Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Population growth: mankind faces serious problems

On 5 February 2011, Liam Halligan said this in The Daily Telegraph:

"Mankind faces serious problems because population growth, by definition, will eventually outstrip the planet’s ability to provide food. At some point, argued Malthus, the demands of the human race will exceed agricultural capacity, sparking violence, population decline and radical social change…

Since then, the world population has risen 5-fold, to 6.8bn people… For in the last few years, as population projections have spiraled, and food prices with them, Malthus has started to look pretty smart…

The world population has surged 18pc since 2000. Meanwhile, except during the global financial crisis of late 2008 and early 2009, the cost of food has steadily risen…

This trend, as with so much else these days, is being driven by the rise of India, China and the other large emerging markets. As incomes in these hugely populous countries keep rising, their new middle classes are rapidly shifting from a vegetable to an animal-based diet. Meat is an extremely crop-intensive form of protein, as any vegetarian will tell you. So this massive wealth-driven Eastern diet-switch is fuelling the demand for soft commodities.

In addition, we’ve embarked on a biofuels revolution - reaping energy from crops. Over the past six years, as global energy use has escalated, the output of oil and other fossil fuels has barely responded – not least due to looming supply constraints, as the world’s big oil wells deplete, with very few new crude sources coming on-stream. Biofuels from grain, sugar and oil seed are now starting to plug the gap. Accounting for 2.5pc of global energy use, biofuels are now serious business. Boosted by huge Western government subsidies, they’re set to meet more than 10pc of global energy needs by 2030.

The trouble is that biofuels are shifting land use away from crops for food – which, in turn, is pushing food prices up. The extent of this land shift is uncertain. But a recent Friends of the Earth report said that in Africa, the European-led biofuels land-grab is ‘under-estimated and out-of-control… causing conflict and threatening food-security’. So even mainstream environmentalists now feel that biofuels, designed to lower our hydrocarbon addiction, are actually counter-productive given their impact on food…

As a UN report commented last week ‘rising oil prices could further exacerbate an already precarious situation in food markets, adding even more uncertainty to the price outlook just as plantings for crops in some of the major growing regions are about to start’…

We need to accept that in the months to come, among rising fuel and food costs, inflationary expectations will soar. This week, the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee must decide if it will grasp the nettle and raise interest rates. With CPI inflation having been above the 3pc ‘upper limit’ for 20 of the last 36 months, and commodity prices set to send the index into orbit, further delay will leave the Bank’s credibility in tatters."
'Mankind faces serious problems because population growth, by definition, will eventually outstrip the planet’s ability to provide food.'

Common sense really. So the fast-breeding types the politicians and the PC Crowd have been importing into our countryat a rate of knots over the last sixty years, have been behaving with enormous irresponsibility, eh Liam? As have the world-destroyers who imported them. Tell us news, not history.
The politicians and the PC Crowd wouldn’t ever put it this way, of course. The melting pot agenda is too precious and too far advanced to back away from it now.

Interesting though, isn’t it? At precisely the same time that the powers-that-be were encouraging the British to have fewer children, so that they could ‘give them a better start in life’, they were bringing in those who couldn't have cared less for the nuclear family philosophy or the responsibilities that went with it. Makes you wonder if it wasn't all planned, doesn't it?

THEY are at war with us, folks. And the fast-breeding immigrant is his footsoldier.

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