Thursday, 15 June 2006

British Democracy is Dead

On 20 September 2008, Peter Hitchens said this in The Daily Mail:

"Like the world banking system, Labour has gone belly up and can survive only if it is rescued by outsiders and entirely rebuilt...

The cold, miserable truth is that BOTH OUR MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES ARE CORPSES, their original purposes long forgotten, their loyal members driven away or sidelined, THEIR TRADITIONAL VOTERS TAKEN FOR GRANTED…

Labour really died around 1983, in the years of Michael Foot. It was then invaded by young men and women, sometimes smirking, sometimes scowling, bleeping with the latest electronic devices and attired in costly suits, accompanied by spivs with suitcases of bank notes. It was like watching a stately, traditional company being taken over by asset-strippers. Its older inhabitants underwent a callous process of humiliation and scorn, while its honoured brand-name was turned to other uses by people who had never much liked it anyway.

Now that’s over. What began in the age of the bleeper has ended in the age of the BlackBerry. THE COSTLY SUITS AND THE DODGY DONORS HAVE MIGRATED, FOR THE MOMENT, TO THE TORY PARTY…

The Michael Howard palace revolution against IDS was a blatant takeover of a Right-wing party by the ‘Centre-Left’ establishment. It was played out almost entirely on the airwaves and in the newspapers. MPs did what they were told by the media. It was made easier because the ‘Centre-Left’ media have always inaccurately portrayed Mr Howard as being Right-wing. He isn’t. He is actually a conventionally liberal career politician of the sort you find near the top of both big parties.

After IDS had been utterly destroyed, it was made plain to all Tory MPs (with the help of the media elite) that they had better not stand against Mr Howard for the leadership. So nobody did. And he was ‘elected’ unopposed in a way that makes Vladimir Putin look like a fervent democrat. Compare the absence of media fuss about this with the bitter media condemnation of Labour for installing Gordon Brown without a vote.

The Tory Party had been put into receivership. Its supposed owners - those who voted for it and supported it - had lost control over it. The ‘Centre-Left’ establishment, Britain’s permanent government of media types, politicised moneybags and their approved pundits, had taken over, and their task was to make it as unconservative as possible, as quickly as possible...

The imposition of the liberal careerist David Cameron on the Tory Party, once Michael Howard had finished being the establishment’s caretaker, was also achieved by the ‘Centre-Left’ media. They adopted Mr Cameron as their candidate and propelled him to victory despite a very poor start to his campaign... You’ll notice that it is the same people, that ‘Centre-Left’ combo of media types, who did a similar job on the Labour Party back in the late Eighties and early Nineties. Interestingly, that revolution was much more about image than about reality…

The only lasting deep change in Labour policy since the Eighties has been the party’s lobotomised conversion to support for the EU and GLOBALISM IN GENERAL. Nationalisation hadn’t mattered for years, the old industrial unions were as dead as the industries they helped to ruin, and the H-Bomb wasn’t an issue any more. Labour’s real ‘Clause Four’ - its bilious hatred of selective state schools - remains untouched. What’s more, it has now been openly adopted by the Tories as well.

THE RULE NOWADAYS IS THAT YOU CANNOT BECOME THE GOVERNMENT UNLESS YOU BOW TO THE VIEWS OF THE ‘CENTRE-LEFT’ MEDIA ELITE, especially the broadcast media elite. That elite speaks for the 1968 generation which fanned out in the Seventies into the civil service, education, entertainment, the law, the arts, rock music and - above all - the media.

We no longer have elections where two evenly matched parties go into a fair contest with competing ideas and it is over only when the last vote is counted. Instead, we have wild swings in which the approved party goes into the Election with a giant poll lead and then wins the Election with a mad, crushingly enormous majority over the unapproved party. And THE WINNER IS ALWAYS THE ‘CENTRE-LEFT’, WHICH CLAIMS TO BE MODERATE BUT IS IN FACT A SWIRLING CAULDRON OF WILD SIXTIES LEFTISM - ANTI-BRITISH, ANTI-FAMILY, ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-EDUCATION AND PRO-CRIME. BUT IF YOU DARE TO OPPOSE THIS STUFF, THEY’LL CALL YOU AN EXTREMIST.

Peter Hitchens tells us that a 'palace revolution' against traditional Conservatism was carried out by a 'centre-left, liberal career politician of the sort you find near the top of both big parties.'

Later in the article, he describes the centre-left as 'anti-British, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-education and pro-crime.' I guess if you want someone 'anti-British' and 'anti-Christian' to lead a 'palace revolution' you'd better choose someone to lead it who is neither of these things.

Michael Howard is a second-generation immigrant. His mother was Russian; his father was Rumanian and to all intents and purposes, an illegal immigrant. They were both Jewish.

I guess if you want a true 'anti-British, anti-Christian' type to lead a 'palace revolution' in the New Labour Party, at a time when the revolutionary old guard appears to be running out of steam, you couldn't do much better than to find a Michael Howard clone to take over from Gordon Brown.

Ed and David Miliband, who appear to be the chosen successors of the 'centre-Left establishment' to usurp wee Gordie's crown, are also a second-generation Jewish immigrants. Their father was one of the foremost Marxist lecturers lecturing to the '1968 generation which fanned out in the Seventies into the civil service, education, entertainment, the law, the arts, rock music and - above all - the media' in the sixties.

Miliband's grandfather fought in Trotsky's Red Army. The Boshevik mass-murder, Leon Trotsky, aka Lev Bronstein, who invented the word 'racist' to demonise his enemies, was also a Jew.

I suppose it behoves us to try to identify the 'centre-Left establishment, Britain’s permanent government of media types,' who Hitchens tells us are now in charge of the political process. Seeing as how sub prime, the credit crunch, rising prices, 500,000 job losses by the end of the year and unwanted immigration on a vast scale would suggest the centre-left isn't doing all that good a job on behalf of those who vote for them.

Perhaps a 14 September 2006 edition of Extras might help in this regard. Ricky Gervaise's character, Andy Millman, is asked a question by Keith Chegwin at one point in the show.

Go here to find out what the question was: Cheggers and the Centre Left

Out of the mouths of fools, babes and Ricky Gervaise characters, eh?

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