Monday, 26 June 2006

Cinderella slave, 7, smuggled in by Gypsies

On 9 March 2012, The Mail Online quoted a ‘Cinderella slave girl, 7, smuggled into the UK for a better life,’ thus:

“I can't stand her because she beats me all the time. She was always saying work, work, I was getting dirty, my hands and feet were getting dirty. I would tidy up and I would do all the rooms and they wouldn't do anything.”
The Mail explained:

“Two Romanian gypsies face jail after smuggling a child dubbed 'Cinderella' into the UK and forcing her to work as a servant. The seven-year-old girl was sent to Britain by her penniless mother in the hope of a better life. But in the UK she was beaten, humiliated, and forced to sleep on the floor while carrying out domestic duties.

The couple beat her 'like a carpet' and the abuse was so bad that when she was rescued by police she was dressed in filthy clothes, had scabs all over her head and her teeth were so rotten they had to be removed…

A child psychologist who assessed the child when she was eventually taken into care found she couldn't count to ten in her own language and was unable to express even basic emotions. And it emerged that her tormentors' children had also sexually abused another man who was trafficked over to the UK.
Romanian gypsies Aurel Zlate, 46, and his wife Alexandra Oaie, 43... were found guilty of trafficking the youngster in October 2010 with the intention of exploiting her… The jury were told THE FAMILY HAD A STRING OF CONVICTIONS FOR OFFENCES INCLUDING SHOPLIFTING, GOING EQUIPPED TO STEAL, ATTEMPTED THEFT AND COMMON ASSAULT, dating back to 2003...

The pair, who ran an illegal scrap metal business from their three-bedroom terraced house in Wood Green while claiming thousands of pounds of benefits, were also found guilty of trafficking a 53-year-old man to the UK from Romania. Both sobbed in the dock at Croydon Crown Court as the guilty verdicts were read out. The maximum sentence for trafficking is 14 years…

The court heard that a 53-year-old man was also forced to come to the UK, where he was sexually assaulted and forced to work for no pay… The couple and their son Marian Neamu, 25, were convicted of bringing him to the UK with the intention of exploiting him. Neamu and his brother Florin Zlate, 23, were also found guilty of raping him as he dared to ask for food during a New Year's Eve party...

He told the jury: 'Ferma treated her badly. She hit her, and made her do things a girl of six or seven should not have to do. Sweeping the floor, carrying debris on the building site, she was like a little slave looking after the youngest children. She was changing nappies, feeding them and making up their bottles and feeding the animals. She would be hit on the head and shouted at and sworn at. The other children would beat her like she was a carpet. She was just like Cinderella'…

When police went to the home they found the girl and put her in emergency care. Zlatea claimed he was the father, handing over a fake birth certificate and a court order giving him custody. But a DNA test proved neither were the parents, and when police visited Romania they found the true mum - a cleaner working for the Zlatae family.

She said she had been approached by Oaie who wanted to adopt the child as she believed she could give her a better life and helped provide the fake documentation. But in his evidence the male victim, who had worked as an electrician in Romania until he fell on hard times, described how her life was miserable from the moment she was taken from her mother. He said that the little girl sat 'like a frightened animal' in the back of a van as she was brought to Britain…

The court heard Oaie was the 'boss' of the house, where 16 people including her own eight children lived and claimed benefits, while running a scrap metal business from the back garden.”
And this is what the Harmans, Straws, Blunketts, Blairs and Milibands ship over for us to ‘cohere’ with.

This is the ‘diversity’ we are supposed to sympathise with and be ‘enriched’ by. Time and time again, come election time and the dumbed-down, drugged-up, brainwashed Brit falls for the politicians’ empty promises. Time and time again he votes for those who despise him the most. Did it really never occur to him that his own parliamentarians were taking the p*** every bit as much and more than the Gypsy filth described above?

We are a rotten breed now. Everything our ancestors worked so hard for, sacrificed so much for and died the deaths in all the wars for has been given away by the last two useless generations.

Of which I am a part.

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