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On 3 April 2009, The Daily Mail reported thus:

“A ROMANIAN CAREER CRIMINAL WHO RAPED A YOUNG WOMAN SO HE COULD BE SENT TO A 'LUXURIOUS' BRITISH PRISON and get free lodgings and English lessons had his wish granted yesterday. Ali Majlat, who was allowed into this country DESPITE HAVING SPENT MORE THAN HALF HIS LIFE IN PRISON, cornered a 21-year-old at a deserted train station and attacked her in a subway.

HE HAD BEEN RELEASED FROM PRISON IN OXFORDSHIRE ONLY TWO DAYS EARLIER, travelling to Yorkshire in an unsuccessful attempt to visit his brother Dominic, WHO WAS ALREADY IN JAIL FOR RAPE. Majlat, 35, had been inspired to carry out his crime after hearing from Dominic about THE 'EASY AND COMFORTABLE CONDITIONS' IN BRITISH JAILS, and yesterday he was ordered to serve an indeterminate sentence at one...

'This was a woman who was deliberately raped so that he could get accommodation in prison,' said Judge Alistair McCallum at Leeds Crown Court. 'IT DOESN'T GET MUCH WORSE’… Branding HIM 'ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS TO OUR COMMUNITY', the judge said Majlat could be considered for parole in four-and-a-half years' time but is likely to be imprisoned at huge expense to the taxpayer for many years longer…

Majlat grew up in one of his home country's notorious Communist-era state orphanages because HIS ILLITERATE PARENTS COULD NOT AFFORD TO FEED HIM. After leaving the institution at the age of 16 he was soon caught stealing, and ended up spending 19 YEARS IN ROMANIAN PRISONS WITH A TOTAL OF 11 CONVICTIONS FOR THEFT AND BURGLARY.

Last August, with HIS 45-YEAR-OLD BROTHER SERVING A LIFE SENTENCE HERE FOR RAPE AND ATTEMPTED MURDER, he travelled to Britain to visit him. Before he had the chance to do so, HE WAS CONVICTED IN CONNECTION WITH A BURGLARY in London and jailed for eight weeks.

DESPITE HIS RECORD, HE WAS NOT DEPORTED on his release on October 10 because he was not deemed to be 'high risk'. Instead he travelled to Wakefield, West Yorkshire, two days later to visit his brother, but was turned away because he did not have the right paperwork.

Majlat went straight to Wakefield Kirkgate station where he spotted the young woman, a soldier's girlfriend, on a deserted platform. After pestering her, saying 'You should love me' in broken English, HE BEGAN PUNCHING AND KICKING HER. She fled down an underpass, but Majlat caught up with, pinned her to the ground, HALF-STRANGLED HER AND RAPED HER.

She later told police the thought that flashed through her mind:


However, Majlat released her after taking her mobile phone and money. He travelled to London where he was caught after using the mobile. He later told a psychologist:


Yesterday officials who had dealt with Majlat in Romania revealed that IF THEY HAD BEEN ASKED, THEY WOULD HAVE CLASSIFIED HIM ' HIGH RISK' AND CAPABLE OF RAPE. They were not surprised that he committed crime just to get into a British jail, saying he was completely institutionalised after spending his life in a grim orphanage followed by prison.

'HE ALWAYS FELT BETTER IN PRISON, it was the only support system he ever received,' said the chief psychologist at Bircea Mare Prison...

In Majlat's hometown of Petrila, head of social services Susana Heljiu said:


An acquaintance said:

'His attitude was simple - if he got away with the crime, he benefited. IF HE GOT CAUGHT, HE WOULD GO TO PRISON, AND THAT'S WHAT HE REALLY WANTED’…

AS WITH OTHER EU CITIZENS, ROMANIAN NATIONALS NEED ONLY A PASSPORT TO ENTER BRITAIN, so immigration staff may not be given details of any convictions in their home countries...

HIS VICTIM HAS BEEN LEFT SERIOUSLY TRAUMATISED BY HER ORDEAL, has difficulty sleeping and is afraid of men and isolated locations...

Majlat appeared to smirk in the dock due to what his lawyer said was a medical condition.”

Dominic Majlat was given two life sentences for rape and GBH with intent.

After tricking a woman into his car with a promise of tickets to a London Mardi Gras festival, he hit her in the face with a wooden stave, knocking out three of her teeth, raped her and then attempted to strangle her. Passing sentence upon him, the Judge said:

"She was a woman who had not had sexual intercourse with a man before. She only managed to escape by jumping through a window and was left with multiple injuries.”
He is an illegal immigrant who raped, clubbed and attempted to strangle “a woman who had not had sexual intercourse with a man before” in England’s capital city. He already had two convictions for rape in his home country before he did what he did in London. And his brother punched and kicked a young woman before half-strangling and raping her, in order, not just to slake his animal lusts, but to take advantage of the cushy number Dominic Majlat was already experiencing.

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to try and keep such people out of our country? Our politicians don’t. They have been aiding and abetting the Majlats ever since they foist the first race law upon us 47 years ago.

In what way, ladies and gentlemen, did our parliamentary overlords, those who know so much better and see so much further than us, ever expect us to profit from the importation of such corrupt, ignorant and brutish foreigners? In what way was the vast majority ever going to be 'enriched' by such predictable horror? How were we ever going to benefit from such 'absolutely worthless' creatures as these?

The answer is simple. The powers-that-be knew this would happen and they could not have cared less. Those we voted for to protect and promote our interests always knew what the probable outcome of such a rapid and massive colonisation of our land would be.

Those who would dare to say they didn’t forsee this should have resigned long ago. Their consciences should have told them that they had had failed in their duty to the British people and were unfit to serve them. However, you may have noticed that the current crop of parliamentarians do not seem the least bit encumbered by conscience. They appear to be much more interested in stuffing their already bulging wallets full of our tenners than they are in representing our interests.

In truth, folks, they are at war with us. They are at war with us because they are either wholly self-obsessed and motivated, and would never lift a finger to help those who elected them, or because they belong to a sinister confederacy of elite criminals who have, over the last sixty years, sought to destroy our world.

If you find this last statement difficult to believe, read through the Daily Mail article once again and then multiply the Majlats by ten thousand. And then consider that our politicians have created an enormous body of law and entitlement specifically designed to persuade and encourage such people to come here and to ease the way for them once they arrive.

For example, for almost fifty years now, a Majlat would have found it much easier to gain access to council housing than a Brit in straightened circumstances. Now you tell me, does a government that would DELIBERATELY set about creating such a desperate state of affairs really have the best interests of the native people of these islands at heart?

Laws were in place forty years ago that gave the Thought Police of the time the power to come down hard on an employer who was rather too concerned to see that an unsuitable alien did not get the job. As for the angry Brit who might be tempted tell a Majlat to b*gger off home, well, he’s been sorted since 1965 when the Home Secretary of the time, Frank Soskice, led the way in imposing the first race law upon us.

Perhaps those of you who are a little too ready to dismiss the at-war-with-us hypothesis out of hand might have a little think about this: Frank Soskice was a Russian immigrant whose Jewish father was the Private Secretary of the Russian Revolutionary leader, Alexander Kerensky.

Why did Harold Wilson choose a man with such dubious origins to argue the toss, as Home Secretary, for the first British race law? Well, perhaps the answer may be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Ken Livingstone said this in the House of Commons on 10 Jan 1996:

“In 1961, Anatoli Golitsin, a KGB defector… told MI5 that he had heard of a KGB plot to kill the leader of a west European political party so that its man could take over… Peter Wright and other extreme right-wingers inside MI5… believed that the assassinated party leader had to be Gaitskell…

MI5 believed that seven members of Wilson's Government and three other Labour Members of Parliament were either spies or at the very least security risks… Will Owen, the Member of Parliament for Morpeth, eventually turned out to be guilty… All the other names on MI5's list were completely innocent, but that did not stop MI5, in particular Peter Wright, hounding Bernard Floud... MI5 pursued him until he finally committed suicide in a moment of despair.

The other seven Members on MI5's list were John Diamond, Tom Driberg, Judith Hart, Stephen Swingler, John Stonehouse, Barnet Stross and, OF COURSE, WILSON…In the summer of 1967, people from MI5 met people from the CIA, the FBI and the Australian and New Zealand security services in Melbourne, Australia, where they were addressed by Golitsin about his Wilson allegations.

Matters began to hot up when the press baron Cecil King, a long-standing MI5 agent, began to discuss the need for a coup against the Wilson Government… At a meeting with Lord Mountbatten and the Government's chief scientific adviser, Solly Zuckerman, he urged Mountbatten to become the leader of a Government of national salvation…Zuckerman pointed out that that was treason, and left the meeting. The idea came to nothing because of Mountbatten's reluctance to act.”
As regards Livingstone’s assertion that Bernard Floud was 'completely innocent,' in his book, Their Trade is Treachery, Chapman Pincher alleges that he had worked for the KGB. This was confirmed by Peter Wright, the MI5 officer who interrogated him, in Spycatcher.

On 10 January 1965, Frank Soskice eulogised the outsider thus:

In October 2008, 43 years and 10 months after the 'harmless, friendly people, were given more rights in Britain than the British themselves, a young Englishwoman was moved to say, 'that's it, I'm 21 and I'm dead,' as she was being strangled and raped by a 'new arrival' who just happened to have spent 19 years in a series of Romanian prisons. Six months later, a learned Judge opined that 'it doesn't get much worse' than the 'harmless, friendly' incident perpetrated by Ali Majlat.

Without in any way wishing to make light of the horrific suffering an innocent, young girl endured at the hands of an alien beast, I’d have to say that the undeclared war our own politicians have been waging upon us for the last half century would take some beating. It is because of them that obscenities like Ali and Dominic Majlat are now able to wreak their savagery, so easily, upon the British people.

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