Monday, 10 July 2006

Reds are good for something!

At the 'My work here is done' thread in the Facebook group 'If Christmas, the English flag or St Georges Day Offends you, F**K OFF!!!,' Ed Roy Woods says this:

This was my response:

"Priceless, Roy! Absolutely priceless! I shall quote your words of wisdom far and wide! Thus, in the tiny, morality-less mind of the blinking, PC teletubby, if a mass-murderer happens to be Black or Pakistani, he is only as bad as a the little, old lady on the BNP list who happens to be a tad critical of his anti-British savagery!

Come to think of it, you weren’t that specific were you, Red? It could be any little old lady! If she dared to utter the least criticism of any black or Pakistani person, no matter what heinous crime they had committed, she would be as bad as them!

What a recruiting tool this will be! Thank you, Ed Roy Woods. You have given me new hope. Reds are good for something, after all! Take a deep breath, my dear Red Ed, you are about to become a Nationalist icon!"
After posting the above at various Nationalist sites, I opined thus:

"Many Facebook groups that would, at first glance, seem Nationalistic or, at least, pro-British, are infested with the most venomous Reds and PC types.

I persevere at such sites in order to let the decent folks who check in on what's being said see their nastiness when confronted with facts and statistics they can't wish away. And, also, as I, generally, preserve a measured and gentlemanly, if somewhat p***-taking, demeanour during these confrontations, the casual and fair-minded onlooker may contrast the guy in the white hat with those in the black. And, hopefully, draw a conclusion or two that he many not have drawn before.

Facebook is an irritating site and it's not really a place for too much intelligent debate. But, as well as the obvious networking potential and the opportunities to needle and worry the Reds, I do think there is a deal of fertile ground for the patient Nationalist to plough.

Check it out."
Immediately after posting the above reply to Ed Roy Woods on Facebook, my account was disabled and all of the information and comment I had entered into the site over the course of the previous two years disappeared overnight.

Ed Roy Woods is a black man. The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is Jewish.

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