Sunday, 11 June 2006


On 17 January 2009, French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, spoke to the students of the École Polytechnique in Palaiseau.

Early on he uses a form of the noun 'métissage' seven times within a minute. This word means 'interbreeding.' However, every PC professor on the planet will tell you that it can also mean, in its current incarnation, 'mixture' or 'the mixing of cultures.'

Here is a translation of Sarkozy’s words:
"The objective is to meet the challenge of the mixture - the challenge of coming together that the 21st century is confronting us with. The challenge of the melting pot, France has always been familiar with it and, by meeting the challenge of the mix, France remains faithful to her history. Moreover, IT IS CONSANGUINITY THAT HAS ALWAYS PROVOKED THE END OF CIVILISATIONS AND SOCIETIES… In the course of centuries, FRANCE HAS ALWAYS UNDERSTOOD ‘INTER-BREEDING’, FRANCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN MIXED RACE.

France has mixed cultures, ideas and histories. France, who was able to blend these cultures and these histories, constructed a universal language, because FRANCE HERSELF IS UNIVERSAL IN THE DIVERSITY OF HER ORIGINS…

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last thing: if republican will power does not function, IT WILL BE NECESSARY FOR THE REPUBLIC TO RESORT TO EVEN MORE FORCIBLE METHODS…

We don't have a choice. DIVERSITY AT THE BASE OF THE COUNTRY MUST BE REFLECTED BY DIVERSITY AT THE HEAD OF THE COUNTRY… IT IS NOT A CHOICE. IT IS AN OBLIGATION. IT IS AN IMPERATIVE. We cannot do otherwise at the risk of finding ourselves faced with considerable problems.
For those of you who speak French, here is a video of the relevant part of the speech: Métissage

At the Galliawatch blog, Tiberge, says this:
The verb ‘métisser’ theoretically means to mix blood or to crossbreed, but at times it is used more loosely to mean mix cultures… Whether he is referring to the mixing of blood or merely destroying French culture by bringing in hostile aliens, it is impossible to avoid the fact that he is telling the French people, in terms that have never been so menacing, that they have to mix, or else.

In the next paragraph, Tiberge mentions the following alternative meanings for the word 'métissage:' (she is not entirely happy with any of them) 'crossbreeding'; 'racial mixing'; 'miscegenation'; 'mongrelisation' and 'bastardisation'.

The thing is, ladies and gentlemen, even if you took every reference to the verb in question and substituted the least offensive meaning, it would still sound dreadful and it would still come over as a threat.

However, apart from the frequency of the use of the offending word, there is a major clue within the text which suggests that when Sarkozy spoke of 'forcible methods' and 'change,' he was talking about interbreeding. When Sarkozy mentions 'consanguinity' (relationship by blood - kinship) as having 'always provoked the end of civilisations and societies,' (nonsense as it happens) there can be no doubt that Sarkozy wished his audience of gullible students to think that 'métissage' was good and 'consanguinité' was bad.

For the sceptical and the politically correct amongst you, I advise a quick trip to Google images.

Type in the word 'métissage' and, on the very first page, you will be confronted by the images shown below and a good few more like them:

Which doesn't exactly leave much to the imagination, now does it? I have a feeling that, by now, the open-minded might be feeling just a little upset with Nikolas Sarkozy. I mean, he really seem to be suggesting that 'coffee coloured people by the score' are his preferred option, doesn’t he? And, not only that, he also appears to be stating, quite categorically, that the state will enforce his will if those French folk who consider themselves 'consanguineous' make a fuss!

This one speech, of itself, is not proof of 'an age-old plot to disappear the white race,' although, in 1925, the founder of the Pan European Union (the original EU), Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, did inform fellow big shots of his desire to race-mix the European hoi-polloi out of existence.

And, if you consider what is happening to us now, and what happened to us during the course of the last century, it isn’t hard to make a case for the bad guys wanting the white world gone, is it?

Two world wars where young white men slaughtered each other? The pill? Mass abortion? The encouragement of young women to have careers rather than children? Mass immigration? The media’s relentless promotion of the virile alien at the expense of the twerpish native? Venereal diseases rendering our young women unhealthy and infertile. Emasculating drugs in the water and food? Hard drugs and hopelessness for working-class lads rather than the good, strong jobs that once made them valuable marriage prospects? The list goes on and on.

The French President is, himself, a product of 'métissage.' His maternal grandfather was a Greek Jew and his father was Hungarian. Despite the granddad, according to Hebraic lore, Sarkozy isn't, technically, Jewish.

However, given his desire to be rid of us, he may as well be.


  1. His speech was taken out of context. but I can understand why you told bull shit about his speech. Here is what he said "The goal is clear: "the challenge of blending we address the twenty-first century" because "in [the] relevant, France is faithful to its history." "We have no choice, diversity at the base of the country must be illustrated by the diversity at the head of the country. We have no choice, it is imperative risk we confront problems considerable, "he stressed. Having ruled out any idea of ​​positive discrimination based on ethnic criteria, the head of state has ardently defended the compilation of statistics that are used to assess the policy will be implemented both in education and in the company, or in the public sphere and the media."

  2. Yep. That could be how a politically correct, Marxist ideologue might translate the speech.

    P.S. Although I speak a little French myself, I double-checked my own efforts at translation by having it translated by a French academic.

    And besides, one wonders what is so wonderful about the translation provided by italian88?