Monday, 12 June 2006

Pascal Simpson and the MadBadgers

Stephen Lawrence (d. 1993) has been mentioned over a thousand times in parliament. More than a thousand indigenous Britons have been killed by foreigners since Stephen died. Almost all of them have never been mentioned at all.

On 16 January 2009, the web site of The Nottingham Evening Post said this:

"A family say they lived in fear of convicted killer Pascal Simpson for five years after HE REPEATEDLY THREATENED THEM.

Simpson, 25, was convicted yesterday of the MANSLAUGHTER of Mark Beard in Caldon Green, Bulwell Hall Estate, last July.

Now a 20-year-old man, who IS TOO AFRAID TO BE NAMED, says HIS FAMILY FLED THEIR HOME OF 16 YEARS TO ESCAPE SIMPSON. He says THREATENING GESTURES WERE MADE TOWARDS HIS SIX-YEAR-OLD BROTHER in a school playground and HIS DISABLED MOTHER WAS THREATENED in a supermarket. ‘When I saw he was in court for stabbing someone, I just thought 'that could've been me’,’ he said. ‘FIVE YEARS AGO I TOLD THE POLICE THAT MAN WAS GOING TO KILL SOMEONE ONE DAY. Reading about what has been said in court every day has been bringing it all back’.

Simpson, of Fradley Close, Bulwell, WAS CLEARED OF MURDER."
So, a black man with a long history of nastiness stabs a white man four times, 'one wound was ten inches deep' and, though the article doesn’t tell you this, the white man was stabbed at least once in the back. And it’s not murder. It’s manslaughter.

Keith Brown was stabbed in the back too. He wasn’t killed by a black man though. He was killed by an Asian Muslim. Habib Khan was found guilty of manslaughter too. Even though he, actually, went into his house to, very deliberately, take up the carving knife with which he killed Keith.

Keith was a BNP man. That's why the powers-that-be let Khan off with manslaughter. I wonder what Mark did to upset THEM? He was white, of course. That'd probably do it.

Here are some of the things that were said in the comment section underneath the Nottingham Evening Post article:

The eye: "I personally can’t work out why this is manslaughter the victim was stabbed in the back and chest."
Ironwand: (me) "Well, the PC Crowd like to imply that whitey somehow deserves it when one of their pets stabs someone in the back. When Habib Khan stabbed BNP man, Keith Brown, in the back, he got away with manslaughter too."
MadBadger: "Why do you miss out the part about Keith Brown and his son subjecting Habib Khan and his family to months and months of racist abuse and criminal damage?"
Ironwand: "Because that was the way the PC Crowd in the media put it. No mention was ever made of the many complaints Keith had made to the police, regarding the Khan family’s behaviour.

You seem to be suggesting, Madbadger, that any white Briton, whom the media, the PC Crowd and the immigrant describe as 'racist,' can be stabbed in the back and the full rigor of the law should not applied to his killer! Is that really the way your mind works? If it is, I think that the British should be warned of the MadBadgers in their midst who would have them judged differently to the alien.

For those who are interested a much fairer summation of what Keith and his family suffered at the hands of the Khans, check out Our Dead Must Tell No Tales.
William : "This should be classed as a race hate crime... the McPherson report states that if anyone perceives it to be a race hate crime then it is, pure and simple."
Ironwand: "Ah, but the MacPherson report was only intended to do Mr White down, William, THEY don't like it when we use THEIR laws against THEIR chosen footsoldiers in the war against the native Brit. Check out the Rogues' Gallery.

There are plenty more Pascal Simpsons in there. As you browse through the immigrant bad guys, ask yourselves this: 'Why have I never heard of any of these? When, for 15 long years, the PC Crowd has been ramming Stephen Lawrence down my throat at every opportunity?'
S of Nottm: "PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE ME FEEL PHYSICALLY SICK… scum like you… idiots like you… you are an idiot."
Ironwand: I would guess you are very young, very brainwashed and someone whom the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School would be very proud of. Cultural Marxism = political correctness. Contrary to what most folks think, political correctness did not begin in the 1960s, the Frankfurt School started life as far back as 1923. Check out Who Stole Our Culture.

I wonder, S of Nottm, what do you think of Pascal Simpson? Would he make you feel ‘physically sick'? Would you ever label him an 'idiot' or 'scum'? I doubt it. The politically correct activist, and the wide-eyed lemmings who follow his lead, do seem to spend a lot of time making as many excuses as possible for the bad guy."
S of Nottm: "In the case of this ‘rogues gallery’, are you saying that just because someone put a load of pictures of black criminals together that there are'nt any white criminals?"
Ironwand: 'No.'
S of Nottm: "I think any normal sane person with common sense will know that there are bad people in every culture."
Ironwand: 'True.'
S of Nottm: "I could put up just as many pictures of white criminals as there are black criminals on this rogues gallery of yours."
Ironwand: "Perhaps, you could, but you’d be wasting your time. In case you haven’t noticed, the powers-that-be already do it. The thing you seem to have missed is this, until 7/7/2005, when one black and 3 Asian Muslims blew up 52 Londoners, the Brit-haters in parliament and the media did their best to airbrush immigrant nastiness out of the picture in this country. At the same time, they were exaggerating the poor behaviours of the Native Briton. Particularly those aimed at the foreigner. Thus, for the last 40 years, the gullible Brit has been subjected to a completely phoney picture of criminality in this country.

Stephen Lawrence (d. 1993) has been mentioned over a thousand times in parliament. More than a thousand indigenous Britons have been killed by foreigners since Stephen died. Almost all of them have never been mentioned at all.

The Rogues' Gallery evens up the score a fraction. I do not need to tell anyone about white crime, the parliamentarians, the newspapers and the television screen do that already. However, almost no one in this country will have heard of any of the immigrant felons on view in the Gallery.

Here’s a startling statistic that people like you have always been at pains to keep hidden: if you were to extrapolate the homicide statistics from the last two British Crime Surveys against the 2001 census, you would find that, in the UK, an individual black person is more than 100 times more likely to murder an individual white person than the other way around. An individual Asian would be more than 25 times more likely.

Now, quite obviously, you would not tell the British people about such things. YOU would not warn them of the danger. That’s the difference between you and this piece of idiotic scum, you see. I care enough about my own folk to apprise them of the dangers. No matter what the penalty for doing so."
S of Nottm: "I'll just get on with my life and SIDESTEP SCUM LIKE YOU knowing that YOUR LIFE WILL BE WEIGHED DOWN BY HATE AND BITTERNESS."
Ironwand: "Hmm. The tone of your reply would suggest that you are the one frothing at the mouth, S of Nottm, not me."
Ironwand: "Ah, here we have it. The PC Crowd doesn’t like it when any truth gets told that doesn’t suit them. Typical Red behaviour. “If we don’t like it, we will ban it! Demonise the truth teller! Call him nasty names! Criminalise him! Exterminate him if he does it again! Listen up, you peasants: 'SOME ANIMALS (especially immigrants) ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS'!"
S of Nottm: "So there are no white criminals because your ‘rogues gallery’ does'nt show any.thats almost genius logic (if you are an idiot - which you clearly are).
Ironwand: "As previously stated, the Rogues Gallery evens up the score a fraction. It acts as a bit of a counterbalance to all the 'indigenous bad, Multicult good' propaganda that we have been subjected to over the last forty-odd years. It also, quite simply, tells us a lot of stuff we never knew before."
S of Nottm: "I am an englishman appears to be very xenophobic (and racist) and cannot be taken seriously as a source - it attempts to serve up a minority of bad people as a majority which is basically wrong."
Ironwand: "No, it doesn’t do that. It does what it says it does. I quote: 'The tiniest fraction of those first and second-generation immigrants, who have killed, raped and otherwise violated British men, women and children in Britain, is represented below. All of them committed the crimes cited since Stephen Lawrence was killed. We've all heard of Stephen. How many of these were you aware of before you saw them in the Gallery?'

By the way, S of Nottm, the mass-murdering Russian Communist, Leon Trotsky, invented the word ‘racist’ in order to demonise his enemies, I wonder, do THEY teach you such stuff in school these days?

Here’s my advice to you: do your homework and get to bed early."
And that's where the conversation ended. Perhaps S of Nottm took my advice?

Or, more likely, his mum switched the computer off.

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