Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Rupert Murdoch's representative on earth

In the 13 October 2010 edition of The Daily Telegraph, Irwin Steltzer, US Neoconservative, former Rothschild Managing Director, 'Rupert Murdoch's representative on earth' and close friend and advisor to both Brown and Blair, said this in The Daily Telegraph:

"Britain can do little to reduce the flow of immigrants from the other 26 EU member states."
Britain could leave the EU, Irwin.

Failing that we could put two fingers up at EU regulations that insist we incorporate those we don't want into our overcrowded society. What are THEY going to do if we tell them to go to hell, nuke us?

Steltzer adds:
"The Government is desperate to satisfy all parties."
Oh no, Irwin. Since Harold Wilson came to power in 1964, the only parties that the government has been 'desperate to satisfy' have been the immigrant party, the banker party and, latterly, the Murdoch party. The indigenous working and lower middle-class folk were almost wholly ignored.

"Immigrants possess skills that are in short supply here."
If this is true it's because of the treacherous and very deliberate dumbing-down, drugging-up and degeneration of our people by the establishment of which you are a part.

"Employers and immigrants strike wage deals that leave out of the equation the costs to society. Schools are more crowded, demands on the NHS increase, in some cases policing costs rise, incentives to train native workers fall."
One hundred percent behand you here, Irwin.

"Economists call these ‘externalities’ – costs created but not borne by the parties to a transaction."
'Externalities'? A word creepily created by some Blairite spinmeister to sanitise the actuality, would be my guess.

"A limit on immigrants, border control, auctioning of permits. All are ingredients of a sensible policy that would add to national wealth. Innocent bystanders in communities now bearing the social and economic costs would be compensated, rather than forced to subsidise the large companies that are the major importers of labour."
I’d rather stop immigration altogether and train up our own. As for the immigrant doing 'the jobs we don’t want to do any more', (Blairite mantra) if such a notion was ever true, we should get the prisoners to do the dirty jobs. Students who wanted a free grant or their debts cleared could gather in the harvest.

As for the immigrants the indigenous majority never wanted here, send the criminals back when their sentence is served, along with the work-shy. And if we reduced the benefits for the rest to somewhere near zero, the spongers, the scroungers and the something-for-nothing folk would soon skedaddle. And, hey presto, just like that, we have our country back.

Oh, I almost forgot, the Brit-loathing PC Crowd who imposed the alien hordes upon us in the first place, should be put on trial for their lives. With the law on treason having been reconstituted to mean treasonable behaviours directed at the British people, as opposed to the Crown and its government.

It’s all very simple if you’re on the side of the natives, Irwin.

As for you, Irwin, though you pretend to have some sympathy with the British predicament in this article, really you're a global villager of the first water. You want a world where the Murdochs, the Rothschilds, your Neocon pals and bought-and-paid for facilitators like Blair, Brown and Cameron ride roughshod over the rest of us forever.

In a 22 January 2007 essay, Irwin Stelzer said this in The Weekly Standard magazine:

"My father was... outraged that the public schools would close on Christmas, an act he took to reveal the anti-Semitism of the powers-that-be."
One might be forgiven for wondering, Irwin, if you have as little respect for all things Christian as your 'outraged', Jewish father?

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