Thursday, 1 June 2006

Fear is not the reason

On 11 March 2009, Ruth Dudley-Edwards reported thus in The Daily Telegraph:


In agreeing in advance to what was bound to be an offensive protest, THE POLICE WERE ONLY FOLLOWING WHAT THEY BELIEVE TO BE GOVERNMENT POLICY: DON'T UPSET RADICAL MUSLIMS IN CASE THEY BLOW US UP. Luton has around 20,000 Muslims and is a black spot for jihadism. THE POLICE CONCILIATE THE VOCIFEROUS in the hope they won't get so cross that they bomb the airport...

FEAR IS THE ONLY REASON THAT MUSLIM GROUPS RECEIVE SPECIAL TREATMENT. Why else would the representatives of around two million people have money and time lavished on them in such an obscenely disproportionate way?… And why else would the Government throw £90 MILLION at 'Preventing Violent Extremism' – an UNACCOUNTABLE, contradictory, bureaucratically convoluted counter-terrorism initiative that has the authorities snuggle up to HOMOPHOBIC, MISOGYNISTIC WEST-HATERS, JUST SO LONG AS THEY DON'T ACTUALLY USE VIOLENCE?

The whole mess was highlighted this week in the Policy Exchange report Choosing Our Friends Wisely, which catalogues how THE GOVERNMENT HAS EMPOWERED REACTIONARIES, MARGINALISED MODERATES AND DRIVEN COUNCILS AND POLICE INTO BED WITH ENEMIES OF OUR WAY OF LIFE. Due diligence has been even more lacking here than for Lloyds TSB and HBOS."
Fear is not the reason

As regards 'fear' being the 'only reason that Muslim groups receive special treatment,' Ms Dudley-Edwards could not be more wrong.

Muslim groups receive special treatment because the animals at the top of the tree are at war with us. Unwanted immigration in general; wallet-stuffing bankers; callously-managed hospitals where tens of thousands of British people are dying unnecessarily every year; dumbing-down; drugs; drunkenness; feral kids; gangs; street crime; the onward march of the supermarket and its negative effect upon the high street and the farming and fishing industries; EU law dominating our own; 4.5 million CCTV cameras; the destruction of our industrial base and pension systems; the privatisation of our national assets and the shuffling off of these into foreign hands; unrepresentative media opinion; political correctness; Health-and-Safety Nazis; Iraq and Afghanistan really ought to have given the lady hack a bit of a clue as to the war that is being waged upon us, not just by the Muslims, but from all sides, as we speak.

Imagine this: 500 ordinary, British men and women like you and me ruling the roost. Do you think the Muslims would behave as they do? Would any of us afford Muslim groups 'special treatment' for fear of what might happen if we didn’t?

I'll tell you straight, as soon as those who will stand up for what we really are and what we really want are elected, the threat from 'radical Muslims' will be over. Once we have people like you and me back in charge, there will be no more talk of 'jihad' from the 'radicals.'

Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, with a Brit-first government in charge, the 'radical' would play it cute and immediately draw in his horns. The politician knows this and, I suspect, Ms Dudley-Edwards knows it as well. Unfortunately, they do not want YOU to know it. Those who are at war with us do not want anyone running things who might take action against those who despise us, fix what THEY have broken or punish THEM for breaking it.

The politicians and the dark forces behind the scenes who saw to it that such treacherous anti-Brits got to slither to the top of the greasy pole in the first place, do not want things put back the way they were.

The true Brit does.

How about you? Are you content for things to carry on as they are? Well, if the world is the way you want it, you just keep on doing what those who kowtow to the Muslims and the bankers want you to do. Never mind that they have nothing but contempt for you and see you as their greatest enemy, you carry right on doing what you always did and getting what you always got.

If you want change, however, you are going to have to choose it. You are going to have to put your cross in the box marked 'someone who will put me first'. That is, someone who will put your needs before those of the immigrant, the banker, the PC Crowd and the bought politician.

If you dare to do that, ladies and gentlemen, you will get your country back in the blink of an eye.

Vote for those who care for you, folks. Not for those who want you gone. THEY will never give you your country back.

We will.

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