Sunday, 11 June 2006

The Beltway Snipers

On 2 October 2002, 55-year-old James Martin was shot dead in the Washington suburb of Montgomery County as he emerged from a supermarket.

Within the next two days four more people had been killed by sniper fire as they went about their everyday business.

On 22 October 2002, bus driver Conrad Johnson, a father-of-six, was shot dead in Aspen Hill, Maryland. He was the last of fourteen known victim of the 'Beltway Sniper.'

A variety of commentators aired their opinions as to the profile of the serial killer during the weeks following the first killing. On 3 October 2002, the US chat show host, Phil Donahue, said this:

"All of these thrill killings, schools and other places, have been committed by white males… that’s a probability, I guess you would permit yourself to say."
On the same show, the FBI profiler, Clint Van Zandt, said:

"It’s more of a crime of youthfulness, more of a crime of immaturity, than of maturity… A thrill killer… this is the type of crime… that is committed by white males. Usually younger white males are going to do something like this. Now, if… these turned out to be three African-American males in their 40s, I’d say, wow, that’s a statistical anomaly."
On 4 October 2002, after four people had been killed, Charles Moose, the Montgomery County Police Chief, said this:
"Nothing like this has ever happened in Montgomery County. This is a very safe community… We have a number of patrol officers, state patrol officers, Gaithersburg city, Rockville city, all these officers are out and visible in the area of high traffic and our schools. We feel very comfortable that we're going to be able to get the day off to a positive start."
By the next day, seven people were dead. At this point Moose said:

"The community is safe for the moment."
On 7 October, three days after Moose's 'positive start', 'officers visible' in 'our schools' comments, the Beltway Sniper left a message on a tarot card outside the school of a teenager who had just been shot and critically injured. The message read:

"Dear policeman, I am God."
On the same day, the Council on American-Islamic Relations insisted that writing 'I am God' on the tarot card was an 'unforgivable sin in Islam.' The Council drew the conclusion that the killer could not possibly be a Muslim as a result.

Police Chief Moose's response to the shooting of 13-year-old schoolboy, Iran Brown, was:

"Today it went down to children. Now we're stepping over the line."
It seems, then, that, as far as Moose was concerned, the prior shootings of one Black, one Asian, one Hispanic and four white adults was not 'stepping over the line'. On the same day, the CNN News presenter, Bill Hemmer, opined thus:

"The killer is likely to be a white male, 18-30 years of age, who had difficulty maintaining relationships."
On 9 October, the criminologist, Brian Levin, the Director of the Centre for the Study of Hate and Extremism, was reported thus in The Christian Science Monitor:

"This person is kind of a wallpaper white male, a disenfranchised, disrespected man who's getting back at society. That's one of the reasons he's kept his distance from inner D.C., where he might loose his cover… He likes a sense of power and anonymity that comes with using a high-powered rifle."
At the Capitalism Magazine.Com website, Dr. Michael Welner, a forensic psychiatrist at New York University Medical Centre, profiled the sniper as 'white, male, single, 20s-30s… a longtime fascination with hunting and shooting.' The same article commented:

"Some profiling experts are convinced that the roving sniper who has terrorized my neighborhood and surrounding communities is a white male…

The media immediately embraced the Angry White Male theory by sensationalizing the cops' questioning over the weekend of one Robert Gene Baker. Newspaper reports described him as ‘heavily tattooed’ and ‘linked’ to ‘militia and white supremacist’ groups.

The headlines screamed: ‘Supremacist Sought in Sniping Spree’ and ‘Neo Nazi Named as Sniper Murders Suspect.' But in fact, Baker was never a suspect and had no weapons on him at the time he was taken into custody for an outstanding auto-theft warrant."
On 11 October, the University of Minnesota professor, Wilson Krieger, reported thus:

"In my experience, the typical sniper profiler is a white male with few friends who tends to work alone and may lash out when proven wrong."

On the same day, in an interview for NBC, the former FBI agent, Chris Whitcomb, said this:

"Statistically, it's going to be a white male, and it's going to be a young person, young 20s emotionally, but also because that's the age most likely statistically somebody's going to commit a crime like this."
On 11 October, Charles Moose said:
"I need to stay focused on the investigation and I need to keep my troops focused on the investigation and I want to be a role model in that regard."
In the Rupert Murdoch owned Weekly Standard, the newspaper that did more than any other to ensure that Gulf War II took place, Jacqueline Stallone, the mother of the film star, who, at that time, claimed to be 'America's most celebrated psychic and astrologer', described the sniper thus:
"Light-haired person in his 20s or 30s."
On 14 October, in an interview for NBC, James Alan Fox, a criminologist based at Northeastern University in Boston, said:

"He's a weekday warrior. Even snipers have jobs. They have to make time to kill, and obviously he doesn't have time on the weekends."
Fox was wrong, the snipers turned out to be jobless.

On 21 October 2002, Earl Ofari Hutchinson quoted Fox thus at the AlterNet website:

"According to Northeastern University criminologist, James Alan Fox, between 1976 and 2000 there were 514 known sniper killings. The killers fit the standard pattern: Most were white, male, between the ages of 26 to 40 and loners. And even more chilling, nearly half of them were never caught."
Hutchinson then went much further with his insinuations, saying:

"Women, blacks and Latinos said they were even more fearful than white males of the sniper… They have been the prime victims of hate violence from individuals who kill from deranged rage, or who belong to organized hate groups…

In the 1990s, the Southern Poverty Law Center estimated that there were thousands of racist Skinheads, and members of the Order, Aryan Nation, the White Patriots Party, Nazi factions and the Klan. They committed dozens of bombings, physical assaults and murders to bring about their apocalyptic vision of a white, Christian America.

The FBI also reported that in 2001 hate crimes leaped from the year before. As always, women, gays and minorities were the main victims, and they were almost always, as apparently is the case with the victims of the serial sniper, chosen at random. Their different sexual orientation, gender, religion, or race was enough to put them in harm's way."
On 25 October, The Star Tribune reported thus:

"The suspects arrested Thursday were John A. Muhammad, 41, a black Army veteran who lived in Tacoma, Wash., and John L. Malvo, a black 17-year-old from Jamaica… Most law enforcement experts assumed the sniper was white."
On the same day, Divercity Magazine reported thus:

"John Allen Muhammad: Gulf War veteran, 41, who aided in his own capture by calling the task force hot line and boasting of a past murder in Montgomery, Alabama…

His charges include possession of a .223 caliber weapon and harassment of his ex-wife and kids… He showed this weapon off to a friend in Tacoma, Washington, were he used to live. He also is alleged to have had an AR-15 assault rifle, gun scope, and book on sound suppressors…

John Lee Malvo: Jamaican, 17, illegally in the United States, whose fingerprints match the ones on file from a September 21 fatal liquor store shooting. His court appearance was closed because he is a juvenile.'
The Washington Post said this on the day of the arrests:

"Law enforcement sources said authorities may have missed a chance to apprehend the men just six days after the shooting spree began on Oct. 2. At that time, authorities were searching for a white van because witnesses reported seeing one at some shooting sites.

The blue Caprice discovered today was believed to have been approached in Baltimore by police who found Muhammad and Malvo sleeping on Oct. 8, the day after a 13-year-old boy in Bowie was wounded as the eighth victim of the sniper, the sources said. The car was spotted in a parking lot off 28th Street, near the exit ramp to Interstate 83. The two were allowed to go…

Everyone was looking for a white car with white people,' said one high-ranking police source. Muhammad and Malvo are black males…

The interesting question is: can you imagine these kinds of comments being made about a black man? There would… have been howls of protest. So why no protest when similar assumptions were made about the sniper? It's yet another case of racism against whites being acceptable and racism against blacks being unacceptable. Most of the time, this is an ugly double-standard…

This time, the consequences of this racial profiling were even more dire. It may actually have been a factor in allowing several more people to be killed."
That same day, the Indonesian-American journalist, Michelle Malkin, reported thus at
"The mainstream media informed us this week that Lee Malvo, the 17-year-old, youth charged as a material witness in the sniper investigation along with John Mohammed, is a ‘Jamaican national.’ As of this writing, the Immigration and Naturalization Service refused to comment publicly on the exact nature of Malvo's immigration status.

Here are the facts the INS doesn't want you to know: Lee Malvo is an illegal alien from Jamaica who jumped ship in Miami in June, 2001. He was apprehended by the Border Patrol in Bellingham, Wash., in December 2001, but was then let go by the INS district in Seattle in clear violation of federal law and contrary to what the arresting Border Patrol officers intended...

Malvo was arrested by Border Patrol agents in Bellingham, Wash., on December 19, 2001... James (Malvo’s mother) admitted that six months earlier… she and her son were passengers on a cargo ship that was filled with 'illegal Asians.' They were all off loaded in the Miami, FL area…

From there, Malvo and James traveled to Tacoma, Wash., and ended up in Bellingham. At the time of their arrest, INS records indicate, neither Malvo nor his mother had any documents proving their identities or allowing them ‘to be or remain in the United States legally.’ The Border Patrol agents concluded that because she had ‘no roots or close family ties in the United States, James was likely to abscond.’

The arresting officer noted that Malvo and James would be ‘detained at the Seattle Detention facility in Seattle, pending deportation charges'. That's not what happened. About a month after their arrest, Malvo and his mother were set free by the Seattle district INS-contrary to what the arresting Border Patrol officers had determined should be done."
After the news broke that John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo were under arrest, Jacqueline Stallone, whom you will remember described the 'lone' sniper as 'light-haired person in his 20s or 30s,' stated categorically that they could not be the snipers.

"I don't see black men involved at all. I see white and I only see one… Sort of an all-American, collegiate-looking guy. Better looking than the guy next door, because most of them are ugly."
On 29 October 2002, the black journalist, Clarence Page, said this in The Chicago Times:
"In the end, there was no white van and no white man. Police were holding suspects and a vehicle in the East Coast sniper shootings that failed to fit the stereotypes put forth by network television's endless array of self-assured, authoritative-sounding… profiling experts.

Various profilers said the killer did not have children. John Allen Muhammad has four. I saw an Army Delta Force veteran insist that the killer was ‘definitely not military.’ Muhammad turned out to be a Persian Gulf war veteran who served in the Army for 11 years.

And everyone, it seems, figured the sniper was one or maybe two white men… Suspects John Allen Muhammad, 41, and John Lee Malvo, 17, are male, as expected, but also African-American…

I confess, I also figured the sniper would be white. Like a lot of other African-Americans I know, I took some small sense of relief out of a stereotype that, for a change, worked in the favor of blacks. But that stereotype also overlooks such prominent black mass murderers as Colin Ferguson, the Long Island Rail Road killer, or Wayne Williams, who was convicted in a series of Atlanta child slayings."
On 30 October,Willamette Week Online reported thus:
"Here you have a black police chief and a black suspect and no one is connecting any dots, let alone acknowledging they're there. The sniper's fingerprints were barely dry last week when the talking mouths of AM radio began to gloat. For days they had sputtered at what law-enforcement experts said was the probable profile of the then-unknown shooter: a white guy in his 30s. Someone kinda like Timothy McVeigh. Someone kinda like a young Unabomber…

But, the experts got it wrong. The suspect was 41. And his name wasn't Kaczynski, but Muhammad.

It's pretty clear that Moose ended up where he is, in part, because of his race. Moose, you may recall, got his first police job in Portland. His experience at the time he was offered the job? None… when he signed on in 1975, the Portland Police Bureau had a total of 10 black cops. Moose would become the city's first black sergeant, black lieutenant and black captain, then, in 1993, the city's first black police chief.

As he climbed that ladder, Moose heard the grumblings from white officers who were passed over for promotions. Did racial politics help Moose rise to the top in Portland?"
On 31 October, Dan Menefee reported thus at the University of Maryland's student newspaper:
"When the sniper suspects were caught, I became skeptical and irritated when an expert said the case was perplexing because their behavior was more characteristic of white males. As the media had missed every call leading up the suspects capture, I checked out the U.S. Department of Justice's website to see if the expert was correct in associating race with certain crimes. Was there something different in the way blacks and whites kill, as NBC's expert claimed?…

The DOJ data only indicated that whites and blacks were in a virtual dead heat in the number of murders they commit each year. The data did not specify a homicidal pathology ‘typical’ of any specific race.

If an expert were to say on the air that certain crimes were typical of ‘black males,’ the outrage would deafen ears in every newsroom across the country. E-mails and letters would pour in demanding an apology and a heavy dose of sensitivity training. And it would be appropriate to admonish these racist assumptions. But somehow it's OK to berate all white males with impunity when a minuscule percentage of the population commits horrific acts of murder, or gets arrested for insider trading.

There was no pathology of race attributed to Colin Ferguson's killing spree on the Long Island railroad, or Ronald Taylor's hate-motivated rampage in Pittsburgh. Their diagnosis was garden-variety paranoid schizophrenia unassociated with race or an ‘angry black male’ theory. No one dared to say these crimes were typical of black men because they knew that assumption would be openly racist. But race is always attributed to white men who kill.

The cable channels have not taken one expert to task on the white male theory since the snipers' capture. And don't hold your breath. They won't apologize to Arab-American and white men for the ethnocentric assumptions that invaded our living rooms during the three-week hunt for the snipers."
On 31 October,The Associated Press reported thus:
"Questioning of the two sniper suspects was halted when federal agents took custody of the pair, possibly preventing investigators from obtaining information about the shooting spree."
On 5 November 2002, The Baltimore City Paper Online reported thus:
"Black Americans make up about 12 percent of Americans and an estimated 13 percent to 16 percent of all serial killers, but their biographies are rarely adapted as TV movies of the week."
So, if the Baltimore City Paper is correct, it appears that all those commentators who assumed, pretty categorically, that the Beltway sniper was white, had not bothered to check the facts or the data.

All the time that the 'experts' were insisting that the sniper was statistically more likely to be white, they were ill-informed or lying. My money's on the lie.

Oh, and do you remember the Council on American-Islamic Relations insisting that 'writing 'I am God' on the tarot card' meant 'the killer could not possibly be a Muslim'? Well, they got their facts wrong as well. Muhammad, who was born John Allen Williams, was a Muslim convert.

On 4 March 2003, the aforementioned Michelle Malkin followed up her original story thus:

"My famous local police chief, Charles 'still waiting for the white van' Moose, seems to have little time to take care of business here at home.
Montgomery County, Md.’s top cop is busy slapping together a tell-all book, polishing off a movie deal, and preaching his purported 'crisis management' wisdom abroad.

Moose’s highly sought after wisdom is, of course, derived from his gross bungling of last fall’s sniper attacks by accused killers John Muhammad and Lee Malvo. But never mind his Keystone Cop hunt for the wrong vehicle while the snipers’ Chevy Caprice (spotted by several witnesses and stopped at least 10 times for license plate checks during the shooting spree) got away.

Pay no heed to his oversight of nonsensical road blocks, botched hotline operations, and the deadly politically correct assumption that the snipers were crazed white militants in a non-existent white box truck.

Yes, despite these fatal missteps, gushing and gullible audiences outside Maryland are warmly welcoming Chief Moose as a spotless role model. A local ethics investigation into his side efforts to capitalize on the brutal slayings, such as the for-profit crisis management and conflict resolution consulting firm he formed with his wife just six weeks after the 'Beltway' sniper saga ended, will likely do little to slow the jet-setting Moose’s pace.

Why any group would want to host or hire Chief Moose as an exemplar of effective, responsible public leadership is beyond me. This six-figure-salaried public servant refuses the amount of his book advance from Dutton Books.

He remains similarly tight-lipped as county ethics authorities mull this week whether he and his wife are 'intentionally [using] the prestige of office for private gain.' He dismisses criticism of his judgement as 'attacks'…

By his own admission, Moose has already broken clear county government rules requiring him to have gotten permission to pursue the book deal and other off-duty, paid endeavors. He claims he and his wife 'haven't made a single penny' from the private consulting venture. But he remains defiantly 'hopeful' that he will start turning a profit while keeping his day job…

In December, Moose was scheduled as the featured guru at an advanced professionals seminar in Braintree, Mass., where attendees learned how Moose 'coordinated one of the biggest manhunts in history'.'

In March, he’ll do breakfast with the Virginia Press Association in Norfolk, Va. In April, he’s headed to San Francisco to address the National School Board Association for a talk on developing 'effective crisis response plans' as demonstrated by his leadership in capturing the snipers.

He’ll take the same message to Los Angeles that month, at the annual leadership developement conference of the Nation Center for Women & Policing. In May, he’ll be the special keynote speaker at a Toronto Crimestoppers convention. The group says that 'Chief Moose’s skillful management of the Washington sniper events' will make his presentation 'particularly meaningful and relevant.'

In June, he’s trekking to Winnipeg, Canada, for the International Police Association’s 'Aboriginal and Diversity Law Enforcement' conference.Chief Moose was closer to home this week for his regular appearance on a softball Beltway radio show called 'Ask the Chief.'

It was a typical exercise in evasion and idolatry. The fawning host apologized for raising questions about the ethics investigation and concluded the interview with a giggly query about which actor would be playing Moose in the sniper attack movie. Moose wouldn’t respond to that question either. Seems there will only be three ways to get any straight answers from the book-writing, movie-making, speech-peddling Moose about his ethical lapses and management bungles: cash, check, or credit card."
The internet article, The Rise and Fall of Charles Moose, by Jim Rarey, tells us more:

"As new information comes to light and glossed over facts are recalled, the question now becomes not 'how many lives were saved by the arrest of the sniper suspects?' but 'how many lives were unnecessarily lost because of Chief Moose?'…

We pick up the story on Thursday, Oct 17, 2002 (after the ninth killing in the D.C. area) when the task force claims it got a phone call from the sniper telling them to check out a murder/robbery at a liquor store in Montgomery.

On Friday, the 18th, a Catholic priest at St. Anne’s church in Ashland, Virginia received an anonymous phone call from someone claiming to be the sniper directing him to notify the task force that the murder/robbery on Sept. 14th took place in Montgomery, Alabama, not in Maryland. Moose then said the priest called the FBI and that was what set the end game in motion identifying Malvo from a fingerprint left on a gun catalogue at the scene in Montgomery, Alabama.

When the priest denied he had called the FBI because he thought the phone call was a hoax, the story was changed…

The official story now, as corroborated by the priest, is that an FBI agent interviewed the priest on Sunday October 20 when the Alabama location was first mentioned. An agent traveled to Alabama and returned with the (Malvo) fingerprint, which was then run through the FBI national database. Malvo’s print was found in the INS database, which led the FBI to the State of Washington where the connection between Malvo and Mohammad was made through local police records of Malvo’s arrest and detention by the INS for his illegal immigration status.

The FBI was said to have located an old army buddy of Mohammad’s named Robert Holmes who had been visited by Mohammad a month or so before the shooting started. Holmes owned the duplex where he lived and Mohammad and Malvo had stayed for several months. He also confirmed Mohammad had a Bushmaster rifle at that time. The interview was reported, by Moose, to have taken place on Oct 22nd.

In the span of about a day and a half, beginning on Thursday, October 22nd, the FBI found where Mohammad had bought the 1990 Chevrolet Caprice, where he had lived temporarily in Tacoma, Washington and that he had illegally possessed a Bushmaster rifle in early 2001…

Moose would later claim that Mohammad and Malvo became 'potential suspects of interest' at the 4pm briefing on Oct. 23rd and investigators began the process of obtaining warrants. Information on the two was released to the news media and the two were arrested in the early morning hours of Oct. 24th while sleeping in the Caprice at a rest stop, based on a phone tip from a truck driver. That’s the official story…

We would probably be stuck with most of the official story had not leaks come from the task force and particularly from the Montgomery Police Department. Moose had managed to break the 'code of silence' said to exist among police officers when he 'double-crossed' the patrol officers and their union leaders in contract negotiations after the arrests.

The union claimed that Moose had the information on Mohammad and Malvo earlier than acknowledged which he withheld thus endangering the safety of police officers on the case… Moose further antagonized his police when, according to union president Walt Bader he opposed raises for the rank and file while himself getting a huge raise to over $160,000 per year making him the highest paid chief in the area. The rank and file got a 2 percent raise.

An ATF agent member of the task force revealed that Moose had ordered that officers who checked cars following each shooting were to wave cars by if the drivers were minorities or females and to search only cars with white male drivers behind the wheel. This despite several eyewitness accounts (never made public) of suspects in a dark sedan who were either black or Hispanic in appearance. Moose 'tossed' those reports…

One Montgomery officer says he knows that Moose personally was aware of the descriptions of Muhammad and Malvo as early as Oct. 21st the day before the last victim was killed…

Was it just a coincidence that the publicized spate of shootings began in Moose’s jurisdiction? Moose and Muhammad had served in the Oregon National Guard at the same time… Moose claims they never met. Can we take that at face value, now that we have proof Moose lied about several important aspects of the case?

Why, after shooting deaths by the same rifle were confirmed in other states didn’t the FBI take over as the lead agency? By leaving Moose in charge, police were led on a wild goose chase looking for a white man driving a white van or truck. Members of the task force… including the FBI, knew there were credible eyewitness reports to the contrary...

Robert Holmes, Muhammad’s ex-army buddy became convinced that Muhammad was the sniper after FBI employee Linda Franklin was killed on Tues. Oct. 14th. The next day (Oct. 15th) he called the Tacoma office of the FBI saying he knew the identity of the sniper and asked to talk to an agent. He was told an agent would call him back shortly. He waited several hours with no response and then called the task force hot line in Maryland. He was told to wait for a contact from an agent in Washington State.

One or two days later an agent did call Holmes. Holmes gave him all the information that Moose claims was not obtained until an in person interview on Oct. 22nd. At that personal interview, Holmes was shown a video from a security camera from an undisclosed location from which he identified Muhammad…

That Muhammad had some kind of connection with the FBI or one of the government’s other intelligence agencies is almost indisputable as evidenced by his 'teflon' rap sheet in the FBI’s national database…
Information missing from that database includes the following. Muhammad was arrested three times for possession of false I.D., once in Antigua (where he was allowed to walk away from the police station after being held for two days).

He was caught twice in Florida with false I.D. and trying to smuggle aliens into the country. He was not held. In the State of Washington he had a conviction for driving on a suspended license. There was also a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear on a shoplifting charge. Also in Washington his ex-wife had obtained a person protection order (PPO) from the court, which made it illegal for him to possess a firearm and was the basis for the arrest warrant issued on October 23rd. In addition, Muhammad was courts martialed twice when in the Louisiana National guard. Once for disobeying three direct orders to report for duty and the second for striking a non-commissioned officer. On the first offense he was fined $100 and reduced in rank to a specialist. He got a suspended sentence for hitting his sergeant.

Strangest of all was an incident in the 1991 Gulf war when Muhammad was accused of rolling a hand grenade into a tent where a number of his fellow soldiers were. He was led away in handcuffs but nothing further was heard and it apparently does not show on his service record. Could this have been the opportunity for the CIA or other intelligence agency to recruit Muhammad as an informer as an alternative to serving twenty or so years at Fort Leavenworth?

The convergence of the paths of Moose and Muhammad in Montgomery County, Maryland becomes more problematic when Moose’s background in Portland is examined. For the first 15 or so years of Moose’s career in the Portland, Oregon Police Department starting as a beat cop, he was known for his hyper-sensitivity about his black race and for a touch of misogyny. However his fortunes climbed upward after he divorced his black wife and acquired a Caucasian one with political connections.

He enrolled at Portland State University (PSU) and in near record time acquired Masters and PhD degrees in Urban Studies. This at a time when those with the right political connections and/or financial wherewithal easily were awarded PhD’s while some well-qualified candidates struggled for years for the certificates… Shortly after obtaining his PhD, Moose was appointed Chief of Police by Portland Mayor Vera Katz…

Moose mounted an aggressive program to eliminate racial profiling in the Portland police department. His efforts received national publicity when Attorney General Janet Reno traveled to Portland to give Moose and his efforts recognition. Reno also recommended Moose to Montgomery County, Maryland when the chief position became vacant as the county was fighting a lawsuit by the NAACP over racial profiling by Montgomery police.

During the same time frame, Moose was involved in at least four confrontations with private citizens over racial matters for which he was later forced to apologize. He also was required to undergo counseling for anger management…

Moose spent 23 years on the Portland Police Force from 1975 through 1998, the last five years as chief. From 1987 to 1998 Moose also served in the Oregon Air National Guard. The arrested sniper suspect, John Allen Muhammad also served in the Oregon Army National Guard at the same Portland base during 1994 and 1995…

When Moose took the Chief’s job at Montgomery County in 1999 he also joined the D.C. Air National Guard with the rank of major. By May of 2000 he had become commander of the D.C. Air National Guard’s security forces squadron at Andrews Air Force Base. The 60 service members in the squadron are responsible protecting the F-16 fighter aircraft of the Guard’s 113th Wing at Andrews…

Inexplicably, no fighters were scrambled from Andrews on Sept. 11 until after the Pentagon was hit more than an hour after it was known four planes had been hijacked and both towers of the WTC had been hit. Supposedly there are F-16’s ready to scramble at all times. Someone should ask Major Moose if he has heard an acceptable explanation for the inaction at Andrews.

Moose’s personal character has taken a beating in the controversy over large fees he would be receiving from a book deal and a movie about the sniper campaign. The Montgomery County Ethics Commission has ruled that accepting those fees would be a violation of the county’s ethics rules.

Moose has countered by hiring a high priced law firm to handle an appeal of the ruling. He has even hinted he might resign as chief rather than give up the money.

Moose has a lot of questions to answer about what appears to be deliberate obstruction of justice."
Moose's second wife, the blonde, white civil-rights lawyer, Sandra Herman, got annoyed when Montgomery County's Ethics Commission refused Moose permission to publish his book on the Beltway killers. She described her husband's decision to publish and be damned thus:
"I stand behind him 100 percent. He's no less of a man than Dr. King, Nelson Mandela and any great person that stood for a principle."
Not shy of associating her attitudinous, dimwit of a husband with the black big-shots, then.

Charles Moose is no longer a serving police officer.

He received a $170,000 advance for his book, Three Weeks in October: The Manhunt for the D.C. Sniper, and gets a $4-per-book royalty.

Mayor Vera Katz, who was so instrumental in Moose's PC slither up the Portland pole, is Jewish. I don't know whether Sandra Herman Moose is Jewish but, if you were to type the words Herman and Jewish into Google, you'd get 1,770,000 hits.

Of those commentators and 'profilers' listed above who insisted that the 'Beltway Sniper' was a young, white, pathetic chap, Phil Donahue, Clint Van Zandt, Larry Brubaker and Chris Whitcomb are, as far as I know, themselves, white men of European origin. Earl Ofari Hutchinson is black.

I don't know what Jacqueline Stallone's extended pedigree looks like but she is on record as claiming that at least one of her grandmothers, a Ukranian named Rosa Rabinovich, was Jewish.

Bill Hemmer, Brian Levin, Dr. Michael Welner, Wilson Krieger and James Alan Fox are all Jews.

As for Moose's book, here's what one Amazon critic had to say:

"The only reason I am not too mad at my self with this book purchase is that I picked it up on a sale table and spent only a few dollars on it…

To say the writing was wooden would unfairly give trees a bad name. I have no idea how these two guys, the police chief and the ghost writer, managed to reduce an exciting and interesting story into a cure for insomnia, but they did it. Pfizer needs to bottle this and call it Sleep Fast because it was brutal to get through. To top off the dullness overload they provided less info then I could get from a single newspaper report of the incident. I bought this book to get all the good inside info, not whitewashed info that was already provided to the public.

The sections of the book that dealt with the personal history of the author actually were written with a bit more spunk then the rest of the book. The only problem was that this guy is the most race-aware public figure this side of Al Sharpton. Everything in the world is seen through a white black lens for this guy. It got so old reading about every slight or problem he ever had in his life that he could somehow link to racism.

I have no doubt there have been events that he has been disadvantaged due to race, but it got to be too much. I really got the feeling that he was mad at every white man in the country and that he felt there was no way that a white man and black man could come together on any issue. His views on the subject were overbearing and rude. It was so much that he even went out of his way to identify every black person he writes about yet not the race of any of the other people. I have no idea why.

So here is a book that I felt was about 50% bait and switch, I dare you to find on the cover or dust jacket any mention that over half of the book is this guys life story. What disappointed me even more about the content is that the authors could have given us so much more detail of the investigation. No pictures, no reprints of any of the messages, no transcripts of the recorded calls, the lack of detail was very disappointing…

The section of the book that details his life are written with such a chip on his shoulder that it makes this half of the book tiresome and distasteful."
In November 2003, John Allen Muhammad was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. He was executed by lethal injection on 10 November 2009, at Greensville Correctional Center in Virginia.

Muhammad, apparently, was unlike most serial killers in that he wasn't categorised as insane. He and Malvo thought that they could terrorise the authorities into parting with $10,000,000. That was the entirely mundane reason two black criminals killed so many white folks back in 2002.

Lee Boyd Malvo was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

By November 2002, it was known that, before they were arrested, Muhammad and Malvo had come to the attention of the police on 11 separate occasions during the Beltway Sniper investigation. On those occasions where they cops came face to face with them, they were always sent on their way with the minimum of fuss. This because Moose and the media were so categoric in their assumptions that the killer was white.

On 10 October 2002, after 8 people had been killed and two seriously injured in Charles Moose's jurisdiction, TIME Magazine made him their 'Person of the Week'.

Towards the end of 2002, when Moose's handling of the investigation was already known to have been woefully inept, he was placed on the list of the Top 10 Fascinating People of 2002, by chat show host, Barbara Walters.

He was also handed the Boys and Girls Club 'Man of the Year Award' and was elected the Afro-America Network 'Black Man of the Year' for 2002. He also received the 'William French Smith Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cooperative Law Enforcement', the FBI Director's 'Community Leadership Award' and the 'Employer Support Freedom Award', which was presented by the, then, US Secretary of Defence William S. Cohen.

William Cohen and Barbara Walters are both Jewish. TIME Magazine has been largely controlled by Jewish interests since Henry Luce passed away in 1967.

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