Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Mr Jones must apologise!

On 27 February 2012, Melissa Kite opined thus in The Mail Online:

"What a ghastly, Orwellian disgrace the detention of war hero David Jones at Gatwick airport is for daring to question why Muslims can pass through scanners with their faces completely covered.

Mr Jones, the creator of Fireman Sam, a former member of the Household Cavalry and an all-round nice bloke, was DETAINED AND ACCUSED OF RACISM BECAUSE A MUSLIM SECURITY GUARD SAID HE HAD OFFENDED HER by cracking a joke about what would happen if he covered his own face in his scarf. He made a good point and highlighted a very real problem, but of course, THE TRUTH IS NOT ALLOWED IF IT OFFENDS A MINORITY GROUP…

The total and utter lack of common sense by the authorities at Gatwick which led to Mr Jones being detained for an hour is staggering. The absolute determination of the Muslim security guard to be offended when no offence was meant nor logical to be taken is absurd and ridiculous. The failure of British Airways to come to a paying customer’s defence when clearly he had done nothing wrong is shameful.

But the worst part of it all is the childish insistence of all concerned that Mr Jones must apologise. Why? If what he had done was really so bad then surely he should be taken away by the police and charged. If Mr Jones had really committed some sort of race hate crime by asking what would happen if he put his scarf over his face then surely he should feel the full force of the law.

Apparently she was ‘deeply distressed.’ I always get suspicious when people use the language of no-win-no-fee compensation lawyers, but we will leave that aside. Let’s just say that her motives in trying so hard to be offended by a joke that didn’t concern her in the least were suspicious, whichever way you slice it. But instead of telling the Muslim employee to get a grip, THEY FORCED MR JONES TO GROVEL FOR SOMETHING HE HAD NOT DONE. That, my friends, is discrimination. Plain and simple.

How apt that it should be taking place at one of the country’s main airports. The terminal should bear a sign: Welcome to Britain, WHERE ALL PEOPLE ARE PROTECTED FROM PREJUDICE, UNLESS THEY ARE WHITE.”
For thirty or so years media darlings like Melissa have been accusing British Nationalists of racism for saying much the same as she is saying here. Even now, the most outspokenly politically incorrect choose to sneer at the BNP and National Front.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very, very happy that she is courageous enough to speak out againt the rest-of-the-world-on-white awfulness that has our society by the fair hair of its head right now. Many others are are now daring to do likewise. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any of these nu Brit-protectors acknowledging that we were trying to get the message out decades ago.

The majority will always appreciate forthright honesty from the media. It’s just a pity that, until it’s safe and fashionable to do so, not one Melissa will ever pay any credit to those who have always put the David Jones folk first in the land that they and their ancestors made.

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