Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Can this gene be switched off?

In the 7 February Daily Telegraph article, ‘Bloody Marvellous’, we were informed thus:

"Researchers believe a predisposition to pessimism is linked to a chemical in the brain that is genetically programmed. The great ranks of grumpy old men and women who spend their days railing against the precipitous decline in standards and morals must now consider that their splenetic outbursts are not a rational response to the shortcomings of the modern world after all, but a biological response beyond their control.

Can this gene be switched off?"
It WILL be switched off if Big Brother and the totalitarians have anything to do with it.

The unnamed researchers tell us that 'the great ranks of grumpy old men and women' who rail against declining standards, inherit their sense of grievance. Well, my father would have considered the insight proposed above very deeply and then he would have laughed. My mother would have considered it deeply and then she would have put the kettle on. I, on the other hand, would grumble because their is much to grumble about these days and the 'Telegraph's view,’ in this instance, is b***ocks.

Those who complain about the way things are now are not excercising a genetic predisposition. They are registering entirely reasonable outrage.

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