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Immigrant Gratitude

On Thursday 29 November 2007, the programme, London Talking was aired.

The programme was hosted by the former Blue Peter presenter, Konnie Huq, who is Bangladeshi. The Italian Brit, Nick Ferrari, was a panel member. His I'm-not-racist-but pontifications represented the token white 'British' presence in the 'debate.'

The Jews Vanessa Feltz and David Aaronovich were also panelists and, to the unaware, will have represented Britishness as well. The Ugandan Asian, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, was the other member of the panel.

Here are some of the things this representative bunch had to say about immigration.

Vanessa Feltz: "If we stopped immigration... we'd be six million pounds less well off because that's the amount of money generated in the capital last year by immigrants! Not only that, WE'D BE BOG BORING, WE WOULD BE BLEAK AND DREARY AND HOMOGENOUS! WE'D LOOK AS IF WE'D BEEN PUMPED OUT BY THE SAME GHASTLY FACTORY PRODUCTION LINE!

We owe an enormous amount to immigrants! That's really because were are all descended from immigrants, however indigenous you think you are! Have a look in your family tree, you'll see you came from somewhere far afield!

And good, because it adds enormously, not only to the hum of business, in London, Ken Livingston will tell you we are the business capital of the world, we've never been more prosperous than we are today, but also to to the diversity, to the fact that it's amusing walking down the street, to the fact that AS SOON AS YOU GO OUTSIDE LONDON, YOU THINK, 'OH MY GOD! WHERE HAVE I ENDED UP? IT'S LIKE MIDDLE AMERICA OUT THERE'."
In answer to this question from Ferrari:

"What are you saying, the British are too lazy? Indigenous Brits?"
Feltz replied: "That's what Sainsburies said, they said exactly that!" (The Sainsbury family is Jewish)
Alibhai-Brown added:

"Kelvin McKenzie said it! THAT'S THE BEST THING I'VE READ IN A LONG TIME, HE SAID: (gloating) 'BRITISH JOBS FOR BRITISH SHIRKERS?' Look if he can say it, Nick, you can too! (cackle)... You just have to look back at our history. When the Jewish people came it was the same story, one or two fine, the rest are contaminating this capital, there are too many of them, they are taking our jobs! go back to the Hugenots, Shakespeare was writing about it!"
Kelvin McKenzie is the editor most associated with the Rupert Murdoch's Sun newspaper. He was personally responsible for the introduction of much of the dumbed-down content more than 3,000,000 Sun 'readers' nowadays pore over.

David Aaronovich said this:

"THERE'S NO QUESTION THAT DIVERSITY IS WHAT WE WANT. Vanessa must be absolutely right. Alibhai-Brown, Feltz, Huq, Aaronovich, Ferrari! Bye bye immigrants, bye bye panel! Now turn the camera on the people who are here today, it sort of disappears.

WE SHOULD HAVE ID CARDS! Until you have proper ID cards you won't know who is in the country and, actually, YOU WON'T REALLY CARE!..

You're like Canute's courtiers, taking his chair to the waves and saying, come on, command the sea to go back. IT'S NOT GOING TO GO BACK...

There isn't a solution in the way you're looking for. There isn't a solution... You're going to be very impoverished if you attempt to have a bad policy to stop immigrants coming in. You're going to be poor as a consequence of that. So what you're going to have to do, you've got to have more flexibilty about getting more money to the places where people need the services. THAT'S WHAT NEW GLOBALISATION MEANS! YOU'RE LIVING IN THE PAST!"
Audience member, Anita Sollis, Head of Ethnic Minority Achievement at Southfields Community College, and as PC as can be imagined, said this:

"We think we're the most multicutural school in Europe... 71 LANGUAGES ARE SPOKEN BY THE CHILDREEN AT OUR SCHOOL... We are an exceptional school, we are copnsdered outstanding in every area by OFSTED... WE ARE TRULY HARMONIOUS... Obviously we do have children who come who are complete beginners and we need resources and THEY POSE CERTAIN DIFFICULTIES but they also bring a lot of advantages.

Our school has achieved much higher results since we've had many more children from abroad and that's party because the attitude of immigrants to education (furious applause from Feltz and Alibhai-Brown) is that is that way you will succeed. The parents, the students know that their way up is through education and therefore THE CHILDREN FROM ABROAD ARE LIKE ROLE MODELS TO OUR CHILDREN!"
Audience member, Rob Winder, author of Bloody Foreigners and a former BBC Middle East correspondent, was, for 5 years, the Literary Editor of The Independent.

A member of the Gaieties Cricket Club, captained by Harold Pinter, (Jewish) Winder is, pretty obviously, a PC luvvy of the first water. He said this:

"It's just part of normal life. As David said IT'S CANUTISH TO OPPOSE IT. To object to immigration, or to decide whether you think it's a good or a bad thing, it's a bit like objecting to growing up. IT DOESN'T REALLY MATTER WHAT WE THINK BECAUSE IT'S HAPPENING. I don't think scale is a problem."
So, according to him, as many as want to should be allowed in because 'scale' is not 'problem.' He, obviously, doesn't live anywhere close to where our little girls have been routinely abused, raped and prostitued by the Muslim paedophile over the course of the last two or three decades.

Or maybe he does and just doesn't care.

Videos of this programme may be seen here: Immigrant Gratitude and Immigrant Gratitude 2.

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