Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Turkey is vital!

On 22 November 2011, the British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, eulogised thus in The Telegraph:
"Last year within three months of becoming Prime Minister, David Cameron arrived in Ankara. When asked ‘Why Turkey?’ and ‘Why so soon?’ he said: because Turkey is  vital for our economy, vital for our security and VITAL FOR OUR POLITICS and our diplomacy.

Turkey is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. A young, energetic and entrepreneurial workforce, over half the population is under 29 years old, is an integral part of the success story."
‘A young, energetic and entrepreneurial workforce.’ Just the kind of ‘workforce’ to do the jobs the aforementioned businessmen say our ‘picky and choosy’, workshy youngsters won't and CAN’T do any more, eh, William?
"The case for a strong bilateral partnership between Britain and Turkey has never been stronger… Over the last 18 months we have laid firm foundations for that relationship through an ambitious Strategic Partnership which prompted the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to say that relations with the UK had entered a ‘golden age’. Indeed they have.

Since the Partnership was signed, we have established a UK-Turkey CEO Forum, composed of around 25 of the most senior business figures from our two countries to discuss the strategic issues that will deliver profitable business for the future."
These would be the same ’business figures’ who’d prefer ‘a young, energetic and entrepreneurial workforce’ like Turkey’s than one that ‘struggles with the concept of getting out of bed at 5.30,’ one supposes.
"Turkey also shares our concerns on immigration. We have developed a number of joint projects to stem the flow of illegal migrants entering the EU from central and southern Asia."
And, in return, they get membership of the EU, eh, Billy? And then, instead of all the central and southern Asian invaders, we get the Turks, is that how it works?
"Turkey, a very successful example of modern democracy in a largely Muslim country."
And why on earth wouldn’t we want to cuddle up to all those ‘very successful examples’ who just happen to be Muslim, eh Billy?
"It’s clear that the UK and our fellow member states in the EU will have to contend with rapid change and uncertainty in our neighbourhood… in the coming years."
It’s ’clear’ to me that the global elite has mapped out its next big thing. ‘Rapid change’ and even more ’uncertainty in our neighbourhood,’ courtesy of yet another wave of unwanted foreigners.
"My Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoglu, is making active and astute contributions on issues at the heart of the EU’s foreign policy agenda."
Anyone out there surprised by this?
"Since the launch of EU accession negotiations in 2005, Turkey has taken important strides towards meeting EU standards on human rights, democracy and governance… The Turkish Government has committed itself to further progress through a new constitution that will meet the aspirations and demands of a modern democracy... and we want to send a message of a full support for energetic Turkish negotiations with the EU…

It is deeply disappointing that these have been grindingly slow. If they continue with the same tempo the risk is that Turkish public opinion, traditionally in favour of ENTRY INTO THE EU, will turn against it and an historic opportunity will have been spurned. This is in no one's interest."
Well, that’s a lie, Billy. If the Turks ‘turn against’ the idea of swamping us with yet more job and space-taking millions then the day when we get to be a minority in our own country is delayed that bit longer. And there aren’t many Brits who are going to complain about that.
"I call on Turkey to keep its patience and determination to join the EU, and also on our eu partners to keeping working towards a goal that is in our common interests."
I call on the British people to hate the political class with all their heart and soul. The William Hagues, the Camerons, Cleggs and Milibands, the Blairs, the Browns, the Mandelsons, Straws and Harmans are at war with us.

I preach hatred of those who are ‘working towards a goal’ that will only ever be in the interests of the one-world-ruled-by-the financial-political-and-business-elites-forever crowd. I preach hatred of those who, even now, are plotting to flood our already overcrowded country with a million more Muslims and then some.

I preach hatred of those that you, in your grotesque and suicidal foolishness, carry on voting for.
"Economic uncertainty within the EU and political uncertainty on the continent’s southern and eastern borders should be pulling the EU and Turkey together, not pushing them apart. Turkish accession would bring fresh energy to the Single Market."
'Turkish accession' will bring the day when the white race disappears from the pages of history that bit closer. Does anyone out there really think that the Turkish Muslims who, as we speak, will be preparing to join their religious brethren as soon as EU accession allows them to do so, will treat us with respect, affection and gratitude when they get here? You do? Well, then you'd better check out the respect, affection and gratitude shown by just one former asylum-seeking Muslim who piled in with the Ugandan Asian hordes in 1972.

In an infamous June 2006 edition of Dateline London, Gavin Esler posed this question:
"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?"
To which Yasmin Alibhai-Brown replied:
Now that genocidal, little acid drop, ladies and gentlemen, was uttered by someone who has been richly rewarded by our godforsaken ‘white guy’ society. When the Turks come a-colonising, expecting the streets to be paved with gold only to find they are competing with a hundred other nationalities and religions for the few scraps left, what do you imagine their reaction will be? What do you think the ‘young, energetic and entrepreneurial’, whose dreams and aspirations are thwarted by an increasingly inward-looking, suspicious and desperate British society, are going to make of us then?

And how do you think the Turkish criminal is going to behave? In April 2011, The Daily Mail informed us that, in 2010, in just nineteen of the fifty two British police forces, 91,234 immigrants had been arrested on their patch! If one extrapolates this figure across the whole country, almost 250,000 immigrants will have been arrested! Does anyone out there imagine the Turkish criminal will suddenly see the law-abiding light when he gets here and begin to behave in an ‘enriching’ and ‘cohesive’ way?

As I said, ladies and gentlemen, it is war. THEY, the Hagues, Camerons, Cleggs and Milibands are at war with us. Just as the Wilsons, Jenkinses, Heaths, Thatchers, Lawsons and Brittans were before them. If you want your country back, you must break free from globalism’s grip on your lives. You must insist that our politicians make good on their pledges and give you the EU referendum they promised. At which point we can get the hell out of there and the Turkish multitudes don't get a free pass to the land of immigrant plenty.

If we don’t get that referendum, you’d better believe that it won’t be long before Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s dearest wish comes true.

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