Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Punish the bad!

On 24 November 2011, The Daily Mail quoted Judge Alistair McCreath thus:

"Right-thinking people are revolted at people looking at this material. Understandably they think people looking at it should go to prison. ‘The difficulty is that the prison sentence I could pass on you would be really short and you would NO DOUBT COME OUT WORSE THAN WHEN YOU WENT IN… If there is one way of guaranteeing to make someone like you worse it is by locking you up with other people who are of that nature. YOU WOULD COME OUT WORSE and perhaps pose some danger to the public which I DON’T THINK YOU DO AT PRESENT."
The Mail added:

"A judge provoked outrage yesterday after SPARING A PAEDOPHILE JAIL BECAUSE IT WOULD ONLY ‘MAKE HIM WORSE’. Christopher Arno, 21, faced up to 18 months in prison after downloading more than 800 ‘revolting’ images of child abuse. Among them were hundreds of photographs graded as THE MOST SERIOUS, INCLUDING IMAGES OF RAPE, SADISM AND TORTURE. But JUDGE ALISTAIR MCCREATH ALLOWED HIM TO WALK FREE saying mixing with other perverts could make him a danger to the public."
Well, this judge is, obviously, one of those rehabilitators who cares not a jot for retribution and the value of it.

Listen up all you non-Nationalist types, this isn’t a message you hear very often in this damnably PC age of ours.

If a society revenges itself upon the bad, it is likely to make the bad more fearful of misbehaving in the future. On the other hand, Judge Alistair McCreath may, very likely, be sending precisely the opposite message to this pervert to the one he says he wishes to convey. You see, his leniency could be interpreted by the wrongdoer as ‘I got away with it. If I do it some more maybe another Judge Alistair type will let me get away with it again!’

Punish the bad! Make them afraid to be bad! Simple, isn’t it? But not, of course, in the world of the do-gooding tenderheart. Not in the land of those who wish the bad to be converted to pseudo-goodness. They just don’t get it, I'm afraid.

Never mind. When the decent return to power in this country, the politically correct will be sacked, flogged and put in the stocks. That might concentrate the minds of the Judge Alistairs who, in behaving compassionately towards the bad, demonstrate a total lack of compassion for the good.

PS. If our prison system is as bad at rehabilitation as the learned judge implies, why are we still bothering? It’s a rhetorical question. I know the answer.

I suspect the 'non-Nationalist' does too.

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