Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Is England too honest to survive?

In his 3 December 2010 Daily Telegraph article, ‘Is England too honest to survive?’ Simon Heffer points out that, 'straight dealing in almost any international forum these days is utterly non-existent'.

He adds:

"Fifa and so many other international organisations... are run by faceless, grasping men who have a price."
Oh yes. But we in the democracies vote for them so we deserve what they dish out, don't we?

'Is England too honest to survive?' asks Simon. Oh no. Our politicians and 'faceless' bureaucrats are every bit as dishonest and corrupt as their international counterparts. Remember Iraq? The referendum on the EU? The Expenses Scandal? Fat Cat Tory/Labour non-doms paying little or no tax here? Cash for peerages? Cash for questions? 'Cab-for-hire' Cabinet Ministers? Privatisation? And the lies told for the last 60 years around the subject of immigration and the value of immigrants to our society?

The British people, those whom the faceless graspers and the high profile politicians regularly sell down the river, are still, to some extent 'honest' but, as I say, when the honest man votes for the grasper, he really can't have much cause for complaint when the graspers routinely grasp, can he?

As regards the specific point, well, the first World Cup in the former Warsaw pact countries and the first in an Arab country, I get that. But we don't really think this seeming altruism will be the real reason a bunch of wallet-stuffing graspers gave it to them, do we?

Qatar is oil rich. Russia is gas, oil and mineral rich.

The day before yesterday, The Telegraph quoted Spanish judge, Jose Gonzalez, who prosecutes Russian gangsters and mafia bosses in Spain, thus:

"One cannot differentiate between the activities of the (Russian) government and organised crime groups."
The Telegraph also quoted John Beyrle, the US ambassador to Moscow, thus:

"The Moscow system is based on officials making money. The government bureaucrats, FSB, MVD, police and prosecutors’ offices all accept bribes…

People are paying bribes all the way to the top… The governors collect money based on bribes, almost resembling a tax system, throughout their regions. It appears that almost everyone at every level is involved in some form of corruption or criminal behaviour."
Qatar is an absolute monarchy, a dictatorship in other words. Russia is a pretend democracy that is, in reality, a gangsterocracy. They got the World Cup because FIFA's system is, at the most important level, exactly similar to that of Russia. i.e. 'A system is based on officials making money.'

'Bribes,' 'corruption' and 'criminal behaviour' won it for Russia and Qatar. However, honesty didn't lose it for us, the Muliticult did.

Anyone not understand this last statement? Have you seen the nauseating official video? PC in spades, ladies and gents, it's about as representative of olde England as the UN. Check it out: WORLD CUP 2018

I don't know which production company made the film but it wouldn't surprise if they were even more melting-potted than those who presented it to the world. To whit:

Sebastian Coe: 25% Indian. David Beckham: 25% Jewish. David Cameron: 6.25% Jewish. Prince Edward: Lots of German and 6.25% Jewish (more if Prince Albert was, indeed, the son of his supposed father's Jewish chamberlain).

Oh, and the royal family do claim descent from King David, don't they?

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