Thursday, 13 July 2006

Leaving your house unlocked

On 7 August 2006, the Europe Gateway web site quoted Tsar Kiro, unoffical leader of the Bulgarian Gypsies, thus:

“Crime and corruption in Bulgaria are huge problems and, once the borders open up, the country will be exporting both to the EU… EU membership will provide criminals with many new opportunities. They will expand their empires while corrupt bureaucrats who have been stealing from their people and the EU will have a chance to siphon off even more when billions of dollars in subsidies start flowing in.”
Another Bulgarian criminal described Bulgarian accession to the EU as follows:

“For the smaller guys, especially gypsy criminals who before found it difficult to travel easily across Europe, the opening of borders will present a world of opportunities. IT’S LIKE LEAVING YOUR HOUSE UNLOCKED AND HOPING THIEVES WON’T COME TO HELP THEMSELVES. WHY SHOULDN’T THEY?”
So, as they rubbed their hands together in gleeful anticipation of loot, two Bulgarian bad guys were quite happy to point out the obvious and tell the British people the unvarnished truth.

Common sense tells us that anyone who encourages the likes of these to come to our country does not have the best interests of the British people at heart. Common sense tells us that the politicians, and the fat cat businessmen who own them, are our enemies.

Outside of forums like Stormfront, political correctness has seen off the unvarnished truth and common sense in recent times.

In the future, whenever you bump into a swarthy Gypsy gentleman on his way to burgle your grandma, don't tell him to bugger off back to Bulgaria and get yourself arrested, tell him where the politicians, the fat cats and the PC crowd live instead.

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