Tuesday, 27 June 2006

De-b***ocking pervs

On 23 February 2012, Emily Allen reported thus in The Mail Online:

“Germany is rejecting demands from an EU body that it should stop surgically castrating sex criminals - a practice that dates back to the Nazis - because it is ‘degrading’. Defying Brussels, THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT SAID IT INTENDS TO CARRY ON WITH THE PRACTICE citing low re-offending rates among sex criminals who had opted to have the procedure.

It pointed out the results of a 1997 study that tracked the history of 104 sexual offenders 'who subjected themselves to castration in the decade between 1970 and 1980. Their REOFFENDING RATE WAS THREE PER CENT,' the German authorities explained, 'AS OPPOSED TO 46 PER CENT FOR A CONTROL GROUP’.”
The Gerries de-b***ock their pervs? What a spiffing idea! Let’s try it here!

'Their reoffending rate was three per cent… as opposed to 46 per cent for a control group.' Common sense really. Of course, when political correctness and pity-the-poor-paedo is in fashion, well, common sense isn’t far off being a criminal offence, is it? So I don’t think we’ll be chopping the nuts off Nigel any time soon.

You know, our parliamentary betters are always shaking their heads, wringing their hands and complaining that they can’t do anything about this, that and the other because Europe won’t let them. It’s not true, is it? They’re lying. The rest of Europe do just as they please. They obey the law when it suits them and, when it doesn’t, they don’t.

Sarkozy does what he wants, Merkel does the same. French farmers and lorry drivers and Spanish fisherman have always been a law unto themselves. God knows what the former Commies get up to when they’re not over here nicking all the work.

And then there’s us. Sometimes I think that the EU was invented purely to screw us and give the rest a laugh. But I guess the Greeks and the Irish might have something to say about that.

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