Sunday, 25 June 2006

Black people can't be racist

On 24 April 2012, The Telegraph cited the some of previous day's twitter opinions of Ken Livingstone's former race adviser, Lee Jasper.

Here's an example:

“Institutional racism in the criminal justice means black citizens face discrimination... BLACK PEOPLE CAN'T BE RACIST... No black person in the UK can be racist. Racism is prejudice plus power."
The Telegraph added:

"The 53 year-old was forced to resign as senior policy adviser on equalities to Mr Livingstone, who was then mayor of London, in March 2008 over allegations of cronyism. Leaked emails showed that he had exchanged highly flirtatious messages with a married mother of three, whose projects received £100,000 from City Hall on his recommendation.

In one email, he told the woman that he wanted to 'whisk her away to a deserted beach and honey-glaze her.' Mr Jasper, who is now the chairman of the campaign group Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, took to Twitter yesterday to complain about the number of black youths being jailed."
The self-serving anti-Brit is right.

The 'racism' slur was invented to destroy the white man alone. No one else.

Trotsky, the Russian revolutionary who coined the term, Magnus Hirschfeld, the German 'sexologist' who first popularised it and Victor Gollancz, the Hungarian publisher who ensured that it was broadcast throughout the Western world, would have been proud.

Trotsky, Hirschfeld and Gollancz were Jewish.

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