Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Mass immigration has changed our country for ever

On 23 February 2012, Leo McKinstry's essay, Mass immigration has changed our country for ever, appeared in The Express:

This is it:

"The colossal scale of mass immigration in recent years represents a savage betrayal of the British people by our governing elite. No one ever voted for Britain to be transformed from a cohesive nation into a fractured multicultural society. Yet just such a revolution has been brought about by the ideological trashing of our national identity and the wilful collapse of our borders, with the influx of foreign arrivals now running at almost 600,000 a year, most from Africa and Asia.

What we are witnessing is the systematic destruction of a once-proud country. As the pace of change accelerates Britain is fast becoming a place without any mutual sense of belonging or any shared heritage or even a common language.

The very concept of our British national identity is sinking into irrelevancy. In large swathes of our cities, amid the burkas and babble of foreign tongues, too many indigenous Britons now feel like aliens in their own land.

The revolutionary impact of mass immigration has been reinforced this week by astonishing figures that show two-thirds of all babies born in London have foreign parents.

In just six of the 32 boroughs in the capital were British parents in the majority, while in Newham, part of the East End, an incredible 84.1 per cent of births were to migrants, most from India, Pakistan or Poland...

In modern history no country has ever gone through such rapid social upheaval without being conquered by an enemy power.

If this kind of enforced revolution were taking place elsewhere Left-wingers would be outraged. Fulminating about the rights of the indigenous population they would portray the change as a colonialist takeover.

But when Britain’s own nationhood is under threat they celebrate because they are the architects of this change. In government from 1997 to 2010 Labour cynically used mass immigration as a vast tool of social engineering to restructure Britain.

The impression sometimes given is that uncontrolled immigration has been an accident, supposedly the result of administrative incompetence. This outlook was largely adopted over the latest fiasco at the UK Border Agency, which was castigated in an official report this week over its failure to maintain proper checks... Yet the truth is that the Border Agency failed so dramatically in its work because LABOUR POLITICIANS WANTED IT TO. They loathed the idea of a tough approach to immigration.

A free-for-all is precisely what they desired to refashion Britain. As Tony Blair’s aide Andrew Neather famously admitted, Labour sought to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”. That is why they eagerly allowed the immigration rate to rocket by relaxing controls and dishing out passports, work permits and student visas like confetti.

If Labour had really wished to crack down on immigration they could easily have done so. But the integrity of our position was destroyed from within by Labour’s wreckers, who were filled with loathing for the traditions of our country, obsessed with the dogma of racial diversity and eager to expand their inner city client vote.

Their revolution was implemented against the will of the people through repression, whereby open debate was stifled through hysterical accusations of racism and through remorseless propaganda about the benefits of immigration, especially supposed economic growth and the “cultural enrichment of ourcommunities”.

We can now see how hollow all that propaganda was. Mass immigration has brought falling living standards as millions of working-class Britons have been thrown on the economic scrap heap.

The burdens on our infrastructure have become intolerable from the costs of welfare benefits for migrants to the pressure on schools and housing.

Contrary to all the upbeat rhetoric about diversity, immigration has also brought social dislocation, urban crime and gangland violence...

Moreover alien practices have been imported into our once well-ordered society, such as mass voter fraud, sharia law or exploitation of vulnerable white teenage girls."
Some sections of the media are catching up fast. Here and there, telling the truth is now a mainstream activity. The bloke who wrote the above was once a Labour councillor and a parliamentary aide for that high-priestess of political correctness, Harriet Harman, no less. If such as him can prize himself free of the shiny-eyed b***ocks, there's hope yet for the I'm-not-racist-buts.

And the future of our children.

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