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The forces of hate are still with us’

On 4 October 2010, The Independent published Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's article: ‘The forces of hate are still with us’.

In her essay, Alibhai-Brown says:

"So two Jewish brothers were front-runners in the Labour leadership contest and one got chosen. He could one day be PM. Talented and ambitious British Jews have risen to the top in every institution, and deservedly."
According to Yasmin then, a group representing just 1 in 200 of the British population must be SO 'talented' that two of their number got to be the front runners in the Labour leadership election entirely on merit.

The fact that neither of the twerpish twosome have anything in common with, or are the least bit representative of, the British working class, is of no consequence at all in Ailbhai-Brownland.

Blair and Brown, the most Judaeophilic Prime Ministers in British history, parachuted both of their youthful Jewish protégés into ultra-safe Labour seats and, once in, fast-tracked them up the greasy pole to power. That's why got where they got to, Yasmin. The nepotistic machinations of two bought-and-paid for traitors saw them promoted to the top of the heap.

"Across the board, the powerful appear now to be entirely focused on the white working and workless classes."
Pardon me? Powerful people like you are 'entirly focused on' the white 'working classes'? Yasmin, the fact that you are still allowed to publish your sneering, anti-indigenous vitriol gives the lie to this b***ocks.
"I do feel for the wretched poor who have no way out."
You’ve done nothing but put two fingers up at poor Whitey in the past. You think he’s going to believe you’re on his side now?

"We also know that, according to the Institute of Race Relations, dozens of people have been killed in racially motivated attacks since Stephen Lawrence's murder."
The Institute of Race Relations is as institutionally biased towards the ethnic minorities as it is possible to be. Yasmin will know this and yet she parades the impressive-sounding title hoping it will impress the uninquistive. Check out the Interracial Homicide Statistics if you wish to be apprised of the dishonesty of Alibhai-Brown's IRR imputation.

"According to the Institute of Public Policy Research, half of young black people (16-to-24-year-olds) are unemployed."
And how many of them would have a criminal record, Yasmin? How many would be recent immigrants who don’t speak English? How many would be functionally illiterate and innumerate? How many of them were expelled from school and, whilst there, made life hell for the rest?

Why on earth would an employer ever wish to employ such people? Ah, yes, because they're just like you, eh Yasmin? You'd employ a black youth just off the boat from Somalia, or a career criminal from Brixton to clean your house whilst you were off composing your Brit-bashing essays, wouldn't you?

Pull the other one, Yasmin.

"Racist discourse is now common and unchallengeable."
Is it? Then how come hug-a-hoodie Cameron is in charge, along with the oh-so PC, Nick Clegg? You're full of it, Yasmin. The PC writ still runs and, as long as an ungrateful immigrant like you is paid fortunes to spout deceitful rubbish, it will still be running.

"A caller to LBC recently told me she couldn't stand those ‘coloured’ children she sees through school railings and felt massively injured because such views ‘are now not allowed’. They were broadcast, but the paranoia was unshakeable. I was telling Andy Burnham this story at the Labour Party conference. A veteran liberal-left journalist opined that she was right to express what she felt."
Wow! You do surprise me. Burnham's a Leftie traitor of some note. Anti-British law will be on the statute books now because he and his ilk voted for it. As for the 'liberal-left journalist,' they must be getting worried if they're actually speaking up for the British when they're way off-message. Which, pf course, is as it should always have beeen. I wonder, is that why you wrote this essay? Because all shades of political opinion are seeing the sense in offering some (token) support to the indigenous?

"Black and Asian Britons can be self- destructive, violent and prejudiced towards white people, exploiters, too, like those Muslim pimps grooming young white girls. Many are seduced by gang culture and terrorism, are hopeless lovers and parents, oppressive and nasty and unable to take responsibility."
And the British people are 'racist' because they never wished to live alongside creatures like these? They are 'racist', according to fanatical Brit-loathing immigrants like you, because they never wanted those who would be 'violent and prejudiced' towards them sharing their neighbourhoods? Perhaps they are 'racist' because they never wanted 'Muslim pimps grooming' their daughters? Perhaps they are 'racist' because they knew such people might be 'seduced by gang culture and terrorism'? Perhaps because they knew that many of them would be 'oppressive and nasty and unable to take responsibility.'

Has it really never occurred to you, Yasmin, that we don’t want to associate with those you describe in the paragraph above because they are uncivilised, asocietal beasts, whom no right-thinking person would ever wish to have anything to do with? Why on earth would the likes of YOU ever have expected the likes of US to wish to 'cohere' with the likes of THEM?

The answer to that rhetorical question is simple. Ever since you got here from Uganda in 1972, you have always sought the demotion and disenfranchisement of those who gave you sanctuary. The 'asocietal beasts' are the footsoldiers in the PC Crowd’s war against Whitey.

"Evil is still out there taking away our rights and humanity."
Evil is still out there taking away our rights and humanity too, Yasmin. And so many of the anti-British evil-doers are still able to regularly ram their opinions, insults and all-round nastiness down the throats of the majority via the mainstream media, just as they always have done. Whereas we have to content ourselves with the very occasional ten second rant on LBC. Or the odd critical riposte on the world wide web.

"Ms Mirza et al must give us convincing proof that racism is no more and white people are the new victims. I will then stop my own campaigns. Promise. Until that time, activists will neither stop nor sell out, even though the rewards for that would be plentiful."
What? Your snarling hatred of those who gave you sanctuary here hasn’t been rewarded to the max by your PC pals in the media? 'The rewards' for the part you have played in the degradation of the British peoples in their own lands have been 'plentiful', Yasmin. You know it, I know it and, increasingly, the 'caller to LBC' is coming to know it as well.

Here’s another reason why the odd 'caller to LBC' might, in your words, be feeling 'massively injured', Yasmin.

During the 4 June 2006 edition of Dateline London, Gavin Essler posed this question:

"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?"
To which you replied:

Now that, Yasmin, is racism! In fact, racism doesn’t begin to describe what you said back there in June 2006, does it? What word, I wonder, might begin to sum up the feelings you expressed towards we white folk upon that occasion? What word adequately depicts a hatred so fundamental that it would see a whole race disappeared in '100 years'?

Would genocide do it?

Alibhai-Brown has never been interviewed by the police or reprimanded by the BBC for wishing the white race gone. Her career has not suffered and, as is evidenced by the essay above, the mainstream media have never suggested that she tone down her anti-Britishness.

In 2001, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was awarded an MBE 'for services to journalism'.

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