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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

On 25 June 2007, Alibhai-Brown said this in The Independent:
"For many years, those who should have held him back from his impulses and excesses were too in awe of his powerful image, too grateful to him personally for the New Labour victory, too susceptible to the charm he turned on with such alarming ease. And we - black and Asian Britons - genuflected even more humbly before this messiah come to deliver us from the horrid Tories. I confess I was one of them."
"When Blair came into power, Britons seemed to be at ease with racial difference."
Not me and most of the rest, Yaz. We never wanted you here and, to be perfectly frank, if you all f***ed off tomorrow, we'd blow you racially different types a kiss on the way out.
"And, believe it or not, with immigration."
Oh no, Yazzer. You’re a liar or you’re stark raving bonkers if you think we Brits ever fell for the 'immigration is good for you' thing.

Anybody who ever wanted a bunch of jumped-up Brit-loathers like you piling into the country, sneering at us, ethnically cleansing us out of our own ancient stamping grounds and taking all the top and bottom jobs, is an immigrant themselves, as nuts and nasty as you, a slithery-up-the-greasy-pole jobsworth or a suicidal lemming.
"Britishness itself was finally changing and opening up to its many-hued citizens, too long kept at the fringes."
'Kept at the fringes' like you, Diane Abbot, Oona King, Trevor Philips and all the pop stars, newsreaders and football players you mean?
"The Stephen Lawrence inquiry (one of a few admirable New Labour race initiatives) made white Britain wake up to the evil of racism."
Ah, the Brit-bash knobkerry at it's most nobbly. Here’s a bit of factual 'evil' for you, Yazzer. If you were to extrapolate the stats in the 2001 Census with those in the 2005 British Crime Survey, you would find that, in Britain, an individual black person is 110 times more likely to murder an individual white person than the other way around. An individual Asian is 20.5 times more likely. And the facts and figures in the 2005 BCS were compiled before one black man and three Asians blew up 52 people in London.

I think you would have to agree that these British dead would not be figuring in your 'admirable New Labour race initiatives' equation, now would they, Yazzer?
"The BNP was moribund, and an NOP survey I had commissioned for the Institute for Public Policy Research, and another larger poll by Mori, found immigration and race were low on the list of anxieties for the electorate."
It wasn’t 'low on the list of anxieties' for this elector, Yaz. I admit things have been revving up in recent times but when millions of unwanted foreigners flood into your country and start taking everything your ancestors willed to you, you are liable to start looking for electoral alternatives, you know.
"After the first term, our society shifted into… dangerous fragmentation and unwarranted paranoia."
We started fragmenting as soon as the Windrush arrived in 1948. In fact we started fragmenting in 1941 when the Yanks started sha**ing everything in a dress whilst we were away fighting on behalf of Big Business and the New World Order. By the time of the Nottingham and Notting Hill riots, we were well jigsawed.

As for the 'unwarranted paranoia.' ‘Scuse me, Yaz, but I get paranoid every time you say things like 'I want them (white men) to be the lost species in a hundred years.' Whether such paranoia is unwarranted, well, if you knew that we Brit Nats were planning to genocide your lot, wouldn’t you be a tad concerned?
"The Leader promoted imperial fantasies while embracing reassuring black people such as Trevor Phillips."
Yeah, I loathe him for the imperial fantasies and Trevor-up-the-bum bit, too, Yaz.
"Coalitions of activists disintegrated, and with encouragement from politicians, each sub-group now competed to be the most oppressed, Muslims in particular. Before Blair there was no Islamophobia, only racism."
I’m going to whisper this, Yazzer. IT’S THE JEWS. They don’t like it when a golden horde of Jew-haters start acting up in their direction. Even when it was, in large part, their own anti-Brit antics that got the hordes over here in the first place.

You don't ever want to p*** off a Jew like Desmond or a Zionist like Murdoch if you want to stay healthy in Brit-Bash Land, Yaz. And you've got to admit, the Abduls haven't exactly been playing ball in this area in recent times, now have they?
"The left supported immigration and abhorred the victimisation of incomers."
But, interestingly, they never seemed to abhor the 'victimisation' of the indigenous. You know, all those old, white ladies who kept on getting mugged by the black types and all those young, white girls who kept getting drugged up, raped and turned to prostitution by the black and brown types.
"Now these comrades became the enemies of migration."
What, you mean like the Billy Bragg, UAF, Love Music, Hate Racism lot? Nah. Honestly, Yaz, you aren't half full of sh**e sometimes.
"The alchemist Blair mixed right-wing populism with left-wing platitudes; rabid capitalism with moral purpose; illiberalism with patriotic posturing, religious fervour with global politics, expediency with ethics...

Blair presents himself as a noble, steadfast leader, too good for his people and the feral press, a tragic Christian figure whose one unpopular decision wiped away the extraordinary record he leaves which one day we will truly appreciate. He stoops to conquer our misgivings and cynicism. Don't let him. He has broken up our nation."
Good. Just goes to show, even a genocidal immigrant like Yazzer can get it right once in a while.
"Under his tent we squabble and terrorise each other."
Er, under his tent WE squabble and YOU terrorise, actually, Yaz.
"The divisions have deepened between black and white Britons; between peoples of various faiths, between them and atheists, the rich and poor, devolved nations, settled folk and migrants, children and society, the powerful and powerless citizens, town and country, the EU and us, the Middle East and us.

The major reason for this becoming so noticeable now is because it’s happening in the leafy suburbs and not just the no-account tenements."
When you’ve got 22 Rumanian Gypos living on one side of you, 50 Pakistani postal voters living on the other side and a bejewelled Jamaican Yardie living across the street, even the dimmest “I’m not racist but” is liable to go looking for a bit of real, Stormfront-type truth once in a while.

Thus, when the unknown reality is emerging elsewhere anyway, the media is forced to climb aboard the bandwagon. This, in turn, ratchets up the division that has, in fact, been there all along.

PC destroyers like you could get away with the pretense that everything was happy-clappy in La-La land as long as brute, immigrant behaviour remained in the inner cities. Now that it's everywhere, well, those with cash and clout always squeal the loudest, don't they?

You've been rumbled, I'm afraid, but not for the reasons you cite. Although I must admit, when you go a-slaughtering innocent Abduls in the East on behalf of sinister Jewish Neocons in the West, the Abduls in your own back yard are liable to want to revenge themselves upon the odd, innocent Brit. And when they do, in an age when leafy suburbia is waking up to the threat to themselves, the powers-that-be were always going to get stuck in on behalf of their own, weren't they?

Leafy suburbian anxiety + Iraq? Sorry Yaz, when the elephant in the room is, actually, standing on upper crust bunions, the quiet bit of the secret war is over, I'm afraid.
"And then there is Iraq, our undying shame."
Iraq is the 'undying shame' of certain media darlings. Tony B, New Labour and the Tories, actually, Yazzer. Oh, and the sheeple voters that maintain these in power. All shades of British Nationalism were totally against the war.
"The impenitent PM claims the illegal adventure would have been another jewel in his crown if only the post-war chaos had been better managed by the US. He claimed he had no choice. But he did. European nations did, and most chose to do the right thing.

More than 700,000 Iraqis so far have been killed because our divinely inspired PM worships the US, had to punish Arabs - any Arabs - for the acts of 11 September, and still believes the massacred innocents on the killing fields of Iraq die for the best cause ever. That position has lost this country any moral authority in world affairs."
For a Ugandan-Asian a***hole, that was remarkably well put, Yazzer.
"And left us looking deceitful and corrupt."
There you go again, Yazzer! All that sh** left Tony and the Cronies looking deceitful and corrupt, NOT US!
"Even in the build-up to the fight against British imperialism, when subject nations knew the perfidious cunning of Albion, the reputation of this country was upheld by its most vocal detractors."
Hmm. Our top turds have always been creepy but at least as much of their creepiness was aimed at the poor and working-class over here as it was against the fuzzy-wuzzy, the whirling dervish and the eastern potentate types, that’s for sure.
"Blair has taken us as low as we can go. Brown let him. Now the new PM expects to break from the ignoble decade and raise us up with resonant words. The desperate nation is once more vulnerable to the bringer of good hope. Careful now, hold back, stay alert and don't be swept away this time. Blair never learnt any lessons, but we must."
We must, Yazzer, we must. However, as the lessons WE must learn are rather different to the ones the PC Crowd would be interested in, I'll let the newcomers to this blog check out how one high profile journalist, a former board member of the Brit-loathing Runnymede Trust no less, has expressed her gratitude to those who gave her sanctuary over the years:
"There is an underlying assumption that says white is right. There is a white panic every time one part of their world seems to be passing over to anyone else. But it's foolish to panic about it. So what if we do become a majority? What difference does it make? The empire strikes back really.

There was this extraordinary assumption that white people could go and destroy peoples and it would have no consequence. It astounds me."
"The making and remaking of any nation is not an easy task, and you need real guts and conviction to press on with it. This country has never appreciated the extraordinary contributions of immigrants... the need to make a new social contract between all the citizens and the state so that we know what we stand for".
"Hundreds of thousands of true sons and daughters of this great nation stormed into London to sound off about how deprived they are and how they feel victims of prejudice so bad that, according to the Prince of Wales, they are even worse off than blacks and gays. How intolerable! My heart breaks at the thought of those poor, flushed apple cheeks of country Brits as they watch us blacks and those queers overtaking them in the gallop to privilege...

Oh I hear you yelping all right... Are those who object to my thinking absolutely sure that the Countryside Alliance really would like multiracial Britain to invade its pure little village? Would they welcome a beautiful temple or mosque to stand with the small church spires if a substantial number of us did manage to sneak in by cheating estate agents?... Most shameful of all have been the recent outbursts over asylum centres in countryside locations."
"Bit by bit, the very essence of Britishness is being transformed... I will... spend my life helping to make a more inclusive and dynamic new nation, instead of making do with the decaying remnants of a long gone past."
"Xenophobia and imperial arrogance lurk inside most white Britons".
"Until the people of this country can apologise for their imperial past, none of us can move on".
"Jack Straw... has said something that one can almost agree with... On GMTV last Sunday, Mr Straw asserted that much of the disgraceful behaviour of English hooligans abroad came out of a distorted sense of patriotism bound up with the 'baggage of empire'."
"Once, I'd have applauded anybody who publicly humiliated the English. Now, I feel more disquiet than wicked delight".
"The numbers of refugees coming to Britain has been going down substantially since 1997." (As of 2005, during the previous six years, Britain had taken in an average of 157,000 known immigrants every year. This does not include around 350,000 foreign "students" or the illegal immigrants that we don't know about)
"We must never underestimate the power of racism and xenophobia to influence resentful whites left behind in this bright, new, zappy digital age."
And yet, the lady can admit to this:
"Rightly or wrongly quite a lot of us (Asian women) believe that in order to fulfil our lives it just won't be possible if we marry an Asian man who however egalitarian before marriage very often becomes extremely sexist afterwards... More and more black and Asian and Chinese people will be marrying whites and each other. There is no stopping this, it seems to me."
After this acknowledgement of the merit of 'whites,' she goes on to say:
"I hope it makes this country become more comfortable with its hybridity as a national characteristic."
In other words: 'Bring on the melting-pot, sister. Let's get those Anglo-Saxon coils shuffled off!'

And then there was this:
"If I were a white pensioner living on a street in Bradford where Asian men, braggarts and brawlers, pimps and dealers, had taken over, of course I would reach out for the meanest part of me and hate the whole lot of them.

The endless stories of Albanian and Turkish warring gangs; of black men and gun crimes; of hideously deformed mullahs who think they have the right to incite, in the house of God, young Muslim men to hate; and Algerians accused of making poisons and killing policemen, have created a new anger and hostility to our presence across British society".
An Alibhai-Brown book which features a black Queen on the front cover is pictured below.

Alibhai-Brown was awarded an MBE in 2001 for services to journalism'.

Go here to view Spare me the tears of the white working-classes.

Go here to view The forces of hate are still with us

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