Monday, 19 June 2006


"As part of the Celebrate Tameside festival there are free events for all ages taking place in Libraries from September to November 2010.

The Festival celebrates the cultures of many of Tameside’s communities and gives us the chance to learn more about our traditions and heritage. Join in by trying workshops, going to performances, listening to talks and taking part in taster sessions. Here is a listing of upcoming events."
So, in November 2010, the 'Celebrate Tameside Festival' was giving its Thameside residents 'the chance to learn more' about their 'traditions and heritage.'

Thus, the 'traditions and heritage' of Tameside were being celebrated as follows:

African Drumming Workshop.
Diwali Lantern Making.
African Exhibition – Black History Month.
Chinese Paper Folding workshop.
Sweet Mandarin – Helen Tse.
Understanding Islam – a talk by Abdul Shakoor.
African Music.
Mehndi – Henna Hand Painting.
Diwali – a talk about the Festival of Lights.
Ukrainian Egg Decorating Workshop.
Chinese Calligraphy Workshop.
Bollywood Dance Taster Session.
Writing Workshop with poet Shamshad Khan
La Dolce Vita
A Taste of Ireland

One was also advised to 'watch out for more free dance sessions in Tameside organised by SPA in Autumn 2010 and Spring 2011 including Salsa, Indian traditional, Bhangra and Bollywood.' And, as the the Festival's organisers promise to 'celebrate the cultures of all of Tameside’s communities', the English natives were offered:

A well dressing workshop
A Lancashire Garland
Wish-keepers and Willow Wands

They ARE at war with us.

Anyone who is not now prepared to acknowledge this is a brainwashed lemming, a bought-and-paid-for jobsworth, an immigrant or ONE OF THEM!

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