacles with a crack in one lens; perhaps their mothers made them wear a cap when no-one else did; perhaps they got laughed at and got pushed around; perhaps nobody liked them.

Does anything in the above list ring a Barwell bell? Would anyone out there choose the bloke in the photo as an ideal representive of British manhood? You don't think so? Those who so routinely take the p*** out of us might.

Aidan Burley, as previously stated, described the opening ceremony as 'leftie multi-cultural crap.' Unfortunatly, after after much 'leftie' abuse, he disappeared from Twitter pretty quickly. I replied thus to his original tweet:

"You speak honestly & hit the spot. Then the PC Crowd attack & you backtrack cravenly. Should have stuck to your truthful guns."
I also said:

"'Leftie multi-cultural crap!' Truth-telling (OOPS!) MP forced from Twitter by PC snarlers & lack of bottle."
During the opening ceremony, the Olympic flag was escorted in by a variety of multicultural icons, not one of whom was a true Brit.

Shami Chakrabati was a flag carrier. So was that eternally remindful symbol of Anglo awfulness, Doreen Lawrence. Daniel Barenboim, an Israeli, got to partake, as did Sally Becker, another Jew. Leymah Gbowee (black African); Marina Silva (black South American); Haile Gebrselassie, (African Muslim) and Ban Ki-moon (South Korean) made up the numbers.

Anyone out there think the choice of flag carrier was a bit anti-indigenous? Anyone out there think that those who thought it'd be fun if the native Brit was excluded from the ceremony need sorting out some time soon?

Left-wing Labour MP, John McDonnell, once Ken Livingstone's second-in-command at GLC, twittered this:

"Tories railing against Danny Boyle's ceremony because it was our culture & recent history essentially from a working class perspective."
I replied:

"Working-class culture? Of the indigenous variety? Only a Red 'leftie' steeped in 'multi-cultural crap' could bulls**t thus.

Billy Bragg tweeted this:

"So - no bowler hats, no beefeaters, no Red Arrows and, amazingly, no rain. Danny Boyle and participants done us proud."
I didn't respond. The establishment is always looking for excuses to kick those who tell unfashionable truth out of an internet forum.

Here's something Barwell said at the Conservative Home web site recently:

"We mustn’t lose sight of the benefits immigration has brought over the years... Two of my closest friends, some of my immediate neighbours, lots of the people who helped to get me elected... are either immigrants themselves or children of immigrants. My life would be immeasurably poorer if they or their parents had not been allowed to come to this country...

Immigration has brought people with the skills our economy needs, entrepreneurs who have created new jobs and people who play a vital role
in our public services. It has enriched our culture."
Check out the Rogues' Gallery again to remind yourselves how enriching the process has been. The Barwells and the Harvies will NEVER alert you to these.

Remember the riots, ladies and gents? It's almost as though they never happened, isn't it? It's almost as though those who rioted don't exist in the pink and fluffy world of enrichment and diversity. Well, as far as most of those pictured above are concerned, they don't. They know their leafy suburbs and gated communities aren't about to be be targeted by the PC Crowd's immigrant pets for a while yet.

In 2012, boxer Anthony Joshua won the superheavyweight gold for tream GB.

In March 2011, he was in court for drug dealing. Let's all celebrate a sinner come to glory, eh? Nah, I'd rather condemn a PC-driven society that would leave an asocietal criminal unpunished and then reward him with a 'second chance' to die for.

At the time of Joshua's arrest, he was the ABA Champion and had already turned down £50,000 to turn professional. In other words, at the time of his arrest he had a life and a lifestyle most young men can only dream of.

And yet he stll did what he did.


  1. When will the scales drop from some peoples eyes?

    1. The scales will never drop from the eyes of some. However, as soon as the balance tips away from the propagandist towards the honest man, those who followed the fashionable lie with such blind enthusiasm will switch sides in the blink of a sightless eye.