Wednesday, 28 June 2006

We’re increasingly employing foreign workers

On 17 November 2011, Charlie Mullins, boss of Pimlico Plumbers, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:

“We’re increasingly employing foreign workers. They have the right attitude and are prepared to work harder. The younger British generation who come in for interviews are often sent by the benefit people and have no desire to work. It’s a case of ‘won’t work,’ not ‘can’t work’. They feel as if the country owes them a living…

British workers are too picky and choosy and not prepared to work hard,’ he said. ‘They are demanding ridiculous money. Many of the young people who come in for interviews have never even been in a workplace. Many of them have degrees: I don’t need people with degrees – I need people with the right attitude.”
Keith Abel of the organic greengrocers, Abel and Cole, was quoted thus:

“People are not prepared to start with what they deem to be menial jobs… People who are in the benefits system struggle with the concept of getting out of bed at 5.30 to do a six o’clock until three o’clock shift on £7 an hour when the actual additional income they’d be taking home is initially very small.”
Hotel owner, Terry Rogers, said this:

“I have come to the sad conclusion that many young people simply do not want to work… When it comes down to hard graft, they are simply not interested. The truth is that young people think the state owes them a living. Underpinning everything is a welfare state which creates a culture where no one worries whether they have a job or not because there’s always free money from the Government to fall back on… It shames me to say this but it was often easier to teach English to foreign applicants than it is to try to instill the right work ethic in our own English-speaking youth.”
If what these British businessmen say is true, who made our young men and women this way? Who turned the hard-working and conscientious British people into the useless bunch of indolent scroungers condemned here?

Well, that's an easy one. The ‘education, education, education’ politicians did it. The politicians who send fifty percent of our young men and women to university now, despite the fact that they can’t spell or long divide, pumping them full of false expectation and hope, that's who did it. The politicians who, by opening up our borders and workplaces to all manner of non-native folk, ensure that there are no jobs waiting for the university-educated when they receive their often meaningless ‘qualification.’

It didn’t start with Blair, of course. It began when Thatcher destroyed British industry and the jobs and communities that relied upon it. As she demolished our productive capacity she also sowed the seeds of the fecklessness and disinterest that now prevails.

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