Sunday, 16 July 2006

A very Jewish conspiracy

The 7 December 2007 edition of The Jewish Chronicle reported thus:

"LABOUR DONOR David Abrahams has made clear to the JC where he thinks the blame lies for the events that put him at the centre of a major political scandal alongside Jon Mendelsohn, a former colleague at LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL and now GORDON BROWN'S FUNDRAISER.

From his £1 million apartment overlooking London’s Regents Park, he lashed out at those he claimed had blackened his name simply for giving money to a cause close to his heart. He also claimed that he had made his donations secretly so as to avoid accusations of his being part of a 'JEWISH CONSPIRACY'.

Of the row surrounding 19 anonymous donations made through third parties, Mr Abrahams told the JC: 'The Daily Telegraph was saying that the money was not mine and that IT CAME FROM ISRAEL... It was totally wrong to say that IT CAME FROM ISRAEL. Now they are saying there was a JEWISH CONSPIRACY, with Lord Levy, Jon Mendelsohn and me...

I wanted to remain anonymous was that I didn’t want JEWISH MONEY AND THE LABOUR PARTY being put together... People would say there’s a JEWISH CONSPIRACY. I didn’t come into Labour just to GIVE THEM MONEY. I give money to many good causes, TO JEWISH CHARITIES, not just TO LABOUR.'
As for Jon Mendelsohn, the Prime Minister’s chief fundraiser, the Newcastle-born property developer said: 'The letter that Jon Mendelsohn sent was totally confidential. Mendelsohn was a fool and politically naïve to slag me off because he didn’t want me in LABOUR FRIENDS OF ISRAEL. I WAS THE TREASURER AND HAD BEEN A MEMBER FOR SOME YEARS. When he became chairman, he thought he might have opposition.

He tried to alienate me from MY OWN ORGANISATION that I HAD HELPED TO BUILD UP. He slagged me off over it and that’s why I released the letter. IF THE GOVERNMENT STARTS HAMMERING ME, THEN IT MIGHT TAKE ONE OR TWO DIRTY TURNS AS WELL!'

Mr Abrahams and Mr Mendelsohn were both involved with LFI, Mr Mendelsohn as chairman and Mr Abrahams as a donor... Mr Abrahams had been a regular visitor to LFI stands at Labour events and HIS FAMILY WERE LONG STANDING SUPORTERS!

Mr Mendelsohn became embroiled after he admitted he had known of the arrangement, which broke electoral law, for at least two months. The JC has seen the letter to Mr Abrahams from Mr Mendelsohn praising him as 'one of the party’s strongest supporters'.


Mr Abrahams has not shied away from publicity. On Tuesday night, he topped the guest list at the Anglo-Israel Association’s fundraising dinner at the Savoy, arriving with a friend he introduced as Catherine Zalanowska.

Mr Abrahams last week hired Martin Minns as his spokesman. Mr Minns has a long history in politics, which began with THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY, as an agent then assistant campaign director at Central Office. He left in 1992 to set up a PR company....
In the Commons on Wednesday, MP ANDREW DISMORE (most pro-Jewish non-Jew in the Commons now that Tony B is no longer there) was somewhat taken aback at the response to a question he put to Gordon Brown during Prime Minister’s Questions. Mr Dismore wanted the Prime Minister to acknowledge the contribution made by the British Jewish community, to mark Chanucah.

But as he began his question, he said: 'Some Tories shouted ‘Lord Levy’ and ‘David Abrahams’ when I said the word Jewish'... This whole thing has been turned into an antisemitic attack. It’s neither here nor there that they are Jewish, it’s irrelevant. THE PRIME MINISTER ROSE ABOVE IT'."
Isn't it great when Jews fall out with each other? That's when we get to find out all sorts of things that we're not supposed to know!

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