Sunday, 25 June 2006

Our children aren't being taught their own history

On 27 April 2012, Cambridge University don, Professor Robert Tombs, was quoted thus in The Daily Mail:

"Over-specialisation on a few topics crowds out vast areas of history… It would be difficult to name a European country that teaches history in such a manner, ONE WHICH CAN LEAVE THE MAJORITY OF SCHOOL-LEAVERS IN THE DARK ABOUT THE UNFOLDING STORY OF THEIR PAST… Our present compulsory curriculum lags behind other countries in its neglect of swathes of European history.”
That’s political correctness for you. The Professor added:

“Many examiners seem to know little about the topics they mark.”
That’s the PC Crowd for you.

The Mail added:

“Very few current GCSE courses examine history before 1870, he said, with more attention often paid to skills such as evaluating sources rather than acquiring knowledge… He said the late middle ages and most of the 18th century are hardly touched…

Scant attention is paid to the British Empire, despite its far-reaching implications in global history.”
The bad guys do not want us to know our history. History, for them, must start in 1948, when the Windrush colonists and the escapees from the newly liberated (and genocidal) Indian subcontinent came to save us from our indolence and racist attitudes.

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