Saturday, 3 June 2006

David Lammy

After arriving in parliament via a by-election, David Lammy, the New Labour MP for Tottenham was promoted with such indecent haste by Tony Blair that he only had time to sign 27 Early Day Motions.

When you consider that some backbench MPs have signed over 10,000 such EDMs without ever having had a sniff of a ministerial job, you can see how keen the Dear former Leader was to have a black chap swinging from the topmost branches of the parliamentary canopy every bit as quickly as his good offices would allow.

Indeed, in July, 2000, just one month after Lammy arrived in Westminster, Tony Blair said this at a meeting of non-indigenous business leaders:

"One day, yes, one day, there will be a black Prime Minister."
Unfortunately, as soon as he got to the dispatch box, his ineptitude was embarassingly obvious and he was shuffled throughout various departments without being able to get much of a toehold anywhere.

Still, by the time New Labour was booted out of power, he had served as a Minister in the Department of Health; the Department of Constitutional Affairs; the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and he had also been Minister for Skills and Minister for Higher Education and Intellectual Property. So, I guess Tony B had not given up completely on his brown-eyed boy. After Blair departed ge was also made a member of the Privy Council.

Not bad for one of five brothers and sisters brought up by a single mother on an inner city housing estate.

Anyway, 27 EDMs isn't much to go on, if you want to figure out whose side this fellow is on. However, within the various Motions that Lammy did sign, he managed to get the obligatory reference to Stephen Lawrence in the frame. He also told us that he wanted to 'promote the abundance of talent from within the UK's ethnic minority communities.'

He also wanted us sheeple to beware of those who 'seek to incite or encourage, blatantly or covertly, racial hatred, prejudice and discrimination' and he also wanted us to be careful not to 'cause hurt and distress to many residents from all cultures and backgrounds.'

He also said that he wanted prospective candidates for election to 'to observe the Commission for Racial Equality's Compact.' The Commission for Racial Equality was headed by Trevor Philips at the time, who, like Lammy, is also black.

Phillips is not a lonely ethnic at the CRE, it is peopled by all manner of non-indigenous types. Their self-designated role in life, it seems, is to shuffle off the mortal coil of ye olde British dinosaur, who, just a few short years back, gave them and their forbears sanctuary here, as quickly as possible. Anyway, it's pretty obvious where Tony B's golden-brown boy is coming from, don't you think?

As regards his voting record, he has NEVER voted against the wishes of his Lord and Master.

Thus, in January 2006, he voted several times to introduce yet another race and religion law designed, supposedly, to protect the Muslims from nastiness. In reality, however, it was just another legislative device to stifle free speech and bash those Brits who don't take the hint. Oh yes, telling too much of the truth that New Labour and the PC crowd want kept hidden is a criminal offence these days.

So, what do we know about David Lammy? We know that the few EDMs that he signed signify that he is as on-message as any other tinted parliamentarian when it comes to pro-immigrant, anti-British stuff. We know that, in January 2006, he voted for a new bunch of race/religion law designed to bear down even more of the native inhabitants of this country. We also know that he signed an EDM mentioning Stephen Lawrence and he managed to refer to the murder of Damilola Taylor (at the hands of feral, black teenagers) whilst he was doing his minor ministerial bit on the floor of the House of Commons.

Here are a few things that happened to Lammy's constituents whilst he was their MP.

On 11 August 2004, Tottenham resident, Bernard Hegarty, was stabbed repeatedly in a 'frenzied' street attack and died in the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, 5 days later. Bernard had made the mistake of resisting an armed mugger whilst he was out on his lunch break. Career criminal and drug addict, Christopher Olokun, who killed Bernard, is black.

In September 2004, father-of-two, Kevin Molloy, was stabbed to death in a random attack in Tottenham. 24-year-old immigrant, Daniel Gonzales, murdered four other British people without reason or provocation in September 2004.

On 2 December 2003, a failed asylum-seeker who arrived in England from the Congo in 1999, with his wife and two children, was jailed for raping a mother-of-three in Tottnham. Linkoy Muhuri is HIV-positive and the woman he attacked was counselling him regarding his HIV status at the time. She said:

"He was like an animal. I could not believe he would do this to me after what we had been talking about".
At Muhuri's trial, the judge imprisoned him for 10 years and recommended that he be deported to the Congo on his release. However, as there will be very little in the way of medical treatment for AIDS available for him in the Congo, British law will insist that he isn't removed from Britain after he has served his sentence.

His family has been allowed to stay here on compassionate grounds so they can visit him.

Even though the aforementioned incidents occurred in Lammy's own constituency, he never bothered to bring the plight of the victims to the attention of the Commons, as he had with Stephen and Damilola.

Whilst he was the Minister for Higher Education, Lammy took part in a celebrity edition of MASTERMIND.

Clink on the above link if you wish to see it.

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