Wednesday, 31 May 2006

A New World Order jobsworth and fairness to all?

On April Fool's Day 2009, The Daily Mail reported thus:

"Gordon Brown has made an overtly religious call for a NEW WORLD ORDER based on the 'deep moral sense' shared by all faiths. Making the first speech by a serving Prime Minister at St Paul's Cathedral in London, he quoted scripture as he urged people to unite to forge a new 'GLOBAL SOCIETY'.

The Prime Minister argued that through all faiths, traditions and heritages runs a 'single powerful modern sense demanding RESPONSIBILITY FROM ALL AND FAIRNESS TO ALL'.

He quoted the Christian doctrine of 'DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU' and highlighted similar principles in JUDAISM, ISLAM, HINDUISM AND SIKHISM.

'They each and all reflect a sense that WE SHARE THE PAIN OF OTHERS, and a sense that we believe in something bigger than ourselves - that WE CANNOT BE TRULY CONTENT WHILE OTHERS FACE DESPAIR, CANNOT BE COMPLETELY AT EASE WHILE OTHERS LIVE IN FEAR, CANNOT BE SATISFIED WHILE OTHERS ARE IN SORROW,' he said."
The brute hypocrisy of the man is breathtaking.

'Responsibility from all,' he says. Without a hint of irony. Does that include your banker pals, Gordon?

Elsewhere in his speech (unquoted by The Mail) he states:

"Instead of a global free market threatening to descend into a global free for all, we must reshape our global economic system so that it respects the values we celebrate in our everyday lives."

Firstly, Gordon, would you mind telling me why it took you twelve, long years to figure out that a grubby bunch of trough-gobblers were going to gobble when you stuck the trough right under their snouts? I mean, they got to hog the trough in the Thatcher years, didn't they? Were you not watching? I mean, for goodness sake, when you were in opposition you were always up in arms about sleaze! How come everything changed as soon as you got into power? Did you think that greedy financiers would, all of a sudden, not behave like greedy financiers because it was you and St Tony who were trusting them not to do so?

And as for the 'global free market THREATENING to descend into a global free for all,' it isn't threatening, Gordon, the threatening was done years ago. The free market was 'threatening to descend' when your hair was long, your shirts all frilly and Thatcher and her monetarist chums were sharpening their cutting tools. By the time you took over, the 'global free for all' was in full swing and, hey, let's be honest for once, you didn't just let it carry right on swinging, did you? You gave it an extra push!

Gordon continues:

"I believe that both markets and governments have a responsibility to serve the public interest, that the poor are our shared responsibility and that wealth carries unique responsibilities too."
If this is what you really believe, Gordon, how come you have served 'the public interest' so very badly up to now?

I mean you and your obscenely avaricious banker pals have just saddled us with two lifetime's worth of debt. How can that possibly be in the interest of the public? And this when we've just paying off the Yanks for the deeply disgusting 'lend-lease' debts of WWII!

Oh, and how come you've waited this long to remind the wealthy of their 'unique responsibilities' to the rest of us? Shouldn't you have been reminding them of that all along? And this 'fairness to all' thing. You and Tony Blair haven't been all that fair to the indigenous Brit, now have you, Gordon? I mean, you both kept on importing immigrants into the country when you knew for a fact that we didn’t want any more piling in on top of us. And then, once they got here, you gave them all but 10 per cent of our jobs! And, just in case your immigrant-partial behaviours upset us, you upped the race-law ante such that now, if we give vent to any righteous anti-alien anger, we face the prospect of spending seven long years behind bars!

If any of this was 'fair,' I'm an old woman's bunion.

And, hey, wasn't it you who you robbed the pension funds almost as soon as you got into power? The pension funds that decent, hard-working and thrifty people set such store by? And now many of those once healthy funds are worth next to nothing or don't exist any more? And then you sold all that gold at the bottom of the market! I mean, Gordon, what is it, precisely, that you did that was so wonderful?

And as for being fair to the English, well, you and your Scots-Irish predecessor both employed Scots out of all proportion to their incidence in the population in your Cabinets and Ministries, didn't you? That wasn't very fair now was it? Why did you do that? How on earth do you imagine you can get away with calling yourself 'fair' when you both chauvinistically promoted Scots way up the greasy pole and, thus, prevented the appropriate number of Anglos from progressing?

The majority tribe have, as a result of your sectarian bias, been governed, largely, by the non-English for a very long time now. Can you show me where it says that such a carry-on is fair in your big book of 'fair to all' fables?

You are not a fair man, Gordon. You are a foul man. You’re a psychopathic Anglophobe who has spent all of his time at the top of the tree sucking up to a rich and powerful elite and ignoring those the Labour Party was formed to represent.

What did you do with our industry? You kept on disappearing it, like your best pal, Thatcher! What did you do with the hospitals and our childrens’ education? You did your best to privatise the one whilst you politicised and dumbed-down the other.

How many have died of C-diff and MRSA and all the other bugs on your watch, Gordon? How many have died because your imported doctors and nurses didn’t do their jobs properly? Who put the wants and needs and attitudes of foreign children before those we elected you to nurture and educate? Why are so many of our kids feral now? Who turned them to drink, drugged them up and indebted them massively if they decided to push on to university?

My God, 'fair to all?' Massively over-fair to your immigrant, your wallet-stuffing banker and parliamentary pals and monstrously unfair to the rest. That's how it seems to me.

"Do to others what you would have them do unto you."
I beg your pardon? Does that mean we get to screw you like you screwed us? No thanks, Gordon. That might be something that might interest the parliamentary pansy but such things have rarely been on the menu down our way.

"We share the pain of others."
Yeah, you inflict it and we suffer it. Such sharing we can do without.

"We cannot be truly content while others face despair, cannot be completely at ease while others live in fear, cannot be satisfied while others are in sorrow."

Gordon, you are one sick, New World Order jobsworth! You and Tony Blair gloried in sticking it to the less well off and morally decent native inhabitants of this country for more than twelve, terrible years. Can you possibly imagine that, somehow, we didn’t notice? You are hated, mate.


If you, and the great traitor that preceded you, don’t die at the end of a rope I will go forth from here an unhappy man. I pray to all the Gods of those whose behinds you sniffed so obsequiously in St Pauls that the men, women and children you treated so foully in the beast years of Blair and Brown are revenged, to the maximum, upon you both!

Gordon Brown said what he said on 31 March.

I wonder why the globalist joker didn't wait until the day after?

On 2 April 2009, at the G20 summit, Gordon Brown told us all that 'a new world order is emerging.'

He's taken to boldness, has our Gordon, in respect of this particular bogey phrase. He's used it quite a few times recently. Not as often as 'globalisation' and its derivatives but enough to let us all know that the NWO elite don't think much of our rag-taggle army of bitter no-hopers. Perhaps he's a believer in Goebbels maxim that, if you tell a big lie often enough, we ordinary folk will, eventually, come to believe it.

What Gordon and his top table chums truly believe is this: despite outnumbering THEM by tens of millions to one, THEY have ninety nine percent of the power. And THEY can, therefore, afford to take the p*** out of the rest of us whenever THEY wish.

You keep on looking at your Brave New, broken World out of that dull, sightless eye of yours, Gordon. Seeing only what you want to see, never noticing the things that come out of the dark on the blind side.

That's the way a no-hoper likes it.

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